Italian bedrooms for girls – a fairy-tale journey from Ebanisteria Bacci

what are Italian bedrooms for girls really like?

Fabulous, luxurious, made with attention to the smallest detail, breathtaking – this is how you can describe it in a few words Italian bedrooms for girls from the Ebanisteria Bacci factory.

Created by the famous Tuscan manufacturer Ebanisteria Bacci, beautiful Italian bedrooms for girls do not resemble typical, and – let’s be honest – a bit tacky, children’s and teenagers’ rooms. They are like princesses’ chambers: full of fantasy, comfortable, classy and grand. Waking up, playing and falling asleep in such an interior can feel really special.

Italian bedrooms for girls are appreciated all over the world not only for their original design, but also for their excellent quality. Each piece of equipment is handmade, maintaining the best traditions of Italian craftsmanship and with great attention to the smallest details.

Italians love to design dreams – especially for the youngest!

In the case of furniture for babies and little girls, this is particularly important because it translates not only into the phenomenal beauty of the equipment, but also into the safety of its user, who, as we know, will subject the equipment to various tests: for example, he will jump on it or try to climb on it. climb them.

Watch a video that shows how much craftsmanship and heart the artists from the Ebanisteria Bacci factory put into creating furniture for children’s rooms.

Italian bedrooms for girls have another one, truan advantage that cannot be overestimated: thanks to a huge selection of accessories – bedding, decorative pillows with and without ruffles, blankets, rugs, curtains, frames, mirrors and various decorations – each of them can be arranged to be unique. Many of these items, for example lampshades, can also be embroidered with the child’s name at the customer’s request.

Ebanisteria Bacci furniture is not only beautiful, but also very practical: the Italian manufacture takes into account the changing needs of small users with age. After all, what does a baby need different than what does a girl who will soon become an adult need?

Italian bedrooms for girls – a baby room from the Sophie Baby collection

A baby’s room is almost his entire world: it is where he sleeps, plays and spends most of his time. It is worth making it not only cozy, but also really beautiful. Both of these conditions are met by the Sophie Baby collection by Ebanisteria Bacci, in a pink and blue version.

The luxurious pink baby room consists of beautifully decorated equipment: a white and pink bed with a canopy, a quilted headboard and sweet bows, a changing table with drawers and shelves for accessories, hanging cabinets with charming details, a pouffe with space for storing small items and an original round toy container.

Wall panels with fabric in the same style are a great complement. A little more modest, but equally comfortable is the blue baby room, which, in addition to a bed with a canopy, also includes a spacious wardrobe and a comfortable feeding chair.

luxury children's bedroom
Ebanisteria Bacci offers unique Italian bedrooms for girls
the fascinating world of children - Italian bedrooms for girls
stylish bedrooms for children and girls
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Italian bedrooms for girls – a room for a little princess from the Sophie collection

White, pink, lilac, blue, green and old gold Italian bedrooms for girls from the Sophie collection are associated with what little princesses like the most: Italian pastel cookies – macaroons, a box of chocolates with pralines and marshmallows. They are irresistible!

The Sophie collection is also an ocean of possibilities: many models of beds, including beds with an upholstered headboard (see Luxurious bedroom for girls) or with a wonderful canopy (see Elegant bedroom with a canopy for girls), wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, and even footstools.

The Sophie collection also includes everything a child needs when he or she is no longer a baby: desks, swivel chairs on wheels, and even small, charming sofas with asymmetrical backrests (see Pink Bedroom and Girls’ Room), where you can dream, read or exchange secrets with a friend.

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Italians also produce pink bedrooms for girls
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Italian bedrooms for girls – a room for an adolescent girl from the Bonne Nuit collection.

Ebanisteria Bacci also thought about the needs of adolescent girls. The greatest impression is made by beautiful beds with a decorative headboard (see Exclusive room for a young girl) or with a wonderful canopy (see Elegant and classic youth room for a girl), but attention is also drawn to elegant fabrics with delicate, floral patterns and subtle stripes.

The Bonne Nuit collection also includes chests of drawers, bedside tables, desks, sofas and armchairs, as well as what all young ladies dream of: large, very capacious wardrobes, suitable for all outfits and accessories, and neat, elegant dressing tables ( see luxury furniture for children and furniture for an adolescent girl) with a mirror and drawers for cosmetics, various accessories and little secrets.

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Italian bedrooms for adolescent girls
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Italian bedrooms for girls are also in blue
Elite Italian bedrooms for girls
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Stylish bedrooms for girls
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It’s impossible not to love Italian bedrooms for girls. The lucky owners of these beauties will one day be able to say, “Mom, dad, thank you. Thanks to you, I had a fairy-tale childhood.”