Avant-garde chandeliers by Lasvit

who produces avant-garde chandeliers?

Perhaps luxurious avant-garde is a very broad and relative concept, but it is what it is avant-garde chandeliers Lasvit brands are a great example of this. But when people like Michael Young, Ross Lovegrove or finally Daniel Libeskind are behind the projects, there must be something to it!

Avant-garde chandeliers in a cosmic version

When looking for producers, I take into account many factors, but in this case I was impressed luxury space. I haven’t seen such successful and designer projects for a long time. First Love is a Spin product. A chandelier that looks like a spaceship, I saw it live and I can tell you one thing – OUT!!!

When you look at the three avant-garde Spin chandeliers from perspective, it can be concluded that these are three unidentified ones hanging above the ground aircraft from an alien planet. In a minimalist apartment they can play out more than one winning battle…..

The expressiveness and magic of a room is often created with one very characteristic accent. A strong entry from the shoe, not from a paper moccasin. This big heavy and strong shoe is a brand Lasvit. Every project they approve must have quality and power.

In an era when everyone produces something and names it Luxury, I increasingly appreciate otherness and innovation and reject templates. To be honest, I didn’t expect such an impact of design from the Czech Republic.

As you can see, hear and feel, in every country there are good places for a solid portion of luxurious avant-garde….

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avant-garde lighting
avant-garde chandeliers for interiors
avant-garde chandeliers for the apartment

What should avant-garde chandeliers look like according to René Roubíček?

What Rene created in his imagination exceeds every dimension and standard. This is pure luxury art, timeless large lighting. Why did I choose him? Just look and you already know what unconventionality, surprise, a different world means….

I don’t know what the artist was thinking about, but for me the model was icicles, of course I could be wrong. Unless he drew inspiration straight from space… but avant-garde chandeliers must come from space!

The object has a diameter of 1,500 mm and a height of 1,700 mm, so it is dedicated to large and quite high rooms. When compared to humans, it is even more expressive and mysterious. Although it is quite large, it seems delicate and very prestigious.

If I were designing an apartment for an extrovert, this product would be the brightest place in the interior. The focal point that focuses the eyes of guests and people who feel art. IN Luxury Products boutique its price is about PLN 60,000, I know one thing – it is worth every price!

luxurious avant-garde chandeliers for the living room
luxurious avant-garde lighting for the living room
avant-garde chandeliers for the living room
avant-garde living room chandeliers
luxury chandeliers for the lasvit living room

Avant-garde spherical chandeliers

Another extremely vivid example of the brand’s cosmic nature Lasvit is a project of the Campana brothers. The large, almost meter-long ball is completely crazy. Hand-blown glass and brass give the effect of a product from a different orbit!

If you think about avant-garde chandeliers, don’t look for them in Chinese stores. These are niche products that you have to wait for, never the other way around. Anyone who thinks they are in warehouses is wrong.

Coming back to the sphere-shaped ball, it is indeed an extraterrestrial product. The photos were taken in a raw, almost ascetic interior. And in fact, we don’t need much other decorations for such a stylish, colorful bird as this chandelier.

He reigns supreme in the interior, setting the tone and flavor and warming up the entire atmosphere. For me, it is a break from the gray reality, a kind of comet that appears as luxury with a capital S.

large avant-garde chandeliers
Colorful avant-garde chandeliers are a nod to design
avant-garde large chandeliers
large avant-garde chandeliers

Avant-garde chandeliers will never get old

Lasvit and its designs are very designer and beautiful to the eyes. Products made in this way will never leave the canon of beauty, because it is extremely timeless. The creators are undoubtedly very creative and world-famous people. They are a guarantee of uniqueness, a deep sense of taste and sense of what they create….

I constantly repeat that luxury cannot be bought, purchased like a piece of cake in a store. Not every brand can represent the premium industry and produce goods at the highest level. Therefore, Lasvit is a very valuable brand that makes a significant difference.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave