What is the baroque style in interior design?

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Do you want to arrange your apartment in an original way? Do you like references to something that has already passed? If so baroque style in contemporary interiors is for you! Many people wonder how to design an interior so that it is in the style of the Baroque era, and at the same time is not ‘old-fashioned’. Such an arrangement is possible by combining colors and decorations used in the baroque style with modern solutions in applying paint or processing materials.

However, you must remember about the appropriate proportions. The domination of baroque in decor imposes limitations on modern solutions, so not everything can be done in such a room. So is it worth it? In our opinion, yes – by maintaining harmony and taking care of the tasteful combination, you can achieve captivating effects that will appeal not only to people fascinated by baroque, but even to those who cannot always recognize this style. This is because the baroque style is extremely elegant and stylish.

What does the baroque style look like in architecture?

The origins of the Baroque style date back to the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. This style began in Italy, but quickly also appeared in France, and then throughout Europe. Its most important goal was to break the Renaissance harmony and regularity. Hence the name of the era, derived from the word barocco, which means an irregularly shaped pearl. The baroque style is characterized by splendor and a passion for decoration, which can be seen in both art and architecture.

The distinctive features of works from the times when Baroque was flourishing are particularly clear, but to this day many people are fascinated by this era and look for references. They most often appear in architecture, because anyone can arrange their apartment in the baroque style. Just remember the most important elements, which include:

– combining contrasting colors of walls and furniture,

– splendor and ornamentation,– gold plating in accessories,

– play with light through irregular walls,

– impression of lack of order in form.

Baroque features indicate that the interiors could be chaotic and difficult to understand. However, it is very important to use opposites and diversity to create a coherent whole that will be elegant and pleasant. Baroque-style rooms seem monumental and cool, but they are comfortable and a pleasure to stay in.

What to make a baroque style in the interior?

Like any style, baroque also reveals its features in different ways. One of them is the use of solutions and materials that have been used before 16th century they weren’t very popular or they were combined in a completely different way. Baroque buildings were distinguished by their size – they were even monumental.

In their interiors, however, you could find many decorations and objects intended only to positively characterize the arrangement. Frescoes, sculptures and ornaments played an important role, differing in dynamics from the previous era. In Baroque paintings and sculptures, movement is an important element. Such works of art prevent interiors from being boring and monotonous. They also break the harmony and simplicity that is characteristic of Baroque.

A beautiful era

How to achieve such an effect in a contemporary interior? Before you start creating a baroque arrangement, consider whether you have the appropriate space. In a small space, the baroque style does not look as great as in a large space. The abundance of decorations and accessories can become overwhelming. For this reason, owners of houses with larger rooms prefer this type of decoration. Once you are sure that you want to refer to this era, you can start planning the details.

Many people are overwhelmed by the contrast and number of decorations, so they look for support from an architect who will be able to combine it all tastefully. However, those who arrange the interior themselves must remember that baroque is primarily wood and marble. Wood paneling dominated the walls of 16th-century rooms, next to paintings and mirrors. Today, the baroque style can be emphasized with decorative panels and lamellas. Stucco is also a great element in such a room. These materials create an effect referring to the era, combining it with modernity.

The baroque style influences the furniture and decorations

Walls and floor are important parts of the interior, but what we put on the parquet floor is more important for its arrangement. When we talk about baroque, we mean splendor and richness of decorations, and this is determined by the presence of items such as:

– mirrors,




All this is in irregular shapes and brings dynamics to the room. The works of art depict moving figures or restless nature, and paintings and mirrors are placed in decorative frames. Gold plating plays an important role and, when combined with wooden furniture and light walls or cushions, creates a dignified impression. Tables, chairs and wardrobes look like they came from palaces, and their colors often create contrasts. Exactly that Italians make such beautiful baroque furniture.

