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Many times our clients ask us a question what gift to buy for your boss? Employees ask themselves this question at least several times a year. The answer to this question is not simple at all, because it all depends on your relationship with him. If he or she is your acquaintance, friend or family, then you can give a very personal gift. If you and your superior are in official relations, then the gift should be elegant and chic, and at the same time non-binding. This is regulated by the official rules of business savoir-vivre.

What gift to buy for your boss – business savoir-vivre

If you are wondering which one gift for the boss to choose, first read the business savoir-vivre. It clearly defines when, on what occasions and what should be given to the superior. First of all, it is worth considering what relationships you have.

Family businesses are growing and more and more often an uncle, brother, brother-in-law or friend becomes the president. Then choosing a gift should not be a problem. You can try something personal, for example an elegant woolen tie, the latest book by your favorite author, an opera ticket, a handmade scented candle, an exclusive walking stick, a luxurious umbrella or an idol’s vinyl record.

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What gift should I buy for my boss?
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Personalization is the key to happiness!

Such a personalized gift will surely please every recipient. The question of what gift to choose for your boss arises when there is an official relationship between you and your superior. This is followed by the next one: at what point should it be given? The answer is: it all depends on the customs in your company, how high the vertical management ladder is, whether you are the only person giving a gift to your boss or you buy it in a group.

If there is no relationship between you and your boss, then you should give him gifts only on official occasions, i.e. name days, holidays, the company’s round anniversary, which he founded. You should skip birthdays, especially if your boss is a woman. Then giving a gift, especially by a man, may be inelegant and perceived as a reminder of age. In this case, the common saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” applies.

If you don’t know which one to buy gift for boss – look what we know about it!

A gift from the entire team should be presented by a maximum of three-person delegation, expressing wishes from all employees. If you go to the office in a group of many people, it may be awkward for the person receiving the gift. Moreover, it is worth asking your boss first if he will have time for you, because it may turn out that he has an important business meeting, teleconference or conversation. If you all want to be present when giving your boss a name-day or anniversary gift, prepare a mini party for him with a cake and coffee.

Here though you must strictly follow the protocol – this form is only possible during an official break at work and should take place in the break room. It should also be remembered that in this situation wishes should be submitted by one person, not all at once. You should also not ask your supervisor to look at the gift in front of you. If he wants to do it, that would be nice of him, but if he would prefer to take it out in the privacy of his own office, it is not appropriate to insist on changing his mind.

Original glasses and goblets as a gift

Alcohol accessories as a gift for the boss arouse many discussions. Some people believe that they can only be given if you have a closer relationship with your superior, others believe that it is an elegant and casual gift. In fact, it all depends on what set you choose. It is not appropriate to give them individual pieces. Sets containing two pieces of glass are reserved for people in close relationships.

For official relations, it is worth having six glasses or goblets traditionally. Moreover, if they are made of glass, then only exclusive glass, preferably hand-blown from elite factories. Thanks to this, they will be valuable, luxurious, single specimens, for example with an initial and amber or with garnets.

Must have engraving

If we want to know what gift to buy for the boss – we need to know whether our superior has a great sense of humor, a personal dedication can be engraved on the glasses or glasses, in the style of “for the demanding but best boss”, ” Boss, with you to the end of the world “. Regardless of which option you choose, it is a good idea for the set to be packed in an exclusive metal or wooden basket or a satin-lined box. This type of packaging will add chic and elegance.

What type of glasses should you choose? For cognac, brandy, wine, vodka. You could say that it doesn’t matter, but… This “but” is of great importance. When deciding on glasses or glasses as a gift for your boss, remember that they should be for a drink he likes. If he doesn’t drink brandy and gets glasses with them, it will certainly be an unwanted gift, and as we know, it is supposed to bring pleasure, not cause sadness or embarrassment.

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Business card holders

You bought it for your boss for Christmas exclusive gift basket, on the occasion of the company’s anniversary, a stylish fountain pen. Now the name day is approaching and you are once again wondering what gift to buy for your boss? This is a good opportunity to present your superior with an elegant business card holder. It would be best if it matched the color and style of the pen, but if it differs from it, that will also be fine. It is very important that it is not a business card holder from a chain store. This will be a kind of faux-pax.

