Luxury desks don’t come from outer space

luxury desks

I’ve noticed how many brands rub the word LUXURY on their wasted faces. I kind of understand their desperation, but I don’t understand the end customer who strongly believes in it. Because whether luxury desks at a price of PLN 1,500 per piece do they really exist?

If you buy a 10-year-old diesel car from Germany, which according to the odometer has traveled 120,000 kilometers, you have to believe in it very strongly, and this is the case with broadly understood luxury. Premium and super premium products have many nuances that ultimately determine the price.

To a very large extent, the price determines whether a product is exclusive, so pay attention to it. Today I want to talk about luxurious offices and offices, which are often a showcase of where a person will go in their professional career.

Luxury desks – low prices for poor workmanship

To be clear, the article is about desks dedicated to directors, presidents and managers. We are not talking about small, light furniture consisting of several parts…..

While browsing online offers, I saw a lot of interesting items. However, most of them are “mass-produced cream cakes” – i.e. products from Asia. Very schematic and similar furniture made in a series of machines.

Origin is as important as pedigree!

I would divide them into two groups, one of them is modern ‘luxury desks’ – mainly based on schematic aluminum legs and more classic ones based on wood. The latter extremely resemble wood, which is, of course, very misleading.

Because it’s mainly chipboard… with veneer.Generally, the so-called ”luxury desks” from China cost up to PLN 7,000 – 8,000. Although most of them range up to PLN 3,000. Now, dear customer, think about how a manufacturer from such a distant country earns money? Where are the transport costs?

The answer is very simple, these are very cheap pieces of furniture, and the sellers impose exorbitantly high margins, which you pay for!

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Luxury desks – please meet the manufacturer

Everything is decided by details and nuances. That’s why I never generalize, because there are real furniture manufacturers in China too. You can never generalize anyone and lump them into one bag….

Therefore, when you see an offer in an online store, check whether the manufacturer’s name is next to the photo of the desk. Someone who creates luxury desks certainly identifies with them and strongly emphasizes their history.

The honest truth is better than deception…

Brands love to show and talk about themselves. So look if there’s a name there, where the company comes from and what it really stands for. Besides, you can find out everything from Uncle Google….
Usually, where there is only the name of the desk, usually very fancy, and no manufacturer is assigned, it is typical mass from China. Ok, this topic is exhausted!

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Luxury desks – where does this price come from?

As I mentioned, the price depends on many nuances. The first and probably the most important are the raw materials used. They create the prestige of the furniture, set the tone, chic and all the glitter. They constitute the weight, i.e. steel, copper, aluminum, iron, chrome and natural wood.

They smell amazing when you enter the office, as evidenced by the leather used. And they also attract our eyes like a magnet when the manufacturer adds crystals or 24-carat gold.

Never ending story

The materials and the product are a never-ending story, with many species of trees such as baobab, briar, bubinga etc… varieties of metals and leathers. However, this is not all that determines the price. There are factories that produce many semi-finished products by hand. The entire creation process is extremely time-consuming and ongoingluxury desksthey are made practically only by humans.

This is a very valuable practice today, so appreciate it and people who love their job! Not all the furniture we offer is handmade. It’s a matter of brand dependency and choice.

I emphasize that luxury is closely related to the brand and people. That’s why many of them decide to cooperate with good designers.

A big part exclusive office desks is designed by well-known and respected creators in the world of design.It is the factory’s deliberate intention to have given furniture models signed by unique artists. So, this is the next price component you wanted to know…..

very luxurious desk
luxury wooden desk
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Luxurious desks – amazing additions and accessories

In fact, there’s not much that surprises me. Leather countertops, crystal accessories, 24-carat gold, and finally a strawberry tree. But accessories such as a safe in the desk make a really nice impression and make it a real luxury.

Many owners of such furniture would like to have an elegantly hidden safe in their desk, or a discreet pull-out bar – as they say. ” YOU SAY, AND YOU HAVE!

Automated desk?

What surprised me about the topic discussed was the automatically extending lamp in one of the Tecnoarredo desks. The Orion model in question, apart from the central locking, ( not to be confused with a car ) has an automatically moving lamp from the desk top, with a remote control!

In fact, given the class of this furniture, many different functionalities and accessories can be ordered upon request. It’s a matter of looking at the project, your office, office and what is expected. Well, that’s what the Luxury Products team is for.

luxury desk
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Luxury desks are not only about raw materials, designers or manufacturers. Because, with money, any brand can create something that is called luxury, but it is not luxury at all. In addition to a lot of effort, sweat, blood and tears, the product must have something special about it.

When you enter such an office, you already know and feel that you are dealing with presence and elegance. Luxury is felt and perceived differently. I realize this as I introduce each new brand to our boutique.

Experience has taught us not to call everything that glitters gold. Therefore, we do not decide to cooperate with everyone.

This is the key to creating a good atmosphere for luxury – believe me!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave