copper vessels

Every area of ​​our lives is subject to trends. We see fashion everywhere, including in the kitchen, there is a trend for various types of pots, glasses and plates, and finally for copper vessels. This may concern both the patterns appearing on their surface and the materials from which they are made.

Although each material has different characteristics and properties, copper cookware is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And it doesn’t happen by accident. This trend draws on observations made in antiquity and is not only about the appearance of copper vessels. Their wonderful properties play the most important role. Copper cookware is used by everyone who wants to be on top, but above all by those who take care of their health using simple methods that bring great results.

Copper vessels – do they really help?

The fact that copper is important for the human body has been known since ancient times, which can be found on Ayurvedic papyri. Additionally, modern scientists have performed a number of studies that confirmed these observations. It turned out that the ancients were right – copper is a very important element for our health. Although we have small amounts of it in us, it takes part in many processes that support our functioning.

Among others:

supports metabolism,supports concentration,
fights anemia and anemia and supports the circulatory system,
improves thyroid function,
co-creates enzymes that transport oxygen to tissues.Improper copper levels are also manifested by swelling, nausea,  and abdominal and muscle pain.

Copper utensils help replenish its deficiency. How is this possible? Particles of the elements that make up the dishes penetrate into their contents, affecting the quality of food and drinks. The health properties of copper are absorbed by everything contained in such pots and cups, which is why using them can improve the condition of our body.

Copper cookware provides a better quality of life

The effect of copper mentioned in the previous paragraph is not the only one. It also has many other properties that have a positive impact on human health and life. Metabolic support is noticeable due to the proper functioning of the intestines. But regulation of bacterial flora is only one of the elements influenced by copper.

It also helps in removing bacteria and fungi from the body and also has anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, they free the body from all harmful substances that pollute it. For humans, this means a significant improvement in the quality of life, because a cleansed body does not use energy to fight toxins. Therefore, we have more strength and willingness to act, we do not feel excessive fatigue and we feel happier. Copper cookware is also a good choice for people who want to lose a few extra kilos.

Faster digestion

A pollution-free body burns calories faster, and regulated intestinal peristalsis supports digestion. This effect of copper can bring enormous benefits to the body and spirit. Additionally, the effects are enhanced by the impact on the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the level of hormones, and these can have a very strong impact on us.

Their appropriate amount is therefore extremely important. Thyroid diseases they affect not only our mood, but above all they affect the functioning of the pancreas, liver, kidneys and even the nervous system. That’s why taking care of this organ is so important, and copper vessels help with this.Better water quality from copper vessels Copper vessels transfer their properties to every dish we prepare and serve in them, but the most beneficial effect is on water. Water is the main building block of the human body. It constitutes approximately 55-60% of an adult’s body weight, and in the case of children its share is even greater. That’s why it’s so important to stay properly hydrated.

Just as important as the quantity of water is its quality. Tap water is not poisonous, but often not completely free of harmful substances. It’s good to filter it. And how to do it? There are many ways. You can find plenty of filter jugs in stores. Whether they are effective depends on the composition of the water and the type of filter.

Cooking without bacteria

The best way to purify water is with copper vessels. To improve the quality of the fluid, you do not need to use any additional devices or complicated processes. The only thing you need to do is pour water into a copper vessel.

The antibacterial properties of the element will begin to affect the contents of the pot or cup after a few hours, during which we can do whatever we want. Extending this time will not harm the water. In addition to removing bacteria and other microorganisms, the water standing in the copper cup undergoes an ionization process. This means that it is healthier and better absorbed, so drinking it is more efficient.

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Cooking in copper vessels

You don’t have to work hard to achieve the great results that come with using copper cookware. Cooking in them does not require special skills or additional activities or equipment. The preparation of the dishes is the same as always, only of better quality. And it manifests itself not only in health properties. First of all, cooking in copper cookware is influenced by the fact that copper is an excellent conductor of heat.

Copper pots heat up quickly and this process occurs evenly over the entire surface of the dish.
The noticeable effect of these properties is that the entire dish cooks at the same pace and is less likely to stick. And probably every cook, professional or amateur, knows these problems – some vegetables have overcooked, some are not yet ready, or the food burns due to a dozen or so seconds of inattention.

Real food flavors

Thanks to copper pots, you can avoid such situations, so cooking will become more pleasant and simple, and all dishes will taste delicious. However, when using copper utensils, you need to be careful. Storing food in them is not the best idea.

Copper may corrode after long-term contact with certain ingredients, resulting in the formation of a patina. This substance is harmful and should therefore be avoided. After cooking in copper vessels, it is better to put the remaining food in other containers.

Copper tableware for lovers of aesthetics

Health-promoting properties are the most important reason why the fashion for copper vessels began. In the era of ubiquitous preservatives and harmful ‘improvers’, we are looking for ways to cleanse food and prevent negative effects on our body. And copper pots are an excellent support in this process. But not everyone is convinced.

There are many people for whom the appearance of the dishes is as important as the impact on health and the ease of preparing dishes. For these people, copper vessels too are products worth attention. This element has a unique color, between pink, gold and brown. Thanks to it, pots, bowls and mugs gain extraordinary shine and look very aesthetic.

Design is also important

They often appear on the shelves of famous chefs just because of their appearance. They look great in recordings and photos on TV and social media. And for this to be the case, they do not have to be used only for admiration. Due to the fact that copper prevents burning and sticking, such dishes are easy to wash. You can easily clean the surface with classic dishwashing liquid, restoring its wonderful appearance and flawless shine.

Even frequent cooking will not cause streaks and stains to appear if you take proper care of your copper cookware. Copper dishes are also great for people who often drop something. They are resistant to shocks and abrasions, so even in such a situation they will remain beautiful and wonderful.

Why are copper dishes a great gift idea?

When we give someone a gift, we want to show that they are special to us. So we try to make sure that what we buy is useful and suits the taste of the recipient. Copper vessels will meet these conditions almost always. After all, almost all of us do cooking, even if only for home needs, we won’t cook with just anything. Copper pots they are a good solution for everyone.

What about their appearance?Whether someone likes them is an individual matter. However, there is a huge chance for this thanks to the fact that these dishes have a beautiful, shiny surface and often wonderful decorations. A set of copper pots is a grand and unique gift y. It will work perfectly in any kitchen.

When we buy someone a gift that takes care of their health, we emphasize how important this person is to us. For this reason, a copper jug ​​is a very good choice. It looks great on the kitchen cabinet, and the water you drink from it is healthier. This way, you give your loved ones something that is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also healthy and useful. Copper dishes are a gift that will certainly not end up forgotten in a corner and will provide many benefits.