how caviar is made

Considered one of the symbols of Russia, caviar is identified with a luxury product with a wide range of culinary and cosmetic uses. How caviar is made? The answer to this question can take us back to the 12th century, when caviar first appeared in the menu created for the Kremlin rulers.

how to make caviar

Red, black, Norwegian, or maybe white or gold – how is caviar made and what is it made of?

What is caviar made of? The basis for producing caviar is fresh, ripe roe of fish belonging to the sturgeon, salmonidae or cod families. The most popular type of caviar, called Russian or black, is made from sturgeon fish.

sturgeon caviar

Mature roe can be obtained from females of appropriate fish species, most often large and several years old. The roe is then sifted through a special sieve and then salted appropriately. And here it is worth noting that the most exquisite caviar cannot exceed 5% salt content.

This is a very delicate process that can only be performed by experienced workers. The most experienced ones perform this activity for a dozen or so years before they become proficient.

Breeding, obtaining fish, and finally the entire process of tedious and time-consuming production make up the price of this luxurious delicacy and symbol of Russia.

How is caviar, so famous and appreciated all over the world, made?

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This is a process in which, in addition to adequate salting of the roe, care must also be taken to drain it properly. Only then can the delicacy be packed into cans, jars and even barrels.

The ideal, noblest and best prepared caviar should have a smooth consistency and unglued grains. The removed lid must not have any grains stuck on it and must be completely clean.

what is caviar made of?

And although it is assumed that you do not necessarily become a caviar lover from the first tasting, everyone can taste and enjoy it. Luxurious everyday accessories are available to everyone – it’s worth remembering and… using them.

Caviar has become very popular, so its price is becoming more and more affordable. Today, in virtually every major food store you can buy a can of delicious roe, sit comfortably at home and enjoy its original taste.