VIP accounts – loyalty programs with legal online bookmakers

VIP accounts

Competition on the bookmaking market is getting bigger. The so-called VIP bookmakers, i.e. leaders in the ranking of operators with a Polish license who do their best to make every customer feel truly pampered. What are VIP status accounts and loyalty programs from legal bookmakers? How to use them and what additions do bookmakers want to encourage? Is it worth using this type of programs? Answers to each of the above questions are available below.

Loyalty programs at bookmakers – VIP players zone

As a customer of a company, we like to feel comfortable and have the feeling that we are someone important. This happens, for example, when refueling at your favorite gas station or when making purchases in popular online stores.

Loyalty programs are as old as time and are an excellent way to establish a bond between the service provider and the customer, and they are perfectly aware of this. best online bookmakers on Polish market. This results in various loyalty programs and accounts with VIP status.

Legal VIP bookmaker – premium offer for the best players

What exactly is a premium account? What should you do to count on an invitation to the VIP club and join the group of the bookmaker’s best customers, and what are the benefits of having such a status? We decided to check it out.

Let’s start with what an account with VIP status is on the website of a bookmaker with a Polish license. This is nothing more than the account of a player who, due to his exceptional activity on the account (e.g. regular placing of bets for high stakes), caught the attention of the bookmaker and deserved to be invited to join the group of premium clients.

Customers with an invitation to the VIP Club can count on priority treatment during their adventure with a given operator, thanks to which betting in online bookmakers should immediately become much more comfortable, and each such player can count on special considerations and packages of free funds dedicated to only for them However, remember that special treatment does not mean winning all the time. After all, a bookmaker must also make money from something.

Time for specifics. What can VIP club members expect from bookmakers in Poland? These include:

  • Free bets – a group of the most loyal customers of a given bookmaker can expect special offers (e.g. risk-free bets, free tips and free bets).
  • Odds boosts – only as a VIP client you can hope to be able to negotiate the odds for a given event (e.g. 2.00 instead of 1.85).
  • Prizes in kind – VIP customers can exchange points for prizes in kind (e.g. mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, lanyards with the bookmaker’s logo).
  • Tickets for matches – another benefit of betting on a VIP account is free tickets to matches of the Polish national team and other popular sports events.
  • Invitations to industry events – as a VIP client, you can receive tickets to various types of conferences, banquets and industry meetings.
  • Individual customer service – an invitation to the club involves individual care assigned exclusively to VIP players, and a special caregiver will ensure the highest level of service and comfort for the player from the VIP department.

All this to make you feel special, but also to encourage you to make large deposits – this is simply how the bookmaker makes money.

How to join the VIP zone?

All the best online bookmakers offering their services on the Polish market offer their clients the opportunity to join the VIP zone. However, you must know that in some companies loyalty programs are publicly available and can be used by anyone with an active player account, while with other operators the punter has to be patient and sometimes make large sums of deposits to wait for a special invitation from the bookmaker.

Bookmakers with a VIP account – offer at stationary points

You would be quite wrong if you thought that only customers of the best Polish online bookmakers can take advantage of the loyalty program and become a tipster with VIP status. Players who place most of their bets at stationary betting points also have this option.

What needs to be done? All you need to do is register at a land-based point (an employee of the stationary premises will help you with this), then obtain a special player card and present it every time you place bets on any sporting event at the premises. The greater the activity and, consequently, the greater the number of deposits, the more points on the card and the greater the chance of joining the VIP club.

Loyalty programs with legal bookmakers – is it worth it or not?

In our opinion, the answer to the above question is the most obvious one. Yes, it is worth using loyalty programs. Why?

In short, because it does not require any additional activity beyond that for which we open an account with a bookmaker, namely, just make a deposit, then play in a given company and regularly bet on coupons (for example, every PLN 2 wagered means 1 loyalty point ).

Of course, the amount of stakes also matters and it will be easier to receive a dedicated bonus by betting for high amounts. And this can be a trap and at the same time the biggest disadvantage of a VIP account, because the bookmaker wants you to deposit as much as possible and proposes various marketing tricks to convince you to do so. Approach the game with a cool head, treat it as fun, not a way to earn money (in the long run, only 1-2% of punters are profitable. It’s not much, right? Don’t play with money you can’t lose.

Remember that gambling is prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. Also remember that gambling can be addictive and is associated with risk, and participation in gambling without a permit is against Polish law. Betting is in accordance with Polish law only on the websites of operators with a current license from the Polish Ministry of Finance. Playing doesn’t mean winning. Don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.


How many Polish bookmakers have loyalty programs for regular players?

This type of marketing campaigns are available in almost every company with a Polish license (sometimes the program is publicly available, and sometimes it is addressed only to VIP clients).

Is using loyalty programs legal?

Yes. The only condition is to do it on the websites of bookmakers with a Polish license from the Ministry of Finance.

Which bookmaker has the best offer for VIP users?

There is no clear answer to this question. Each legal bookmaker in Poland guarantees a different type of benefits assigned to your player account, so it is worth taking a closer look at loyalty programs from all companies with a Polish license.