Designer Pierre Cardin is not only about fashion

fashion designer pierr cardin

Born in Italy in 1922 designer Pierre Cardin is one of the most respected designers at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. His adventure with fashion began after moving to Paris, where he studied architecture, but he quickly abandoned it for fashion.

When taking his first steps into the world of fashion, designer Pierre Cardin could always count on the help of his friend, Dior, whom I had just met in Paris.

Pierre Czrdin's work and fashion
Pierre Cardin is an extraordinary man associated mainly with fashion

What made the designer Pierre Cardin famous?

Geometric patterns are a sign that designer Pierre Cardin took to fashion heights, making them his trademark. The first collection presenting such patterns appeared over 50 years ago, in 1960, and since then, designer Pierre Cardin has become a brand in itself and one of the most recognizable and distinctive designers in the world.

His current collections include clothes for both men and women: dresses, suits, jackets, sweaters, shirts, as well as accessories such as shoes, handbags and even socks.

Pierre Cardin silhouette
Designer Pierre Cardin is an unconventional visionary

Designer Pierre Cardin has often admitted that the most important element of his work is ensuring that each item is of the highest quality and that his customers are happy to buy his subsequent products.

Designer Pierre Cardin is not only about fashion

In addition to everyday fashion and haute-couture, designer Pierre Cardin is involved in gastronomy. He owns numerous restaurants in New York, London and Beijing, which receive very positive reviews from critics.

Guests visiting them want to see these places more because of the name of the owner and the design of the restaurant, but the food served there does not differ in any way from the restaurant standards of the best chefs around the world. As we have already mentioned, designer Pierre Cardin also deals with design and furniture.

One of the most famous furniture collections of this designer is the Cobra line, whose design refers to the animal cobra, and in particular its shapes.

Designer Pierre Cardin loved Casual Luxury
Designer Pierre Cardin loved Casual Luxury

Designer Pierre Cardin it is not only creativity related to fashion. He is also a great individual, personality and entrepreneur who invests the money he earns in new projects in a well-thought-out way. No matter what given the day designer Pierre Cardin decides to do it, it will surely turn into gold.