Christmas tableware dominated by gold

what could your Christmas tableware be like?

It’s mid-November and although we don’t feel winter is coming, we are already thinking about Christmas. Just like for you, for me this magical time is associated with the warmth of home, the Christmas tree and gifts. But he plays one of the leading roles Christmas tableware. It accompanies us throughout the entire Christmas period, whether we like it or not. And here I have some inspirations for you that break the mold of the Christmas table.

I was very bored with green reindeer, tin drums, colorful plates with a green Christmas tree and gold-plated pine cones. It’s already happened – that’s why it’s pure misery. I dreamed of a large Christmas table set, but one with a bit of nonchalance and madness.

So my inspiration is based on the gold theme. It is a luxury material, so it is very close to me. Most of the products used are hand-made works of applied art. I have been dealing with such products for years and I promote such manufactures on the Platform Luxury Products.

High value, beautiful workmanship and great materials have never had a price. This is the absolute sincerity of European craftsmen and people who create the greatest brands in the world!

Christmas tableware – porcelain sets for the whole family

Every multi-generational large family has its own porcelain tableware set. This is a material well-deserved for sitting around the table, great receptions, special meetings and magical moments. Porcelain has been creating extraordinary charm for centuries and is also incredibly fun to use.

And I’m not talking about cheap mass-produced products, because it’s a waste of our money to buy such products. If we want to have good quality porcelain, we need to look to factories from Italy, Germany and Portugal. This is where the best factories are located, producing top quality products for many years.

Christmas tableware must be representative, so I will show you Porcel products. Portuguese porcelain has always been very popular, so this is one of my favorites. Of course, when it comes to porcelain tableware.

My favorite collection with gold is called Belle Epoque

This is a unique and very luxurious tableware for the holidays, consisting of 68 elements. The set is dedicated to a family of 12 people. What captivated me here was the amazing whiteness of Portuguese porcelain combined with gold marble-like inserts. These gold abrasions and paintings make a great duo, because a set decorated in this way will be very representative.It’s a nod to exquisite tables, but with a bit of restraint and elegance. This is not a typical baroque set of Christmas tableware dripping with gold, but a delicately decorated white set.

This is the composition of this Portuguese set: Saucer for marinated dishes x2, Bowl with a stand for sauces X1, Dinner plate x24, Soup plate X12, Dessert plate X12, Bread and butter plate X12, Salad bowl X1, Vase X1, Large plate for serving X1, Small serving plate X2.

I think that every large family table should have such exclusive and prestigious porcelain. The only drawback I see in this type of gold decorations is that they cannot be washed in a dishwasher. But not all handmade products have the same functionalities as ordinary tableware sets.

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Christmas tableware – a duo of porcelain and cutlery

Gold-plated cutlery fits perfectly into this porcelain collection. That’s why I consciously chose the Delarboulas brand. A manufacturer that designs really cool cutlery. Models from the Libellule Or, Contemporain or, Bambou, Elle and Lui lines will create a wonderful composition with porcelain Belle Epoque.

This awareness of the correlation between gold, its filings and its prestigious character will give the entire set a high rank. Christmas tableware cannot be complete without good quality cutlery. So my suggestion for this duo is Delarboulas.

France elegance!

The French manufacture has been creating real works of applied art for years. I don’t like boredom and poor quality products. That’s why these products are really close to me. The creator of these beautiful goods combines good raw materials such as pewter and gold so that they will serve us for many years.

And this is not a combination of gold and gold, but a combination of two very similar thematic product lines. Gold plays the role of decoration, comma and distinguishing feature here. This is something that gives meaning to this whole tableware, and the holidays are a great opportunity to take out such a noble set.

It’s not every day that you use this type of luxury tableware sets, and let the holiday season be your time to show it off. Guests, family and everyone who will sit at such a conjured table setting will certainly be delighted not only with the dishes, but above all with the serving and tableware.

Christmas tableware cannot be complete without cutlery
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You can never have enough gold!

Ok, we’re still combining this one particular set, so we’ll need gold accessories. There was a lot of white and gold there, so our table is not yet saturated to the point of decency. I would like you to meet some of my table friends, especially gold ones.

If you think at this stage that your table will shine, you are wrong. The biggest break in this character will come when choosing a tablecloth. But more on that later!

In my inspirations, where Christmas tableware is the highlight of eating and conversations, accessories also play an important role. Candlesticks come first. On a smaller table, one central 4 or 5-armed large candlestick is enough.

A large candlestick or 2 small ones?

However, smaller ones must have at least two 2- or 3-arm luxury candlesticks. Of course, I chose those with the addition of gold to further emphasize the character of the table.

There is one very important thing, I choose all additional accessories for the porcelain set. As I already mentioned, this is not your typical baroque roco coco! Therefore, other accessories must be a slalom, between modern and classic. They absolutely cannot be minimalist and designer – that would be a mistake.

I chose candlesticks for you mainly from Italy, which we have had in our offer for many years. And as I mentioned, they do not represent a strongly antique or modernist style. They will fit perfectly with the entire set.

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Glasses, goblets, carafes – product overview

The most popular is, of course, glass, but what really creates prestige is crystal. It has been giving dignity and luxury to our tables for many years. And maybe it’s not as scarce as it used to be, but it still has its admirers today.

