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Polish producers are increasingly identifying with the premium market. Seeing the huge potential of this industry, they enter areas previously unknown to them, but often with very good results. Exclusive scented candles Crystal Candles they are subtle and hard proof of this.

I am surprised to see the flood of such a large decorative assortment, especially candles. Of course, most of them come from Asia, so usually quality and design do not go hand in hand:) And it is really difficult for an average consumer to find a high-quality product. I love handmade goods, so I’m excited to work with Crystal Candles.

If you want to know how exclusive scented candles are created and what materials are used, read the interview with the owner of Crystal Candles, Mrs. Maja Hucaluk. He is a very nice person and definitely knows what he wants to achieve with his brand.

Good morning, Mrs. Maja, I am very pleased to welcome the Crystal Candles brand Luxury Products. I am even more pleased that this is another Polish manufacturer that fits perfectly into the premium industry. It’s a pity that the post-war period took away many of such gems, but let’s enjoy what we have!

Exclusive scented candles from Poland?

Exactly, the crystal, processing and the entire wax pouring process take place in our country.

What materials are used in the production of your products

As a container for the candle, we use noble crystal, which is hand-cut using traditional glass cutting techniques. It contains natural soy wax and precious fragrance oils. Soy wax is health and environmentally friendly. Fragrance compositions are created from the highest quality ingredients by a company with many years of tradition.

Where did the idea for a premium product come from?

It all started with a crystal that appears in my life very often. Beautifully sparkling crystal lamps hang on the ceilings. There are crystal glasses in the bar and unique crystal plates and vases on the table. Most of them are single pieces that were designed especially for me in a friendly grinding shop.

The choice of crystal for creating candles was obvious to me, as was the awareness that the rest of the materials used had to equal its nobility. That’s why we chose the best quality natural wax and fragrance oils, as well as wooden boxes in which exclusive scented candles look tasteful.

Who are the exclusive Crystal Candles scented candles intended for?

To all people who are looking for relaxation in style. For those who live at a high pace and need a moment of relaxation. Also for people who are looking for unique decorations. Those who see the passion of their creator in craft products.

They look beautiful as decorations on coffee tables and benches, as well as on tables set for dinner, where they make the time spent with family or friends more enjoyable, creating a unique atmosphere.

Where do ideas for the scents of exclusive scented candles come from?

All our fragrances have two things in common – they are elegant and designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. We rely on classic notes of sandalwood, flowers, juicy fruits and herbs. We have plenty of ideas for creating fragrances, and we draw inspiration from nature. Our orange smells like a freshly picked and cut in half, juicy, sweet orange. ‘Rose of Patchouli’ is a rose garden after rain, and ‘White Flowers’ is the scent of a wedding bouquet of flowers.

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How do Crystal Candles differ from other similar products available on the market?

First of all, the exclusive Crystal Candles scented candles look unique. So far, candles were associated with simple jars and wooden caps, our containers are made of a valued, noble material, such as crystal. The high quality of the wax is equally important. We only use soy wax, to which we do not add any chemical ‘beautifiers’, i.e. substances that have a positive effect on the appearance of the wax, but not necessarily on our health.

The technological process was supervised by a scientist together with several foreign teams, which means that Crystal Candles can boast of perfect, clean burning. This is a huge difference from most candles because they are made of paraffin, a derivative of petroleum, and may contain carcinogenic substances.

Are exclusive Crystal Candles scented candles a good gift idea for a woman and why?

Our candles are the perfect gift that not only looks elegant, but also allows the recipient to relax easily. This means that when we give such a gift, we give not only an item, but also many moments filled with positive emotions.

Your favorite scent

For everyday use, it is White Flowers, a subtle, velvety scent that works perfectly as a scent background for everyday activities. When I need energy, it will be a candle with geranium, orange and bergamot essential oils. This scent gives you a positive mood and motivates you to take action. For a gala dinner, I choose Rose of Patchouli – an extremely elegant scent of a rose garden after rain.

Which fragrance is for a woman and which is for a man?

For men, we recommend a scent that takes you to mountain and forest trails – cedar wood with rosemary and earthy patchouli. For women, the scent of a luxurious SPA, in which the main notes are lavender and rosemary. Both fragrances are made from natural oils that, when used in aromatherapy, have a positive effect on the mind and body.

What is the life/burning length of your exclusive scented candles?

Regular size candles burn for 35 hours, and medium size candles burn for about 50 hours.

Can we have an engraving or a nameplate on the box?

As a small factory, we have the opportunity to approach each client individually. We do not offer custom engraving, but sometimes customers ask for candles with the names of the bride and groom or birthday wishes, and we are happy to implement such projects. We also have the option of painting the crystal with gold.

Thank you very much for the interview, and at the same time I wish you a lot of luxurious success for the Crystal Candles brand. I am happy that more and more people from Poland see great potential in this segment. People are paying more and more attention to what they buy and have at home.

Luxury is also the privilege of using high-quality products, so let’s learn to respect premium brands. Europe is losing many old and multi-generational factories, which are being replaced by mass large companies.

Exclusive scented candles by Crystal Candles are proof that there is love for beautiful and lasting things. And this is how true and sincere luxury is born.