Cheese accessories – my lucky 8

Stylish and luxurious accessories for cheese tasting
What cheese accessories do you use most often? do you know who produces them? If not, be sure to read this text.

if you love cheese accessories this article is for you! We have created the absolute top 8 exclusive cheese accessories, based on our experiences and premium tastes. The products mentioned above belong to the group of luxury goods, which is why they are distinctive and very niche. And just as there are thousands of varieties of cheese in the world, we offer you a wide selection of unconventional and prestigious propositions.

A few years ago, we knew practically nothing about tasting and serving this wonderful food. Today, enriched by the experience of our customers, we strive to have everything a sophisticated cheese connoisseur needs. Ok, but let’s get back to the topic, here’s our list – created with you in mind!

1. Cheese accessories – wooden boards for serving cheese

Cosi Tabellini is an Italian brand specializing in the production of products made of pewter, which consists of tin, antimony and copper. Goods made of such raw materials clearly refer to past eras. They are very massive, durable and great to use. Someone will say, Misha – why does a cheese board cost over PLN 1,000? Then I answer him calmly – ”because luxury is not for everyone”.

But what is pewter?

A very high-quality product made of pewter and wood cherry has its price, charm, handmade, class and origin Made in Italy! This is especially important today, in the era of mass products, so let’s enjoy European factories while they still exist. And we can show you the cultural heritage of the old continent…

Are cheese tasting boards a good gift?
Cheese accessories are excellent gifts for someone else – wooden board
a board full of cheese flavors
cheese tasting boards shop
cheese boards shop
You know what tastes better, read about specialized cheese boards and accessories
luxury cheese board top 10

Cheese accessories – or maybe dishes for grated cheese

As delicious as regular cheese, it must also have its place on the dining table. That’s why we decided to introduce a few luxury items just for storing it. These are also products of the Cosi Tabellini brand, as well as Chinelli, Cre Art, Schiavon and Zanetto. All cheese accessories are unique, stylish and perfect for an elegant table for your dining room!

The materials used in their production are pewter, brass, silver, crystal, glass and silver-plated brass. So, high-quality raw materials that contribute to the prestige of the presented products. Look at these miracles.

elegant containers for grated cheese
Cheese accessories don’t have to be boring and standard
luxury cheese bowls
cheese dishes
what cheese tasting sets?
cheese dish
large selection of accessories for serving cheese
container for grated cheese
luxury containers for grated cheese store

Cheese accessories – trays with covers

During a party, some dishes may dry out and lose their value, so when assembling luxurious tableware, we always include various types of cheese trays with covers. They are made of the highest quality 800 and 925 silver. This is an absolutely top proposition from the Italian brand Schiavon, which specializes in the production of silver products.

Silver plated or silver plated?

Her extensive collection also includes silver-plated goods. In addition to the Schiavon factory, Zanetto deserves attention as it reveals its designer and very minimalist designs. These are the peaks of applied art in an unconventional, simple and artistic version.

cheese serving trays with covers
Designer cheese accessories – Zanetto brand
beautiful trays and accessories for various types of cheese
luxurious tray with cover for serving cheese

Cheese accessories – luxurious lids

There may be a lot of Cosi Tabellini brand here, but its charm stole our hearts! These are very simple products, but the power of luxury lies in simplicity. In the material and manual work, getting to the source of the truth about long and tedious production, that’s why we love such factories.

A return to the old tradition of producing table accessories

If you have a piece of wooden board, you can cover your favorite cheese with this dish. Of course it doesn’t have to be yellow. For me, these products are a real return to the old style of table setting. Pewter – a massive material that gives seriousness and a highly noticeable prestige. A note of delicacy with the hard essence of bygone eras…

antique cheese serving tray shop
luxury and style - these are our types of cheese accessories

Cheese accessories – Swiss and Italian fondue for cheese tasting

Today, all over the world, we have a huge selection of flame-heated dishes, commonly called fondue. My first choice was the Ruffoni brand. It is a world leader in the production of copper and stainless steel products. We were fascinated by its products from the moment we saw each other at the fair!

