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We associate fountain pens with something unique. For us, they are a unique object that takes part in the most important moments of our lives. Signing a contract for a dream job, concluding a contract with an important contractor, signing a school leaving certificate, signing a notarial deed sealing the purchase of the first apartment. They are participants and creators of important moments. Montegrappa pens They play a special role in today’s writing industry because they have an amazing history.

Montegrappa pens – the first designs were created in Italy

Not everyone knows that fountain pens have a longer history than pencils. They last longer than our era, from which we started counting time. The first copies, which were based on the principle of operation of fountain pens known for two centuries, were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. This prehistoric writing tool consisted of a reed tube sharpened on one side, placed in a copper holder with ink.

Such tools were also found over time conducting excavations in the Pamir Mountains. Already then, we had an urgent need to record the most important ideas, mark historical moments, write down laws and pass on messages to the next generations. Goose feathers were used until the end of the 18th century. They were easy to purchase, but their durability turned out to be insufficient. The conical tip was often cut to give it a shape that would allow writing.

Who really invented the fountain pen?

Leonardo da Vinci, an outstanding icon of the Renaissance, was not only a painter, sculptor and architect. In his workshop in 1508, designs for writing instruments with an ink supply were created. It is obvious that an artist, engineer, designer with such broad interests needed a tool that would enable him to permanently record all his ideas, surprising discoveries, accurate observations and intuitive predictions. So it all started in Italy. This is where the first projects describing the principle of operation of pens come from, striving to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness of this tool.

200 years later, Louis XIV’s court engineer invented the fountain pen, which allowed continuous writing for long periods of time. The first metal pens were created at the beginning of the 19th century. As you can easily guess, it was an elite product.

The first one was Kleks

Wealthy and educated elites had access to it . The first fountain pens were not popular due to their high price. Thanks to Samuelle Harrison, the creator of the first prototype of the pen, the first machine production in history began. 100 years later, a channel power system was developed, which eliminated the problem of persistent “blobs”. It was the first system to regulate the ink supply.

A milestone in the production of these writing tools was the discovery and use of new materials for the production of the pen body. For this purpose, ebonite was used in 1839, and celluloid 30 years later. At that time, the first stage of implementing the system, which prevented spontaneous dripping of ink from the nib, was also completed.

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The modern face of Italian fountain pens

The history of Italian fountain pens dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The well-known Italian brand Montegrappa is a highly valued manufacturer of unique, intricately made pens, with attention to the smallest detail. Their first factory was established in 1912. It created unique feathers with an original octagonal silhouette, which over time became the pillar of the Montagrappa project.

21st century and pens

Traveling through the turbulent ocean of historical events, social changes and technological discoveries – Montegrappa pens she carefully drew conclusions from the times in which she developed. She skillfully adapted to emerging needs. She continued to work on the highest product quality by testing and introducing new materials.

The ubiquitous digitalization gives these products an ennobling character. The fountain pen has become an attribute that modifies our world. An impeccable weapon with which we pave the way to success. Over time, fountain pens became a symbol of prestige, achievement and opportunity. A crown that crowns the effort to achieve the goal we have achieved. Today it is an elite showcase that highlights the place we have reached and the status we have achieved.

A perfect gift

There are moments that we want to highlight with a unique gift that will immortalize them. By giving a finely crafted feather, you mark how important this event is. You stop time, write it down in the history of your family’s life, and capture these important moments. You make sure that every time the recipient reaches for the pen, he or she remembers that priceless feeling of success and victory in an important matter.

One item will make him remember this moment for the rest of his days and he will come back to it every time he reaches for a pen. Such gifts – valuable, intricately made, individually selected – become an informal coronation. From now on, you are selected for important things, you have more self-confidence, you feel that you can do more, you are only limited by your imagination.

Choosing the right fountain pen really depends on three factors: the occasion, the character of the person receiving the gift, and the goals they have set. This small attribute becomes a tool to seal every success achieved. By giving your loved one such an elaborate gift, you emphasize their importance in your life.

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Montagrappa – all faces of perfection

Over a hundred years of history of craftsmanship striving for perfection and sublime Italian style have become the hallmark of Montagrappa products. Pens signed with brand symbols have become an element emphasizing the status achieved. We find them in the hands of outstanding personalities of this world. John Paul II, Paolo Coelho, Michael Jackson signed important documents with Montagrappa pens – both in the spotlight and in the privacy of their homes and offices.

How do you look at stationery accessories today?

In the era of digitalization, designers of new models also worked with a group of neurologists. Together, they created a tool that engages the vast resources of your brain. It enhances your creativity and emphasizes individualism. It is a true attribute of agency that takes on a stylistically selected variation or pays homage to classic designs.

Montegrappa fountain pens are the perfect gift for a loved one at an important moment in their life. An attribute that increases prestige and emphasizes the importance of the achieved goal.