A light cabinet may have dark doors or handles. And a bed with a dark frame – light upholstery. The basic colors characterizing the baroque style are white, ecru and subdued yellow. Beiges and browns also appear. The dominance of light colors warms up the interior and makes it optically larger, which is very desirable in this type of arrangement. Red or green, as well as darker shades of brown, which additionally emphasize the weight of the wood, break the delicacy.

However, colors are not everything. Shapes also influence the character of the interior. The baroque style means irregular lines, lots of curves and rounds. This is visible both in the decorative frames of paintings and mirrors, as well as in the construction of furniture. Even cabinets and tables that seem simple have various motifs on the walls, most often floral ones. The legs of baroque furniture are also small works of art. The same as the backs of chairs, where right angles are extremely rare.

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Where to use the baroque style?

The characteristic features of each arrangement mean that it fits perfectly in some places, and in others it will not work at all. This is also the case here. The baroque style looks great in palace interiors and large churches. It looks great in villas and large houses. It doesn’t look so impressive in apartments.Baroque needs space, to show its monumentality and not overwhelm. With a large area at your disposal, you can create such an arrangement in any room. We always retain the basic features of the era, i.e. colors, decorations and materials, while taking into account the specificity of each room. What do you need to know?

Baroque in the living room

The living room is a representative room and usually the largest. Currently, most people arrange this interior in the baroque style. Decorative furniture is enough for this – true enthusiasts look for originals from the era, but contemporary stylized furniture is great at conveying the atmosphere. An important element in such a living room is a coffee table. Sculptures and paintings are a must. However, a kitchenette is not recommended. This modern solution may be at odds with the decor referring to the distant past.

Splendor is important, but it also requires moderation. Too many pictures can overwhelm and even spoil the charm of the interior. Sometimes it is easier to choose gold plating, which also enhances the impression of wealth, but does it more subtly. A great idea is to create a recess in the wall and add dark accents for contrast. The brightness of the walls is also broken by plants (live and artificial), which look nice on the table and chest of drawers. The living room decorated in this way is tasteful and makes a great impression.

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Baroque style in the bedroom

In a room intended mainly for relaxation, the baroque style is a great choice. Bright colors promote calm, and unobtrusive elegance fills you with peace. The most important point of the bedroom is the bed. It should be wooden, decorative, with a canopy. What should people who prefer upholstered beds do? Is it necessary to give up the baroque bedroom? Absolutely not!

You can replace the classic wood with elegant upholstery, and the canopy with a decorative headboard. The style will be preserved and the bedroom will become very comfortable. Comfort will also be guaranteed by decorative pillows, which cannot be missing in a baroque arrangement. Many of them are satin and in delicate colors of white, ecru and beige, but contrast is also advisable. The functionality of a baroque bedroom is enhanced by a dressing table, which in the heyday of the era was an inseparable element of a room intended for sleeping.

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Baroque bathroom

This is another interior that is often decorated in the baroque style. Mirrors are important in the bathroom. Those in decorative, gilded frames look great. Here you can also wonderfully combine baroque and modernity. For this purpose, marble or graphite tiles are placed on the floor. Finding them in baroque colors is not difficult, and the effect is quickly achieved. Marble on the walls also looks great. In the Baroque style, bathroom fittings have golden accents: taps, bathtub and hangers in this color give the impression of wealth. In the bathroom, baroque and modernity intertwine most beautifully, and it is easiest to create an interior that will not become grotesque.

How to illuminate the baroque style?

The play of light in a wonderful and simple way emphasizes the dignity of the interior, and the light shades of baroque make it easier. A chandelier above the table is a perfect solution, and the best one is one decorated with glass crystals that disperse the glow. In rooms dominated by the Baroque style, you can find many gold-plated lamps and wall lamps. They must be placed on bedside tables, at important points in the room, and on both sides of the mirror. When the switched on light is reflected in them, the interior seems to expand and become warmer. Even exhibits in museums are enhanced with light, and since Baroque was supposed to emphasize splendor, creating the impression of splendor with light is very often practiced. Thanks to this, the room comes alive and the golden accessories shine wonderfully.

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