Luxurious interior decorations, made in Luxury Products

Luxurious interior decorations

At the beginning of my path in the premium industry, I naively thought that most luxury products were really luxury. First impressions on the internet are even more misleading, especially considering luxury interior decorations.

Today, in the era of outsourcing and a mass of subcontractors from Asia, anyone can produce, of course mainly in appearance, identical products of the best manufactures from Europe. Modernist, glamorous or minimalist style These are just some of the leading canons that are “photocopied” in quantity in the largest factory in the world, i.e. China.

On the one hand, everyone can have imitations of exclusive goods, on the other hand, old, multi-generational factories suffer from this. You’ll probably say the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I will always defend high-quality, handmade products because this is the truth on which we built Luxury Products.

Luxurious interior decorations – a bit of classics

In the first period of our activity, we introduced a lot of ceramics and porcelain. These were mainly highly decorated and unique exclusive collections, mostly from Italian brands. Splendor, glitz and luxury – this is how I can describe these wonderful and unusual products in one sentence.

Naturally, not every customer likes them, but they have their ardent fans. Perhaps there are fewer young people among them who prefer minimalism. However, these luxurious interior decorations work well in many cases.

Few people realize how much work has to be put into itfiring this type of ceramics and porcelain. A tedious process plus a long waiting time adds up to luxury for these original goods.

Luxury is born at many stages of production, which translates into the quality, but also the attractiveness of each premium brand. And this is undoubtedly an advantage real factories vs. mass production!

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Luxurious interior decorations – minimalism is always trendy

But luxury is also cool, simple lines and structures. Elegant aesthetics do not have to be based on golden splendor and diamonds. In this case, the material and size make a huge difference. Personally, I associate such products with large dimensions.

These are goods of such a type that one phenomenal design can change the face of the entire equipment. Brands often use world-renowned designers to further enhance the importance of a given collection. This is important and rather inevitable today.

Daniel Libeskind not only designed a skyscraper in Warsaw, but also many other utilitarian forms, including carpets.

In the 21st century, trends and styles are mixed, but high-quality minimalism is always in demand.

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Luxurious interior decorations – hand-engraved mirrors

Italians are the cradle of handmade luxury products. That’s where I took my first steps, looking for inspiration in the premium industry. What I envy them is the design imbibed with mother’s milk. They feel art and approach the production of luxury in an extremely individual way.

Although it is still a manual production, these hands work miracles.Luxurious interior decorations also include mirrors, exclusive, heavy, massive and very bold.

Here I want to focus on unique products, because they are hand-engraved. Made of the highest quality glass and other materials, they are art in themselves. And this is just time-consuming quality, intertwined with many years of tradition – finger licking good!

One large mirror on the wall will absolutely change your entire interior. This can be a complete metamorphosis resulting from the uniqueness of this item and its elegance.

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Luxurious interior decorations – trinkets always in fashion

Is ‘collecting’ left over from the past system where there was nothing in stores? Or maybe it’s one of our characteristics as humans? Perhaps, but I know one thing: women love trinkets… especially when it comes to luxurious interior decorations!

I think this is due to many factors, one of them – they do not take up much space and you can buy several of them. The habit of purchasing elegant products is very strong among the fair sex, which is why they love browsing good boutiques and decoration stores.

Apart from the fact and origin of this phenomenon, there are plenty of beautiful and small accessories that can clearly contribute to the design of our interior. Their favorite places are the living room table, window sills and various types of furniture chests of drawers!

There they look and shine like stars. And the homeowner can proudly present his entire collection.

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Luxury interior decorations – where is the truth?

It is impossible to cover such an extensive topic in one article, but accessories can have a great impact on the holistic character of the entire interior. Today, in an ocean of so many producers, it is difficult to collect your thoughts and choose something really specific.

It’s not even a wave anymore, but a tsunami of mediocrity that is flooding us from every side. And although you may be sensitive to sophisticated design and quality, it will be really difficult to distinguish the original from the fake. Luxurious interior decorations can and they have to make quality.

Because… if you spend a lot of money on a house or apartment, it certainly deserves a lot of luxury inside, right?