luxury places in Russia

Does everyone know what they are luxury places in Russia? A lot has changed in this country in recent years, so it is worth learning more about it.

One of a kind, vibrant with splendor and multicolor and captivating with power – Red Square in Russia is one of the landmarks in the Russian capital. famous for its enormous wealth, everyone should visit it. What can you recommend to those who are looking not only for unforgettable experiences, but also for places identified with the highest class?

luxury places Russia

Luxury places in Russia are mainly lavish hotels, where the price of accommodation can be almost dizzying.

Among them, according to one of the most popular travel websites, TripAdvisor, the leading places (on the podium) in the classification are occupied by Lotte Hotel in Moscow, Alexander House in St. Petersburg and Ararat Park Hyatt in Moscow.

luxury in Russia

And where can you find flagship products from world designers that many women dream of? Real gems of global trends can be found in GUM (Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin), located on Red Square. This is one of the luxurious places in Russia where you can buy Loius Vuitton handbags and perfumes of the most popular world brands.

Where else can you find luxury places in Russia? For example, in the palace-style shopping center, Crocus City Mall, located near Moscow. Marble floors surrounded by lush, exotic plants fill the corridors full of customers.

luxury places moscow

Luxury places in Russia – not only shopping…

Art enthusiasts at their most beautiful cannot miss the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, where in four luxurious buildings you can admire works by Van Gogh, Picasso and Matisse.

And if you want to catch some glamor in the last hand, it’s worth taking a trip by subway.

luxury moscow

The famous line number 5 has many stations decorated with splendor, each of them unique. The journey on this line takes a considerable 1.5 hours!

And to think that all the luxurious places in Russia have not yet been discovered by us…