If you don’t know what gift to buy for your boss, you should know that the first business card holders appeared over 200 years ago? Originally, they served kings, nobility and the highest social group. Today, it is a business must-have that no entrepreneur can do without. Therefore, the business card holder you want to give to your boss should be of high quality and stand out with style and elegance. It is a casual, practical and luxurious gift. It allows you to create a business image, which is extremely important when running a business.

What gift should I buy for a boss who loves leather accessories?

When choosing a business card holder as a gift for your boss, you must carefully consider what type he will be most pleased with, whether it will be a personal gadget or one to be placed on his desk. In the first case, you can choose from metal, leather, combined, as well as silver and wooden business card holders.

Desk business holders can be rotatable, individual, i.e. only for business cards, or combined, for example, with a watch, a globe, or Newton’s anti-stress balls. Are classic and extravagant – resembling specific figures, wooden, metal, plastic, silver, aluminum, marble and combined.

An elegant, luxurious business card holder, standing on a desk or pulled out during a business meeting, gives the contractor the feeling that he is dealing with a high-class specialist in his field, a person who takes all types of transactions seriously, is organized, orderly and has everything under control.

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Leather organizers

Unique leather organizers are an extensive option for a personal business card holder. It will allow your boss to hide ATM cards, the most important business cards, mini bookmarks, note cards, ID card and other important items in one place. documents. Although the gift is small, it is very practical and chic. The leather it is made of should be soft to the touch and fragrant.

This natural material is not only… elegant and luxurious, but also durable. It is worth noting that in business, leather organizers increase the prestige of their owner. It will allow your boss to enjoy it for many years. Additionally, you can engrave the leather with a personal dedication, which will make your boss remember the nice gesture you made towards him.

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Chess pieces made of wood

If your superior is a lover of classic entertainment, the answer to the question of what gift to buy for your boss is obvious: wooden chess. Even if the boss doesn’t know how to play them, if displayed in a visible place in his office, they will make a professional impression during business meetings. It is not without reason that chess is called the royal game. In the Middle Ages, it was a very exclusive and desired entertainment at royal courts.

The first chess was most likely created in India at the end of the 3rd century. Since then, the game has spread around the world and evolved. Today, it characterizes people who are able to pursue their goals, are methodical in their actions, and do not give up. It allows you to develop cognitive and intellectual skills and teaches critical thinking, which is so important when running a business.

When talking about wooden chess as a gift for the boss, it is necessary to mention the fact that in Poland there is a unique set of Sandomierz Chess Sets, the only one of its kind in the world. It was found in the early 1960s on St. Hill. Jacob. This is an extraordinary find, most likely made at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. Moreover, as many as 29 pieces were found. Only a few sets in the world can boast such a large number.

A gift for your boss in the form of wooden chess pieces can be “wrapped” in the history of Sandomierz, especially if you choose their classic version.

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Elegant packaging is as important as the content of the gift

Finally, we would like to make you aware of the gift packaging. It is as important as its content. It should be elegant and chic. If you decide to wrap the gift in paper, make sure it is exclusive and wrapped by a professional. Every detail matters. It is unacceptable to stick the paper with adhesive tape, cut it unevenly, crease it or have the ribbon tied incorrectly.

It is safer to put the gift in an elegant gift bag. It would be best if it was uniform in color and its colors were strictly business-like. A brown bag will look elegant, the color of which indicates stability, blue is associated with trust, and green indicates harmony. You should not buy red packaging (it is a very aggressive color in business, which tells the other party to be on guard and be careful when contacting you), yellow (it indicates flashiness and the desire to have fun), black (it is associated with death ) and white (it gets dirty easily, and giving a dirty gift shows a lack of culture).

The bag will also allow your boss to maintain his dignity when he wants to look at the gift in his office. Then she can look into the bag, smile and say thank you. This is neutral behavior that allows you to show respect and thanks to employees.

An ideal solution will also be to use an elegant box decorated with a bow. Then you can combine colors, for example a gray box with a burgundy ribbon or a brown box with a gold or beige ribbon.

If you don’t know what to buy for your boss, write to [email protected]