Family fun with fondue

Precisely made, with a lot of manual work and accuracy, these are the special features of this Italian manufacture. The second brand that requires description here is Spring. Swiss precision and reliability will allow you to enjoy a tasty dish with warm cheese. Cheese accessories, especially fondue, deserve to be included in the top five.

fonduer set made in italy
Copper cheese accessories – classic and tradition
cheese fondue
luxurious cheese fondue
luxurious cheese fondue
stylish cheese fondue

Cheese accessories – various types of table cutlery

Assembling luxurious tableware can and must be very pleasant. Listing all the cutlery for various dishes is a matter of excellent knowledge of table savoir vivre. Cutlery for appetizers, strawberries, crabs, desserts, cakes, fish, carving, steaks, and finally cheeses is real magic and a kind of labyrinth.

What we do?

We have been dealing with it for over 8 years, so we help you choose the right accessories and cutlery for special occasions. Cheese accessories, especially table knives, differ in shape from universal table knives, which is why they work so well with this product. A cheese fork, on the other hand, is something unusual, but it worked – we have a parmesan fork, are you surprised?

So much cutlery – one set!

If you really want to put together a good set and want to have all the cheese accessories, what you still need is a parmesan cutter. This professional and unique device will allow you to enjoy the extraordinary aroma of this very popular variety of cheese. Once you cut it, you need to know that there is a parmesan spoon. Yes, you heard right:) spoon… the Schiavon brand is great at designing and making these gems. And this is how you can complete a whole stylish tableware for cheese tasting, in various varieties.

cheese accessories spoon
night cheese accessories
cheese accessories parmesan fork
cheese cutter accessories
luxury accessories for cheese noze
cheese knife accessories

Cheese accessories – gift sets for cheese lovers

Haven’t forgotten about cheese lovers who have a birthday or other important occasion. The Italian brand Berti produces exclusive and very traditional knives for various purposes. Created in 1895 by David Bertie, this very family-owned factory seems to be completely autonomous in relation to the trends that have prevailed around the world over the years. Its most important guiding principle is a strong attachment to tradition, which is still cultivated by the fourth generation of these experienced craftsmen.

Real brands do it by hand…

It is produced in the south of Europe Original, high-quality cheese accessories. Made of high-quality materials, handmade, with attention to the smallest detail! This is luxury, combined with history and a family relationship with the products made. Packed in wooden boxes, they are waiting for your personal engraving for the other person. See how they do it in Italy….

cheese tasting accessories, luxury products store
cheese accessories as a gift!
elegant cheese accessories
cheese accessories set
set of professional cheese knives
cheese serving sets

Cheese accessories – knives for professionals

Berti Knives produces cheese by hand, which is why cheese cutting knives are dedicated to true cheese connoisseurs. Boxwood, acrylic glass and stainless steel create magical combinations. The selection of cheese cutting knives is wide, from a soft cheese knife to an arc-shaped knife. This is true professional work, appreciated by experts all over the world. Packed in beautiful boxes, they have a certificate and origin. This is important when dealing with such precise goods, because we want to know why these cheese accessories are positioned on the premium shelf…

expensive cheese knives professional store
Professional cheese accessories need a professional manufacturer – Berti Knives
professional cheese knives shop
stainless steel knives for cheese
professional cheese knives, luxury products store
specialized cheese knives shop

Perhaps my certain 8 will expand with time to include new cheese products and accessories. But I’ll end there for today. I will also tell you that I did not know about so many different accessories for tasting and cutting cheese. Today, after many years of trials and conversations with producers, we are stronger because of our knowledge on the subject. Being close to people who create such craftsmanship wonders with great passion is a great honor, especially since we can present all the wonderful accessories to you! Many of these manufactures are old family brands that should be loved quickly, because many of them cannot withstand the huge competition of mass-produced shells… So we love multi-generational brands, because they are the ones who create luxury to a large extent.