bronze clocks

Dedicated to spaces created with meticulous care and refined taste bronze clocks They will be the most perfect addition mainly to the living room. This is where they can make themselves comfortable on stylish chests of drawers, bars, or a coffee table, or in the warmest place of relaxation in the living room – by the fireplace.

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The Spanish Virtus has been producing luxury bronze clocks for years

Bronze clocks created by a master

For years, the Virtus brand has been considered a true expert in the art of decorative bronze accessories ( see products of this brand ). Bronze clocks created by the most outstanding craftsmen mean that with just one stylish clock, your living room will shine with a thousand inspirations.

And you can fall in love with them at first sight…It’s a unique story and story, enclosed in an original sculpture!

clock made of bronze
Bronze clocks are a great addition to an elegant fireplace

Style from times gone byClocks made in the style of those once so popular are a great idea for a unique decoration of a living room fireplace or introducing an element of arrangement dedicated to strictly palace spaces. Elaborate decorations and precise finishing of the smallest elements of characters or animals enrich the clocks with an unprecedented dimension of beauty.

Any elegant fireplace or chest of drawers enriched with such a charming product will create a successful composition.

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Beautiful bronze clock –

Bronze clocks decorated with motifs

Top-class bronze combined with unprecedented manual skills create a truly magical whole. The most frequently chosen clock motifs include figures of a charioteer, angels, a woman with a child, a harp or a basket, equestrian figures and the most famous love duet – the figures of Romeo and Juliet.

clocks made of bronze

A classic in its most beautiful formUnique and exquisitely decorated bronze products constitute magical references to the world of magic and fairy tales, as well as the world of timeless motifs present in all cultures. Beauty collectors appreciate what is fleeting and want to emphasize their love for what is beautiful in their interiors.

Bronze clocks beautifully illustrate this love.Therefore, we also wish you that such extraordinary products will brighten up exclusive apartments, houses and estates. Our offer includes the most prestigious clocks from around the world.Save