Tiffany style table lamps are decadent New York

Tiffany style lamps

Today we will take a look at our new product at Luxury Products, i.e Tiffany style table lamps. And even though there is a lot of it on the Internet, most of it is cheap mass production. I think that all lovers and enthusiasts of Art Nouveau deserve a few words of truth about the production of these beautiful works of applied art. Because a conscious client must be somewhat aware of what awaits him when darkness approaches…

I think that Louis Comfort Tiffany himself did not know exactly how he would influence the fashion of his products. But I know for sure that if he had seen what crap they are producing now, he would never have started this extraordinary and fascinating journey. Which ultimately led to such great popularity. If we can talk about Art Nouveau goods, Tiffany-style table lamps have to some extent influenced mass pop culture. Although the original ones are no longer aimed at mass customers. His glass-making Tiffany Studios gained great fame, and all of New York at that time wanted his products.

And this is a niche, a small factory’s response to the demand for luxury goods. Louis knew this very well and eagerly took advantage of it as much as he could!

Tiffany-style table lamps – where did the idea come from?

This bright boy drew his inspiration from European and Asian craft cultures. This truly stunning correlation was very simple, yet devastatingly effective. Louis also added Gothic influences and Persian magic. So all this had to ultimately result in amazing results and an unforgettable experience for customers. So we are dealing here with a diverse melting pot of inspirations, as well as a huge dose of the author’s knowledge.

Ok, but what did these luxurious Tiffany style table lamps actually contain. Well, the idea was incredibly simple, namely to make a product out of wire and blown favrile glass. Favrile is a term invented by the creator himself, so it was grand and imaginative. The turn of the 19th and 20th centuries brought even greater recognition of the Tiffany Studios brand. And with fame came newer designs, often later referring to Art Nouveau.

price does not matter

Today, these gems reach staggering prices and are a sought-after item. The cost of one Tiffany-style table lamp starting from several thousand dollars, up to several hundred thousand and approaching a million does not surprise anyone today. That’s why I’m even more surprised when someone believes in a product worth a few hundred dollars that it is, to some extent, a reference to a famous brand?

Well, millions of copies are made all over the world today, but most of them are not even made by hand. Not to mention the materials used. Therefore, dear customers, think for yourself whether it is possible to reduce the cost of such a luxurious lamp to a few hundred? I don’t think so.

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Tiffany-style table lamps – why do high-quality products keep their prices?

Creating a high-class lamp is very expensive due to the enormous amount of work involved and being completely hand-made. Using low-quality materials will certainly not produce the effect we would like.

A Tiffany lamp is not only a source of light, but also a beautiful object decorating the interior. Therefore, it is a kind of glowing stained glass window that has a certain purpose, especially on long autumn evenings. You know what I’m talking about, autumn depression and the extremely long time are very monotonous. And this product with its colors gives a great mood in the interior. Anyway, you have to check it within yourself and that’s it.

Peculiar beauty enclosed in high-quality amber

Tiffany-style table lamps must look beautiful both when lit and when off. We achieve this by using special glass from American glassworks, which is multi-layered and designed in such a way that it looks impressive when not illuminated and comes to life only when the light source is turned on. And this is all Bayer in Bel Air, because here you can see what the product is really made of.

A true gourmet will spot what is wrong, especially with the material, because it is visible at first glance. Especially after the light bulb has been turned on. This is where the magic of top-class glass lies. And these are the Tiffany-style table lamps on our Luxury Products Platform. Fabulous, solidly made and, most importantly, handmade!

Tiffany-style table lamps – how do they differ from fakes available on the market?

Most of them are mass-produced glass made in Chinese factories using industrial methods of quite low quality. Because if it’s going to cost several hundred, it’s not worth using good raw material, because it won’t pay off. If the lamp consists of e.g. 300 parts, the programmed machine cuts e.g. 50 pieces of each element and e.g. 50 identical lamps can be assembled at once. This is machine work and has absolutely nothing to do with these beautiful Tiffany table lamps.

The methods of connecting these elements are also specific, e.g. gluing using an unknown binder instead of traditional tin soldering. Such lamps are irreparable if damaged. And this is a very big difference, because original products are made piece by piece over many hours.

Meet a seasoned master craftsman!

The techniques of how lamps are made at Luxury Products by Mr. Mariusz Becela are a great example of what a real handmade Tiffany table lamp looks like. It is a unique style and a very long and tiring work that the artist puts into his work.

