Silver tableware is an investment for many years

silver tableware

Maybe purchasing it is a luxury and a whim of people with rich wallets, but the truth is that silver tableware it is a huge family capital for many years. It is no exaggeration that precious metals have always been a good way to diversify your portfolio.

How you approach this topic depends on the amount you want to invest in products that will serve for generations. Whether it will be single silver cutlery, coffee and tea sets, or decorative plates depends only on you.

Perhaps, according to young people, silver tableware is luxury, history and nothing fashionable. However, based on our experience, we know that these products are desirable for the whole family today. And it is the youngest generation that will take care of and keep the silver for their children.

silver tableware
Silver tableware is a family treasure

Silver tableware as one of many investment offers on the market

Alternative investments today cover an extremely wide range of products and services. You’ve probably heard about the possibility of investing in gold, silver, diamonds or other precious stones. Additionally, each of us can spend our hard-earned money on philately, coins, or limited first editions of products from famous brands.

When the market is flooded with various investment offers, we need good advice. Because how do I know whether it is worth pursuing art, alcohol, funds or maybe taking the risk of financing startups?

As long and broad as the market is, we have as many offers. If someone tells me that by buying a given painting – my annual profit rate will be 15% I can only laugh. I know it isreading tea leaves. The greatest investing mentors agree on one important thing – do not step into deep water with two feet.

investment silver

Diversify your portfolio no less. Invest a little in gold, silver, currency, real estate, and if you want less tangible products such as stock-based funds – that’s your choice. However, never risk all your money in one specific investment channel, it may ruin you.

Is tableware a good choice for your investment?

Silver is certainly a more chimerical metal than gold. Its luster has dimmed a bit in recent years, but it’s still going strong. Recently I read a nice article in a financial review about investing in silver. A very nice, reliable description of what categories your future investment in silver is divided into.

And as in the case of gold, we distinguish the main silver products, i.e. bars, coins, silver medals, granules and other intangible offers such as silver funds or the purchase of shares, e.g. KGHM. The latter are also an interesting option for investing your capital.

antiques silver
Silver antiques have their value

The author says that investing in cutlery and other tableware items is a pointless spending of money on scrap, which is difficult to sell later. I do not agree with that, because there are several levels of value for silver products.

But silver antiques are often sought-after and valued investment products. I see great demand from investors for antique products, mainly from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco trends. People are very interested in history and willingly spend their savings on collectible products.

However, new silver tableware is a unique investment for the entire family and future generations. Certainly, when purchasing such a set, we do not think about selling these family assets in a year or a few years.

Our clients often order engraving on silver products. These can be initials, a family sign or a coat of arms. One thing is certain, it is a symbol of attachment to family tradition, and a very elegant one.

cutlery made of silver with engraving
Hand engraving can be done on virtually any element

This is a kind of capital for many long years. A witness to important celebrations, an elevating product in which your family should invest. So for me, apart from the value of silver as a precious metal, there is another dimension on the other side.

A testimony to family ties and the multi-generational tradition of passing on valuable products.It is something very tangible and authentic. We can take out this silver tableware at any time and prepare a wonderful party for the whole family. And despite specialists who say that silver bars are superior to silver products, I stick to the latter.

Silver tableware and its assembly – You don’t have to buy an entire beer house to drink beer.

We can get lost in the multitude of stores offering silver. Of course, the most important thing is that our products have hallmarks and a certificate. But there is something even more important!

silver certificate

Are you thinking about assembling and wondering what your silver tableware will look like? Contrary to appearances, it is not that simple, because the choice of patterns and lines is extremely wide. Manufacturers design more and more modernly, without forgetting about traditional design.

Therefore, in order to complete and skillfully choose what we really want, we need to spend a little more time. I always make a point for our clients to do this over a longer period of time. Slowly selecting appropriate items from the entire tableware.

To start with, we can choose cutlery for each member of our family. Silver cutlery set for 6 people by Schavion, costs PLN 800 – over PLN 14,000 for the sample, while for the PLN 925 silver version it costs approximately PLN 16,700.

silver cutlery sets
Schavion brand –

We might as well choose a few products for our table from time to time. As our finances allow us. Many stores offer convenient installments, so we can handle this without any problems. Silver tableware should be purchased skillfully for a long time.

The most important thing is to assume what we really want to complete and in what direction to go. After cutlery, it’s time for silver plates. A truly unique and extraordinary product. Again, prices depend on size and weight. Please look at an example plate from the San Marco collection by the Italian company Schavion.

I will add that it is 925 silver

PLN 1,398 – cm. 17 – gr. 154
PLN 1,927 – cm. 20 – gr. 220
PLN 3,849 – cm. 27 – gr. 446
PLN 5,631 – cm. 30 – gr. 656
PLN 6,781 – cm. 32 – gr. 792
PLN 7,716 – cm. 35 – gr. 902

As you can see price mainly depends on weight.In the case of a collection, such as San Marco, the manufacturer offers other items from the same line so that everything fits perfectly on the dining table.

silver bowl
Silver bowl

The central place of the table is always a vase or a soup bowl. Here we have a product from the collection Inglese Schavion brand at the following prices

925 silver, cm. 20×15 – weight – gr. 445 – price PLN 4,731
925 silver, weight – cm. 24×18 – weight – gr. 688 – price PLN 7,363925
silver, weight – cm. 30×24 – weight – gr. 1026 – price PLN 10,683
silver 800, weight – cm. 20×15 – weight – gr. 403 – price PLN 3,955
silver 800, weight – cm. 24×18 – weight – gr. 651 – price PLN 6,305
silver 800, weight – cm. 30×24 – weight – gr. 932 – price PLN 9,127

Silver tableware – what else can we combine?

The list is really long and wide. It is worth mentioning silver spice sets for salt, pepper and oils. We can complete it in one set, but also in individual pieces.

silver salt shakers
A classic by Schavion

Going further, the dining table also has silver butter dishes, plates, beautiful silver sugar bowls and finally entire coffee and tea sets. The latter consist of a tray, a sugar bowl, 2 jugs and a milk jug.

Such a set offered by Schavion from the Inglese collection costs PLN 12,561 for 800 fineness. For a more pure silver fineness 925 we will spend about PLN 15,000.

silver set for coffee and tea

We cannot forget about silver alcohol coolers, glasses and trays for serving and tasting drinks. Some manufacturers offer entire bars made of silver, but this is a separate topic.

silver cooler
Silver tableware is also a cooler

There are many products that are included in silver tableware that I have not mentioned and which should be on our investment table. However, there is something that makes the entire dining room look truly unique and majestic. This product is silver candlesticks, which should be adjusted to the size of the table and the volume of the room.

silver candlestick
Minimalist 7-arm candlestick

Silver tableware – long-term investing in silver

Diversifying your portfolio with silver tableware is a good solution if you want to allocate appropriate funds for this purpose in the long run. A wide range of products gives incredible satisfaction in creating your own collection.It is only up to us what form and shape it will take.

And also how many elements it will ultimately consist of. Let’s remember one thing – silver tableware is not that much great financial investment, is, above all, a great opportunity to invest in your own family and future generations.

And this is the most important factor for me, which I talk about directly to our clients.SaveSaveSave