Honda and Sony are working on a luxury electric car. It will be like the F-35

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There is no shortage of Honda fans, and there may be more of them. All thanks to the new car that the Japanese company wants to build in cooperation with SONY. Afeela is supposed to be a “computer on wheels”, and although it probably cannot be included in the segment luxury cars, moving it can be a real luxury! The vehicle is to be equipped with, among others: with artificial intelligence functions and… augmented reality.

Two Japanese giants – Honda and SONY – have joined forces in the joint venture Sony Honda Mobility Inc. to give us a unique product. Their electric car is to be a “computer on wheels” – a car whose electronics will probably be equal only to modern fighter jets!

Afeela is to be an electric car equipped with a number of modern technologies. The prototype was equipped with, among others: with artificial intelligence tools, hundreds of sensors and software thanks to which the vehicle will gain autonomous functions. It will also be a “custom-made” car – tied to its owner. If that’s his will, no one else will get in and won’t be able to move. All this thanks to the facial recognition function, which we know, among others, from smartphones.

The common child of SONY and Honda will offer equally cosmic experiences inside the vehicle. The highlight will be the touchscreen dashboard that extends from the left to right doors of the car. The interactive display will show not only data about the car itself, but also entertainment – including: function of watching movies or playing games on PlayStation 5 from SONY. Of course, only passengers will receive the controllers – unless they are stationary. In addition, the driver will have more basic functions at their disposal, i.e. music and navigation.

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Afeela is to be equipped with a touch screen that will stretch along the entire dashboard photo:

Afeela – an electric car like the F-35! SONY and Honda are building a time machine that will take us to the future of motoring

Best for dessert. What would you say about adding features from the most modern stealth fighters to your car? By thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the specifics of the American F-35 aircraft, we will learn that its pilot can operate the machine using virtual reality. If we put on an F-35 pilot’s helmet – interestingly – we would not see the cockpit, the walls of the plane, or even the wings. Using virtual reality, the pilot of this fighter can “see through walls”, among others. thanks to cameras mounted around the hull.

It was only fun fact, which is intended to show what Afeela can do. A similar system is to be implemented in Honda and SONY electric cars. Virtual reality will ensure that nothing will limit your visibility on the road. By putting on VR goggles, we will be able – just like the pilots of the above-mentioned F-35 – to “see through the body” of the car. The exterior of the vehicle will be equipped with over 40 sensors, including cameras, radar, ultrasound and lidar. The future is now!

“Afeela represents our concept of an interactive relationship where people experience interactive mobility and where mobility can sense and understand people and society through the use of sensor technologies and artificial intelligence,” said Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno, as quoted by The Verge.