Prestigious bags for athletes with your initials

prestigious bags for athletes

While looking for inspiration and the highest quality accessories for my clients, I discovered the Terrida brand from Italy, which designs, among others prestigious bags for athletes. It is not easy today to find a good factory with an excellent history, craftsmen and facilities. And this is exactly what Terrida is like – pedigree Italian origin, production from the highest quality natural leather, as well as an approach to fulfilling customers’ dreams – these are the aspects I am looking for.

Because what’s the point if, in the era of outsourcing, we commission a factory to produce stylish bags? Leather, I think absolutely nothing. Love and passion for creation must flow directly from the owner, founder and, above all, a good craftsman or designer. By leaving everything to specialists, we will not create a premium brand, so it is worth making a little effort and touching real bags from Italy.

Prestigious bags for athletes – a bit of history

Italian brand Terrid was created in the last century in the 1970s and this Anna with Sergio Terrida they started this beautiful adventure. They made a big tribute to Italian craftsmanship, designing and creating their first works of applied art with a capital S. Everything was based on hand-made production straight from one of the most beautiful regions, Venice.

Later, Anna and Sergio’s children took over the family business, learning the secrets and craftsmanship of this profession from an early age. Therefore, in the 1980s, they decided to transform their parents’ factory into new projects, including prestigious bags for athletes and travel enthusiasts. And they are the basis of production.

How does the brand function today?

Therefore, today Terrida is a combination of old craftsmanship, high-quality human craftsmanship, but also a modern approach to design and business. So an important mix of aspects that ultimately influence the luxury that the company creates. I agree 100% that this is a premium manufacturer, so these products will certainly serve for generations. Moreover, well-maintained natural leather can be used successfully for generations to come.

It is important to take good care of it because it is the key to longevity, just like human skin, which should be creamed every day. Yes, and travel bags for sports enthusiasts, they need care and a lot of love.elegant bags for athleteselite handbags for athleteswhat a bag for an athletewhat a gift bag for an athletewhat a bag for an athletewhat bags for an athletea set of prestigious bags for an athletewhat a gift for an athleteluxury handbags for athletesleather bag for a sports enthusiastleather handbag for an athletebag for a golferleather bag for a sports enthusiastgolfer bagsleather bags for athleteshandbag for a golferhandbag for an athletehandbag for a sportsman bloghandbags for golfershandbags for athleteshandbags for athletes bloghandbags for athletesunique sports bag

Prestigious bags for athletes – your initials

The owners of Terrida know the needs of conscious and wealthy customers very well, so they decided to meet this challenge and personalize their products. Anyone who buys sports models can send us their initials or letters for the person to whom they will give this product as a gift. And we will commission the manufacturer to sew leather letters onto the bag, of course in any color of natural leather.

In my opinion, it’s a great idea, which is very successful, because many of our customers love to personalize their products and this is something natural. Because we identify with our objects, cars, clothes and things that we buy only for ourselves. So the initials will be even more of a symbol in their own way.

Dedicated bags for golfers and tennis players

I think this is not dedicated to laptop bags or briefcases, but prestigious bags for athletes, which are a perfect substitute for such actions. Terrida has a wide range of products, so there are products for tennis lovers, i.e. covers bags for tennis rackets or golf clubs.

We also have backpacks for those who love sports, as well as travel pouches for small items and body care accessories. Everyone will find a product for themselves, and if not, we will find whatever they want. Because our portfolio includes brands that will make any bags or accessories upon request.

backpack with initials
leather sports bag

A great gift for an athlete

And if we are looking for a decent and very exclusive gift for a loved one who loves sports, it is worth considering Terrida products. There are few factories on the market today that design and produce such captivating and elegant accessories with such care. And that’s why I love Italian companies, no compromises, perfectly cut leather, as well as a wonderful design that will be remembered for a long time.

When you are fed up with the template and poor quality, it is worth making a little effort and finding interesting solutions for a stylish gift. Terrida may not be known as the top global brands, but it is recognizable among conscious customers who love handcraft and Italian style. I am looking for such manufactures for you and show them in Luxury Products.

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