Stylish flower pots – see my greatest inspirations

stylish flower pots

Few decorations can change the look of an interior. Yes exactly – stylish flower pots to put it simply, they do the job! The raw material, color, structure and finally decorations often determine the overall appearance of our rooms.

Personally, I love the largest and most minimalist ones. But in fact, the choice on our market is huge. And each of you will find a model that suits you.

Stylish flower pots – let’s start with the terrace and garden

I will not discuss the topic of flower pots made of concrete or cheap plastic. Because I have always been looking for high-quality products. And if you want to have a product that will last for years and will withstand long winters in our climate, focus on hand-fired clay.

The technique used by the M.I.T.A.L. brand has been known since the 13th century. And we all know that in those times economics did not require us to produce products from poor raw materials. Only this was supposed to last for many years. This is also the case here.

Impruneta ceramics are significantly different from many others. Why? This is because exclusive flower pots are made of specific clay. It gives the unique color and structure. High frost resistance is due to the composition of the clay structure. Of course, firing in a special kiln and handwork are the biggest advantages of this brand.

Please take a look at some examples of the pots I chose.

exclusive flower pots for the garden
luxurious flower pots for the garden
luxury garden pots
beautiful flower pots for the garden

Ok, stylish flower pots are not only available in sunny Italy, they can also produce elegant things here. The domestic brand Kama Flower specializes in products made of glass-vinyl ester and polyester composites.

We have a collection of them in our boutique and they are really popular. The shapes and design are minimalist, in a nice color palette. The big advantage of these products is their weight. Because the weights of size S pots are, depending on the shape, from 3 to 4 kg, size M – 5 to 7 kg, size L – 7 to 9 kg, size XL 18 – 24 kg, and XXL 26 – 34 kg.

stylish flower pot for the garden
luxury garden flowerpot
luxurious flower pots for the yard 1

Such lightweight flower pots can be easily transported and placed anywhere. And as we know, this is quite important. The products are intended for both interior and exterior use. However, I liked them better in a natural environment, especially a garden or a backyard terrace. Anyway, see and judge for yourself.

Stylish flower pots – interiors and beloved Italian ceramics

I have already written about ceramics produced in Italy. It is certainly a typical and flagship product Made in Italy. They really know this very well. The history of the production of these amazing luxury flower pots is long and fascinating. And there are a lot of factories dealing with this manual work.

I love ceramics intricately decorated with crystals, gold or platinum. But I think I’m fascinated by a more simple, minimalist form. It definitely has such a production Battocchio. They just went the way of the reduced straight line.

This is another important aspect. Their stylish flower pots are large – and that’s what I like the most. Size makes a difference. Interiors love large forms, regardless of whether they are paintings or decorations. Big likes big.

And see what it looks like in Battochcio’s performance.

very luxurious flower pot
luxurious flower pots for the living room
luxurious living room flower pot
large flower pots for the living room

Stylish flower pots – gold and Swarovski

Once upon a time, someone, somewhere on Facebook under products F.L. Orgy he wrote to me – “The countryside dances, the countryside sings”. Hmmm, it seems to me that the man has never been to our village. Personally, I spend a lot of free time there and I have never seen anything like it. Therefore, I made him realize how wrong he was.

First of all, design is a matter of taste, taste and uniqueness. For me, decorations made of platinum, 24-carat gold and Swarovski crystals are unique. This is not what I created Luxury Products that such ceramics would not be there!

Generally, intricately decorated ceramics are the most popular among our customers. And these are definitely not people who have no taste. These exclusive flower pots look heavenly in real life and extremely luxurious. And gold and crystals add a specific atmosphere.

In fact, brands that produce it make entire lines for it. Including vases, platters, caskets, columns, chandeliers, etc. Believe me – people are slowly collecting them, because it is real luxury.

And the man who wrote about his feelings about these products got information from me. I wrote to him about the specifics of producing this unique ceramics. About a multi-generational manufacture and family tradition.

This is not a conveyor belt product. This is luxury with soul and that’s it on this topic. Look at this wonderful splendor.

ceramic luxury flower pots 1
exclusive indoor flower pots
exclusive living room flowerpot
golden flower pots for the living room

Stylish pewter flower pots

Maybe a few words about pewter. I admit that I never knew what this material was.Pewter is an alloy of three metals: tin (90-98%), antimony (0.5-8%) and copper (0.25-2.5%). Therefore, it is an extremely solid and hard, yet plastic material. It is good to take care of it like household silver, so that it stays in good condition for many years.

Some time ago, we introduced the Italian brand Cosi Tabellini – Art of Pewter to our market. This is a manufacture strongly referring to the Art Nouveau style. Hence our decision to… MUST HAVE. We love what is unique, so it couldn’t be different in the case of this company.

In my opinion, flower pots made of pewter will work best in stylish interiors, especially on large windowsills, fireplaces and chests of drawers. That is, elevated places where specific and expressive products will be clearly visible Cosi Tabellini.

It is a completely different design from elegant ceramics. But differentness is part of luxury, so look at these beautiful products.

indoor flower pots
luxurious fireplace pots
prestigious indoor flower pots

One flowerpot can change our world, as if by magic. But let’s do it skillfully. Because mixing styles may not always end well for our interiors.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave