Leather photo albums by Legatoria Koine

leather photo albums

Today I would like to introduce you to a small manufacturing factory leather photo albums. Legatoria Koine is one of our first brands that we introduced to our market. He designs products that are very stylish and at the same time natural in their appearance.

Whenever I pick up one of their products, I smell it strongly because I love the smell of leather. It is undoubtedly a raw material that is one of the many levels of true luxury. Well, what do you feel when you hear the word luxury? You don’t have the impression that everything being talked about is already luxurious or exclusive. The world and people want to be premium, with one small important fact – not everyone can….

Leather photo albums Legatoria Koine

This fascinating story began in 1985 in Italy, when brothers Francesco and Cosimo Riccio decided to establish a manufacture. Do you know where real luxury products come from? With passion and sincere love!

By photocopying other people’s products, you will never achieve your own style and success as a producer. Legatori leather photo albums are the result of great respect for manual work, natural raw materials and the Italian approach to design.

Today you are inundated with a multitude of products, often proudly called prestigious, elite, or ultimately unique. They’re mush, he had, mass-produced cream cakes having nothing to do with anything special.

When I picked up an album from this brand for the first time, I knew that this love would be reciprocated. The smell and structure of the raw material say a lot about the product, and this was also the case this time.

Leather photo albums in the era of digitization of the 21st century

I don’t know if you will agree with me, but I clearly feel that society is tired of digitalization. The number of stimuli that follow us every day, touch us and disturb us.

Each of us has hundreds and thousands of photos on the computer, but we rarely use them. They just stay there and take up space in memory….

It’s a bit different with the old ones albums with family photos If I’m telling the truth, correct me! Like you, we often sat down with our loved ones and spent whole evenings reveling in the past captured in old photographs.

There is something to it, and leather photo albums are classics of the genre that take us to interesting moments in our lives.

leather photo album
natural leather photo album
leather photo album
leather photo albums

What is so special about leather photo albums?

When you unpack one of the albums Legatori Koine, please smell it. Because I can write a lot about the workmanship, appearance and design. But when you take it in your hand, you will feel its weight and smell …..it is these two factors that determine luxury.

Part of the collection includes leather photo albums made only from natural raw materials. The other half is leather combined with paper. Depending on dimensions, from 30 to 60 sheets divided with vellum paper.

You can embed photos by gluing them, or more classically, by using corners. Two ways are good, although personally I have always used black traditional corners.

leather photo albums
leather photo album
leather photo album
leather photo albums

Leather photo albums with your own engraving

Many of you want to dedicate something special on a piece of leather to someone very close to you. There is no problem at all, because we can engrave even very thick leather.

Our experience shows that you want to burn various types of sayings both on the outside and inside of the album. It’s a matter of choice, I know one thing – in the case of a gift, it is extremely nice and sensible!

We also know that leather photo albums are a common and practical gift idea for another person. If you want to surprise the person receiving the gift even more, prepare an album with pasted photos.

I think that everyone will be pleasantly enchanted by such a gift, with photos of moments spent together…

engraving on the leather
engravings on album leather
Manufaktura Legatoria Koine – leather photo albums

Legatoria Koine is not a brand that pushes itself into luxury and glamor salons. She simply makes decent and extremely subtle leather goods. Luxury often does not need publicity, noise and splendor…

On the contrary, today unconventionality and uniqueness are valued. Something you won’t get in a hypermarket. Because… if you want to buy crisps from a vending machine, follow the crowd.

thick photo albums
Leather photo albums by Legatoria Koine
leather photo album
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