How do we serve coffee? – just don’t make a scene when you have guests

what we serve coffee in

Do you have guests today? Will your friend come to you to chat? Or maybe the family will drop by for an important conversation? Maybe this is not the meaning of life, but get acquainted with it what we serve coffee in.

Espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, or Irish coffee?

There are many types of coffee throughout the world. Each of us has our own favorite variety and method of preparing this delicious black drink. But that’s not what we want to talk about….

Ok, but what we serve coffee in – here are our suggestions

Autumn, rain and piercing cold is the time for a good ”little black dress” – your best friend drops by with a fresh cheesecake with chocolate icing. Mmmm….what are you doing?

As usual, you take out your best porcelain cups, which symbolically and telepathically connect your common old friendship. You won’t serve Her your favorite drink in just anything.

So, what do we serve coffee with in this case?

As usual, we offer very exclusive Weimar porcelain. The Weimar Porzellan factory was established in 1790 in Germany, which included the construction of a porcelain factory.

how we serve coffee
What do we serve coffee in – We in a Weimar cup

Someone will say, yes, ”early roccoco”, but what should a coffee cup designed by the masters of contemporary applied art look like? Moreover, considering the materials used such as cobalt and gold to produce these beauties, we leave the assessment to you.

Remembering what we serve coffee in, our next type is also an exclusive cup and saucer. This time, the Spanish brand Manufacture de Monaco. Interestingly, this prestigious factory was founded by a Pole. Emil Różewicz, as his name was, started producing products in 1972, and Erich Różewicz. He was encouraged to make porcelain by Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco.

where and in what we serve coffee

In our opinion, the way we serve coffee is the essence of the matter, so…

Manufacture de Monaco, today designs extremely designer and unconventional table accessories. We can see this by looking at a mug and saucer studded with Swarovski crystals.

It’s very captivating and your friend will definitely be excited to meet you at your home. After all, enjoying coffee together is also about the whole picture, the smell, the tablecloth, the table and, of course, elegant accessories for the black drink.

Okay, my friend is gone, time to enjoy the silence

There is a time when we want to be alone with ourselves. This is not an isolated case, many of us like this state… And when we get in the mood, we take our favorite apple pie out of the fridge, we can sit comfortably and enjoy freshly roasted coffee and peace of mind as much as we want.

Now let’s think about what we serve coffee in? – ourselves!

We offer you to ‘bite’ the little Satan in the form of delicious espresso, in mystical and unique cups from the Cosi Tabellini – Art of Pewter brand.

how to prepare and serve coffee
what to serve coffee in
Cosi Tabellini – Art of Pewter – boutique

This manufactory specializes in the production of pewter goods, so this product is made of ceramics and pewter. Look, aren’t they beautiful? Small, innocent, yet with a strong and hard base.

Surrender yourself to the moment, enjoy the taste until the very end and enjoy your favorite cake – no one will take it away from you…..

The situation is different when a family, or rather a whole group of people, comes. And at this point, you have to think about how we serve coffee to a larger number of people?

Ha, well, it’s not easy… but… it’s best to have a coffee serving set. Usually it is a whole large set for serving both coffee and tea. There are 2 jugs, a tray, a milk jug and a sugar bowl.

Once the whole happy family is seated, you can prepare good coffee and fresh tea yourself. Whoever prefers whatever, should go for it. Drinks prepared in this way in high-quality products will be well insulated and will not cool down too quickly.

Our top 10 – this is a very luxurious silver coffee and tea set from the brand Schavion. We can choose between 800 and 925 fineness.

what we serve espresso in
Prestigious Schiavon coffee set by Luxury Products

Its beautiful, octagonal shapes and silver are the perfect choice for coffee lovers. If you want to welcome your family on a high note, this set is for you. Remember that raw materials such as silver and gold do not lose their value in the long run.

Therefore, it is an excellent offer for diversifying your portfolio.

The second example of how we serve coffee for the family is a very designer silver-plated Zanetto set.

how and in what we serve coffee
Italian brand Zanetto

The company was founded in 1963 by Bernardo Zanetto, who was interested in the processing of precious metals from childhood.

And as in the case of the first set, there is a tray, 2 jugs, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and a tray. Oh, here the manufacturer added a teaspoon, so we don’t have to worry about that.

Once we have drunk all the coffee in the world, let’s take a moment to think about its taste and what we will use next to prepare our beloved black drink.SaveSaveSaveSaveSave