Zofia Błażko – a true portrait of a painter and a unique artist

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Today I present to you a unique character. She is a graduate of master’s studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, majoring in Painting. Woman, whose veins flow with love for the Renaissance, literature, travel and sport. What will come out of this connection and what way of life will it lead to? Zofia Błażko? If you want to get to know her, please read the article.

When did you become convinced that painting was your life’s passion?

I can’t remember if I’ve ever had such a feeling. Drawing and painting have been with me for as long as I can remember. For me it is a natural state, just like breathing, and just like without air, I cannot function without painting. I was probably born with this passion and I have a deep belief that I won’t get through it.

Where do the ideas for your work come from?

I draw ideas from life.

Are the painted people real?

Yes, all the models portrayed are people I personally know. For a very long time, I only painted people from my immediate environment – acquaintances and friends.

This changed over time. I started traveling the world in search of “new faces for paintings”. When someone catches my attention, on the street or among friends of friends, and I decide that I would like to portray such a person,then I suggest a meeting. Then I have the opportunity to learn more about the future model, observe how it behaves, and get to know its sensitivity. This is the only way I can show something more than just superficiality.

Why the strong correlation with the Art Deco trend?

To tell you the truth, I don’t identify that strongly with Art Deco. I think I draw more inspiration from the painters of the Renaissance period. However, the activities of artists from both periods are broadly linked understood striving to express and perpetuate beauty, this was the subject of their interests and goal. The same goal and action is what inspires me.

Does Art Deco influence your life today?

Probably to some extent, like other styles I know, they subconsciously influence my work. I recently returned from a trip to Florence and I can say that my latest painting already shows the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

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Zofia Blazko, painter
zofia blazko painting
zofia blazko painting
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Your paintings show a lot of multiculturalism or is it a trace of many trips around the world?

Yes, I carried out my first major artistic project right after graduating from university, during a residency at Jour et Nuit Culture in Paris. I had the opportunity to portray emigrants who came to France that I met there. Ethnic diversity fascinates me very much. When creating portraits of people of other nations, I not only want to perpetuate their physical differences. Before starting work on a painting, I first try to get to know the model in various aspects, i.e. his culture, religion, philosophy… During a four-month art scholarship in Senegal, I managed to make portraits that are special to me and true. Before starting work on the canvas, I first spent a lot of time with future models to try to understand these people, at least partially, I also read the Koran and had a personal teacher of the local language “Wolof”. I also had the unique opportunity to travel around beautiful and sunny Senegal, meeting warm people and unique places. It enriched me immensely internally.

More painting or photography?

I have been painting and drawing since I was a child. My adventure with photography came much later. It was in the art secondary school in Gdynia Orłowo that I began to delve into the alchemy of photography. We still used analog techniques during classes. I had my grandfather’s “Zenit” camera with a dedication engraved on the lens, I developed the photos and films myself… At the Fine Arts High School, I continued to study photography, choosing a faculty in this subject. I started my first studies in painting, and a year later I started a second field – photography… Now I use photography to prepare compositions that help me create paintings.

Second love after painting?

There are three equal passions that are an important element of my life. Sports, literature and travel.

Sport has always been very important to me. It’s true that I have never done it professionally or taken part in extreme sports. However, sport helps me gain the necessary energy that will allow me to spend many hours in front of the easel.

I wasn’t always a fan of reading, but luckily I’ve changed… Now I often read in the morning and while commuting to the studio. These are the biographies of painters, sometimes philosophical reflections or other content that can enrich me internally. While painting – if I don’t need more concentration – or the subject fascinates me – I listen to audiobooks.

For me, trips are a unique opportunity to draw new inspirations. I had the opportunity to spend several months on artist residencies around the world, in places such as Senegal, Beijing and Paris. I value these trips extremely much. I had the opportunity to meet many original artists, see interesting places and people associated with them. I also had time to get to know and understand them. The great importance of this type of trips is the fact that accommodation and a studio are also provided – I then receive everything I need for unrestrained and creative work.

Who are your works addressed to?

I didn’t choose a specific audience. I paint what I would like to capture, what is important to me and I want to share it with everyone. I mainly paint realistic portraits. So far, these were paintings without hidden symbols, more atmospheric (although this is changing in the latest series). Previously, I was mainly interested in fleeting emotional states. Also by establishing relationships with models, I wanted to capture the “soul of the model”. It seems to me that my paintings are mostly universal and accessible, more so than, for example, conceptual art. I work with the hope that my works are liked and understandable by people of different ages, with different sensitivities, education, and people from different cultural backgrounds.

Small or large format?

Just after graduating, I felt best in the larger format of 200cm x 120cm and I painted such paintings. Currently I am working on smaller ones. This year, my largest painting had dimensions of 150x100cm, and now I am painting a canvas measuring 120x80cm and 50cm x 40cm. Contrary to appearances, a smaller format does not mean less work. It is often more difficult to compose and capture an idea on a smaller canvas.

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The most magical place on earth is?

There are several such places that are particularly special to me. The first – where I had an almost mystical experience – were the Himalayas. I was very lucky to be able to find myself at the summit of Annapurna, to feel and see the majesty of one of the highest mountains in the world.

A Chinese proverb says that gods live in the mountains. That’s what I experienced there.

What topics do you not tackle in your work?

Two years ago, I was offered a very large order. Paintings of 13 figures on one canvas. If I took on this job, it would be my biggest and most profitable project. However, the person who ordered it had “his own vision” of the work. I never deny or disregard the ideas of the client, but this painting was intended to depreciate the values ​​that are important to me, so I refused and did not accept the order.

Favorite way of spending free time?

Relaxation and relaxation while meeting friends, freedom and effort while running or cycling and, if possible, visiting new places. Recently, I have been enjoying being in the reading room and being able to read very different books – including an anatomy textbook.

Where would you like to be in 5, 10, 15 years?

I’m still looking for my place on earth. Fortunately, I have a profession that allows me to work practically anywhere in the world and I can always pursue my goals, wherever I am…And that fascinates me.

Thank you for the interview! I wish all your dreams come true and success in… Luxury Products!