Crystals were more desirable in the 20th century, especially in countries where there was a shortage of crystals. Currently, this raw material is an exclusive good. My favorite producer is Arnstad Kristal. German manufacture producing very high-quality crystal products.

Heavy crystal – light design

And many of them have gold-plated decorations, so they fit perfectly into our entire Christmas table set! It will be a great combination, so I consciously add this brand.

Arnstad’s collection includes heavily carved and gold-plated glasses and carafes. But I think they will be too demonstrative and heavy. So I chose products that were more sensual, unique and light.

While you can talk about lightness with massive crystals, I tried to find a bit of delicacy. Germany has been producing quality crystal products for many years, so this brand must be present on our Christmas tables.

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Christmas tableware – lots of different accessories

We have porcelain, cutlery and candlesticks, so it’s time for the remaining products. These include containers and tissue holders – I hope we haven’t forgotten about this matter. I chose those that are, of course, related to the golden color and to some extent correspond with the entire Christmas decoration.

Handkerchiefs or handkerchief rings are a nice and quite common Christmas decoration, but most of them are similar to each other. My suggestion is very much expressive and original products.

And just like in the other cases, they are neither too modern nor old-fashioned, because this is what our Christmas tableware is all about. Cheerful, prestigious, a bit classic with a hint of madness!

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Salt and pepper shakers – this is a must-have

Well, in order for the table to be impressive and complete, we need accessories for pepper and salt. Ok, we have it… to choose from and color, without fakery and unnecessary weak products. Only niche manufactures, giving us the advantage of quality on holiday tables. Because quality on your tables must and can make a difference!

I deliberately did not choose brass or gold-plated metal here. There is already a lot of this on our table, so we will go back to porcelain. Christmas tableware must include luxurious salt and pepper shakers.

Portuguese inspirations

Chose a brand for you Vista Alegra, is a Portuguese manufacture known all over the world. It offers a lot of crazy projects. So not only classic, typically porcelain products. But also many variations, I think designed by the younger generation.

Some of these goods are a break from the style that has existed so far. But with at least a bit of gold preserved. It must still correspond to the whole.

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Christmas tableware with an exquisite plate

There is no rose without thorns and there is no Christmas without cake! It’s obvious, that’s why I had to include some good quality cake stands. They certainly take up a lot of space at the table, but they are really wonderful! Most of them are made in Italy, synonymous with luxury and high quality.

Some made of glass, others of crystal will be one of the brightest points on your Christmas table. And it is not an exaggeration to say that these are very original plates that cannot be found from domestic producers.

Italians love beautiful design, this is due to the location and the mixing of cultures and people. Art from various parts of the world found its culmination in southern Europe. That’s why thousands of factories design the most beautiful things to this day.

With or without a cover?

But without straying too far from the topic, I am including several open and covered plates. Both solutions are perfect! I am presenting examples with gold plating because this is the nature of the entire Christmas set. But I also chose something made of pure glass without gilding, which would match all the pieces of the puzzle.

If you look closely, some of the plates contain 80% glass, and for example the legs themselves are gold-plated. It is very important not to over-gild the entire table. We then choose products that have a golden accent.

And this is a good method to complete the entire Christmas tableware, which will have a prestigious character and style.

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Tablecloths, runners and placemats that will complete the work

Basically, we have most of the products, but we don’t have Christmas table setting. This is where the Italian brand Claudia Barbari comes to the rescue. This designer has specialized in creating luxurious tablecloths for many years.

All of them are made of the highest quality materials, with characteristic rhinestones. The artist puts a lot of manual work into her art to finally create a beautiful tablecloth. We appreciate this, which is why we have been cooperating for quite a long time.

The Italian artist combines various techniques

Claudia also makes amazing rugs and blankets, but that’s a separate topic. It uses cotton, cashmere, wool, silk and finally linen to produce. These materials ensure prestigious and high quality, which is why its products keep their prices.

Its offer also includes smaller placemats, table runners and tissue rings. This is a wide collection that will allow us to choose something interesting.

I decided to choose tablecloths with interesting sequins or rhinestones. Because it is an important element of the whole puzzle in the form of a golden element. A deliberate procedure that will culminate the entire work and the Christmas tableware will be complete. Claudia Barbari creates truly unique things, and our customers have been using her products for years.

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Christmas tableware – summary

I don’t think there’s a need to add more products because our table is already big and beautiful. Overstuffing the holiday table is an increasingly common mistake. Because in addition to the above-mentioned items, there are also dishes and other accessories.

We must remember not to crowd the table with many products. The best solution, which you often use anyway, is the order. After all, a cake stand, a carafe or a coffee set may only be placed on the countertop later in the party.

These are simple solutions that will bring us many benefits. The most important thing is that our Christmas tableware should satisfy us. Because we are supposed to feel good in our interior with a beautifully decorated table. And that’s what I wish for you all.

Christmas tableware can be enjoyed for many years, but it must be of high quality. This is an absolute requirement for a properly made set. The most important aspect is that it can serve many of our generations.

If you don’t have an idea for your Christmas tableware, write to me and I will take care of it – [email protected]