Luxurious garden inspirations – breaking design conventions

luxurious garden inspirations

Summer is a time of true relaxation and bold changes to your gardens and terraces. A transition from winter and spring boredom to lively design of recreation areas for the whole family. Meet my luxury garden inspirations, real exclusive manufactures. I was personally enchanted by these timeless designs, furniture and other outdoor equipment items. Nothing here is mass-produced, formulaic or mediocre. I love prestige and high-quality materials, so there will only be what I consider premium. I don’t have time or inclination for any other crap. I don’t want to show you something that won’t pass the test of real designer and pioneering projects. It is supposed to be a style of minimalism, extravagance and good taste. And so it will be!

Luxurious garden inspirations – Kenneth Cobonpue

An electrifying and unique designer furniture designer from the Philippines. His travels and professional learning are constant experiences from New York, Florence, Cebu and Reutlingen. His designs are a real correlation between wild nature, the magical world and minimalism. By creating, he discovers previously unknown furniture for an international audience and all lovers of space design. Just look at his work and what he has created to know that these are real luxurious inspirations for the garden.

Of course, half of this amazing furniture is suitable for home use. The collections are designed to be suitable for both the living room and the garden. This gives a lot of scope for designers and architects. You can create interesting solutions for the entire space, from the house to the garden and terrace. And don’t tell me that technorattan furniture is something inspiring. Today, mass culture cannot be inspiring in any way. The duplication of shapes and models is common and produces poor visual impact.

Kenneth Cobonpue knows what materials to use because he maneuvers between nature and the metropolis. Therefore, the raw materials used in production are Abaca (Musa Textilis), known as Manila hemp, the strongest natural fiber in the world, resistant to salt water. Processed and kiln-dried real bamboo. Natural Filipino Buri palm. Natural original rattan. Rattan shell. Natural oak, ash, walnut and Filipino real mahogany. Polyethylene. Aluminum and stainless steel. Cotton and synthetic blends are exceptionally resistant to dirt and UV radiation.

I really love his bold designs. For me these are not ordinary garden furniture, only true applied art. Luxurious garden inspirations must be unique, a bit egocentric and a bit cool. The Kenneth brand meets my ideas about an exciting garden and terrace. This is a piece of high quality design. Strong design!

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Luxurious garden inspirations – flower pots from Atelier Vierkant

This brand immediately aroused great emotions in me. Because her projects definitely break any patterns in the approach to creation. In this case, it’s like a song you hear for the first time. You immediately feel FLOW and respect for what someone has created. Because luxurious garden inspirations must be truly inspiring. It seems simple, but so far away that you can find anything among the mass of hideous things and furniture. Ok, a few words about Atelier Vierkatnt! This is a manufacture that loves one real raw material. It is chamotte clay.

Anyone interested in the topic knows that it is a great material for our climate zone. Clay, fired at 1200°C, can withstand very difficult climatic conditions such as frost and heat. It is resistant to UV rays. This means that the shape will not change and the colors will not fade. That’s why exclusive Atelier Vierkent flower pots are durable in absolutely all conditions. From the cold edges of Russia to hot Saudi Arabia!

There’s a lot of minimalism, coldness and austerity here, but that’s what these are supposed to be like flowerpots. Very simple, too simple. In my opinion, the most important thing here is size. Many of them are over a meter high. 120 – 130 cm makes ita huge impression and will create a focal point on your terrace and garden. These flower pots are the essence of good design, so they can easily be considered luxurious garden inspirations.

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Luxurious inspirations for the garden – I will show you electrifying lighting

There was furniture and flower pots, so it was time for elegant garden lighting. As I’ve mentioned many times, I only choose what truly inspires and excites me. The first of the top and very designer brands is Karpa, i.e. space furniture and accessories from Albino Miranda. This man constantly surprises me with his sophisticated and crazy concepts. And the huge garden lamp shocked me!

Basically, it’s a minimalist glowing tree lamp. Painted white with LED lighting, it attracts attention. And rightly so, because my luxurious garden inspirations must come from outer space. And this product clearly deviates from the standard. Look at this beauty. Gourmets with good taste will eat their fill. Big kudos to Albino for this project, good job.

The second company is VG Trend. An Italian manufacture with a highly recognizable style. Their garden lamps are very minimalist and in fact they play mainly with light and lines. Simple and neat, maybe a little cold, but actually magical in its message. Before lighting, they look like vases. However, after dark, when they turn on, they are the highlight of the program. Perfect for many garden design styles.

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Luxurious inspirations for the garden – additions and accessories

Each garden and terrace also includes equipment and table decorations. Plates and trinkets that create and complement the entire mood. And as we know, this is the key to the holistic furnishing of our exclusive gardens. First of all, I would like to show you plates from VG Trend, which made a huge positive impression on me. This is not a boring classic, an elaborately decorated banality. It is a piece of great design, in my opinion perfect as a luxurious inspiration for the garden. A plate made of glass in the shape of a shell.

An eccentric story for me. In real life it looks like a real shell from the ocean. The sizes are also different and we can adjust them according to our preferences and the dishes served. Anyone who loves high-quality design will know what I’m talking about.

To break this somewhat strict minimalism, some old classics, i.e. the brand Cosi Tabellini – an Italian factory with which we have been cooperating for many years. All its products are made of pewter, which gives surprisingly good results. They refer to past styles and eras, such as Art Nouveau or Art Deco. I think this is a solution for many inspiring gardens and terraces. Massive and heavy serving trays, oil lamps, plates, table decorations, alcohol sets, salt and pepper containers. Such goods are no longer produced, so our customers often look for them and come back to them.

These beautiful items can be easily associated with wicker, wood, brown, green and old architecture. They are a really great complement to the whole and incredibly sophisticated accessories.

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Luxurious garden inspirationscreate your own paradise

The brands and products I chose for you are not accidental. It is a constant breaking of conventions and architectural and design barriers. Looking for perfection and imperfection in the form of products that are different to some extent. They create a completely cosmic dimension and are of really high quality. My luxurious garden inspirations awaken my own sense of style and design. I think that in a way they will also inspire you with their variety of lines and colors.