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For over 10 years, we have specialized in offering and assisting in the selection of solid office furniture. In my opinion, the most important point in this room is leather office armchair for the president, or other level of management staff. It is this plus a well-selected desk that determines the first impression, quality, sense of management of the workplace and high prestige.

And that’s exactly what it’s all about, evoking respect, elitism, and being a president is a very important factor in how people will perceive us. Therefore, it is worth taking care of not only your image, but also the image of the entire office.

Premium is the antithesis of poor quality!

Current trends in the world clearly show the direction of production and production of products, in short – price works wonders, which is why people willingly buy low quality at the expense of standards of use, rapid consumption of materials, and frequent replacement of such questionable products.

The probability that an armchair made of the cheapest raw materials will break down after a few months is very high, so an informed customer will never buy such crap. Poor quality is built on short legs and is governed by completely different rules than a premium brand.

Leather office armchair for the president – ​​Clemmy

During our cooperation and friendship with the Italian brand Lario Salotti, it was the Clemmy model that aroused the greatest interest among the fair sex. And it really has something about it that only attracts women’s attention. Of course, there were men who ordered Clemmy, but they were very few. For me, there is something very feminine and romantic here, and there is a lot of warmth in this piece of furniture.

Not all products dedicated to senior management are pleasing to the eye, because today a lot of design is in a minimalist style. Clemmy, on the other hand, is a correlation of romance combined with solidity. It’s a bit earring, a bit Chesterfield, so each woman will definitely find a part of herself in it.

Comfort is your best friend at work

I have sat on it more than once and I must say that it is really comfortable and at the same time not tiring working at the desk. Convenience and comfort of sitting are undoubtedly its advantages. The seat is removable so that you can clean any crumbs or dust falling during work.

This is important because the vacuum cleaner will not reach everywhere. The leather office armchair for the president, Clemmy, is completely feminine and at the same time very sexy. Italians have a great sense of design and aesthetics, so in addition to high quality, their furniture must be simply beautiful. You can see the entire collection of armchairs here – Luxury Products.

Beauty must go hand in hand with comfort

And I know from experience that many men do not like beauty in their offices. It has to be neat, functional and very classic. That’s why they don’t need unusual, fascinating or intriguing things. They have to work at it, period!

Women, however, approach the topic completely differently, because they love good style in which they will feel great. Such a piece of furniture is not only unique, but also correlated with the home. When I sit on Lario Salotti armchairs, I feel at home, and I think each of our clients does too. We spend so much time at work that it’s worth having some privacy, even in a high-ranking position. Okay, Clemmy is a woman and I already know that y!

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leather office armchairs for women
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Leather office armchair for the president – ​​choice of materials

By offering premium products to my clients, I know that personalization is a very important element, and in this case, Lario Salotti made an exceptional effort to ensure that each woman could choose an armchair tailored exclusively to herself. The most important thing is that each Clemmy armchair is made of natural wood and natural leather, and for me this is a prelude to a luxury product.

Let’s start with the colors of the leather, there is a really huge selection of them, so before making a purchase decision, we send physical leather samples by post. And it’s not just about choosing the color itself, but about the fact that the brand has a wide range of leather structures. There are thicknesses, roughnesses and shades to choose from, so it’s worth touching it in person and choosing the model that’s right for you.

To the color of your choice!

Once we have decided on the color of the leather, the next step is to choose the color of the wood of the chair legs. The manufacturer offers here 5 main colors – cherry, light walnut, dark walnut, mahogany, wenge.

If I had to say which one is the most popular, it would probably be cherry and light walnut. But a large number of clients choose wenge or mahogany. Here, it is best to match the shade of wood to the rest of the furniture in the office. You can even send us a piece of such wood, or we can send wood samples. No problem, we are very flexible.

You can also order wheel covers in the color of your skin, as well as the wheels themselves.

Ok, we’ve already thought about the most important raw materials, but there is one detail left – Clemmy is usually with studs, or in other words, pins. So the manufacturer also gives a choice here. And here I must admit that the most popular is the golden stud!

There are no colors that are most popular among women, but there were many very bright and vivid shades that men would never choose. Therefore, it is a very individual matter, which I always leave to the client’s choice. And if it’s really difficult, you have to choose the classics, i.e. black, brown or green. These shades will fit anywhere because they are quite universal.

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Choosing a style for your interior

Today, more and more offices are designed in a modern, even minimalist, raw and cool style. Although I have seen many good designs, there are also very elegant and modern interiors. Our leather office armchair for the presidentit is dedicated to the classic, antique or, in other words, traditional style. And many beautiful office interiors and offices are still being created in this climate. Chesterfield is a very universal piece of furniture that fits into many original rooms.

But you need to know one thing – this is a pure classic concept, which works well in interiors where there are also chests of drawers, shelves and a coffee table made of natural wood. Because, as we know, individual pieces of furniture must correspond to each other, in other words, fit together. Clemmy loves natural wood, in the colors of brown, cherry or mahogany, i.e. good classic offices.

Natural raw materials prove the high quality of the product

Natural wood always goes well with leather and, for me, it is the basis for furnishing a real office or office. Of course, we made projects combining styles, i.e. glamor, and it must be said that it turned out extremely original. Leather chesterfield furniture fits modern and designer projects. That’s why Clemmy fits in literally anywhere.

A lot depends on what stage our client is at, because if the entire office is already there, you can always use visualization to see what will be behind the desk. We deal with design, so we can create a complete, exclusive office for you or the president from scratch.

And one more very important thing, Clemmy has his own family, i.e. sofas, coffee table armchairs and conference table chairs. This is extremely important information because we can get the entire set of furniture from the same manufacturer. This is important because the leather and wood will be the same in all products. When choosing a set from different brands, it usually varies, so this is valuable information.

leather office armchair for the president
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lario salotti sofas
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A holistic approach to creating the president’s office

Of course, one Clemmy armchair does not make spring, because what about the other things needed for everyday functioning and work? I assume that a good quality armchair, such as this Lario Salotti model, should have a good environment.

This is, of course, about the rest of the equipment, such as the carpet, lighting and perhaps the most important thing desk accessories. Because they are the ones who will ultimately receive our guests and contractors. It is the magic triangle – armchair – desk – accessories that will create your image! Naturally, we will take care of everything to create a coherent work environment that will say a lot about the position and function held.

The color of the armchair matches the color of your eyes….

Many of our clients needed leather accessories to match the color of the armchair. No problem, we can handle it, because we have many Italian factories that have been cooperating with us in this field for many years. When it comes to office supplies, Clemmy likes natural leather, chrome, nickel, gold and marble. And these are the products we specialize in.

I love arranging offices with soul, so I always try to listen well to the client and get to know their real needs.

Women’s comfort and durability for many years

You can’t buy a large apartment for the price of a small studio apartment because there are no opportunities in life. If something looks good and costs very little, it is not a great purchase at all, it is just a scam and a scam. If someone is aware and knows how much human manual work, natural wood and real leather costs, they are aware of the costs.

A beautiful leather office armchair for the president will cost approximately EUR 2,400 – 2,500. For me, this is an adequate price for the highest quality and design. There are Italian armchairs costing around 8,000 euros each, so it’s not much in comparison.

But we do not buy a product, we only buy a guarantee of reliability, quality and comfort that we deserve. We haven’t had any complaints about Clemmy in over 10 years, so that speaks for itself. What’s more, companies that have one armchair come back to us after many years for more items. Women love Clemmy and I know the love is mutual!

I invite you to contact me, talk and discuss this beautiful and very solid armchair – [email protected]