Tiffany-style table lamps by Mr. Mariusz are made using a traditional method used since the times of L.C. Tiffany. The glass is cut by hand according to a previously developed template, polished, wrapped with a special thin copper tape and soldered with tin, then finished with patination in the color of black or old copper. The Tiffany method does not involve the use of lead profiles as in traditional stained glass. So we have the answer to what it should look like and how much effort it takes to produce such a luxurious product.

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How long does it take an experienced craftsman to make a Tiffany-style table lamp?

Mr. Mariusz says that a simple lamp (30-60 elements) takes several hours to complete.Lamp 200-500 elements – from a week and up. And the most complicated patterns made of the best (most expensive) glass, e.g. Wisteria, which has 2,400 tiny elements – take several to a dozen or so weeks. That’s why it’s so time-consuming and mass production has no chance to compete with the real creators of these products.
The factory has to spend relatively less time to produce such a lamp, so it uses techniques that do not take much time. Ultimately, a Tiffany-like product comes out that has absolutely nothing to do with the brand. In fact, most of the manufactures we offer at Luxury Products Platform they devote a lot of time to implementing the project and managing the entire order fulfillment process. Maybe not all customers like it, but that’s the reality.

Price plays a roleI would compare it to a high-quality dinner at a good restaurant. If they serve you a dish within a few or a dozen or so minutes, it is too soon to create a masterpiece. Good products need time to be created, so an aware customer who is looking for luxury knows that the implementation time may take several or even several weeks. This is inextricably linked to the entire ordering process, period!

Tiffany-style lamps – why do people love them so much?

We offer thousands of luxurious lighting, such as Italian ones lamps. However, many of them are based on projects by today’s famous artists. Even though they are truly luxurious and designer, they are made in modern times. Tiffany-style table lamps from ”Studio Tiffany” are an eccentric expression of New York and an original story.

This is one of the few types of lighting made entirely by hand. So an important element for every lover of handmade products. Each lamp is different, and this is somewhat good news for individualists. Thanks to the use of unique glass, we can achieve lighting effects incomparable to industrial lampshades made of paper, canvas, factory glass, etc.

Big amount = original Tiffany

The price of original Tiffany lamps certainly influences the sense of value, so people look for good quality products that closely resemble real goods. Tiffany’s originals were created in L.C. Tiffany’s studio in New York in the early 20th century. They were signed and numbered, and are sold e.g. at Sothebys auctions, e.g. Virginia Creepes for $1 million 800 thousand.

This gives a lot of scope for imagination and stimulates the imagination. Therefore, many customers want to have at least a faithful copy. The price on the Luxury Products Platform starts from over PLN 1,000 and up.

These larger, handmade Tiffany lamps in the back cost over PLN 7,000.So there is a price difference between Asian mass-market products and real luxury handmade products. And a sincere and exceptionally reminiscent product never comes at a price. It’s the craftsman’s work that makes the real difference, the prices are just an added bonus.

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Who is the offer of exclusive Tiffany lamps addressed to?

Mr. Mariusz’s workshop has been producing products to special order for many years. Therefore, the offer of lamps is addressed to all enthusiasts of the Tiffany style and their luxurious goods. If you want to travel back to the times of Art Nouveau or decadent New York, turn on a handmade lamp in the evening. Of course, a product of such elegance will not fit every interior. These are products for more warm, classic, antique apartments or houses. Secession and Art Deco should be distinguished here.

This is where the lamps would definitely find their place on earth. And who is the owner of such a sophisticated product? Well, first of all, he is a person aware of manual work, great effort put into creation, and using only the highest quality materials.

Luxurious hand made

This is not blah blah, something, something – mass produced, only the highest quality hand made! If you are looking for cheap prices, there are plenty of these products available on the Internet. But I know Tiffany certainly wouldn’t want it, to trample on what he set out to do. And only a faithful reproduction of the production of these table lamps in style can significantly refer to the Tiffany Studio.

Louis aimed for high-quality production, so if we want to preserve all the details, only real craftsmen and long work can give us a final product that is very similar.

To realize what a faithful resemblance really looks like, I invite my clients to many studios with which I cooperate. And there, you can see for yourself the solid workmanship and Tiffany’s secret.If you want to see Venetian Mirrors, hand-engraved for centuries, I invite you on a trip to Venice.

If you want to see handmade Tiffany style table lamps, write – [email protected] I’ll make an appointment for you at the studio.