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For over 11 years, we have been presenting you exceptionally luxurious brands that we are sure of and aware of their true origin. Italy is naturally a mine of wonderful manufactures that surprise us every time. Today, when Europe is moving away from crafts, we are learning how to respect and take care of multi-generational manufactures, bringing real works of applied art to our country. One such brand is Agresti Firenze, which offers over 70 years of experience, the highest quality raw materials and unique design. It is more than just an ordinary factory, but a combination of tradition and the craftsmanship of producing beautiful things.

Agresti was founded in 1949 in Florence, a city that is recognizable all over the world and clearly associated with real art. So the place of production is obligatory, which you can see when you see their unique products. From the very beginning, the idea was to produce various types of boxes. And today, Agresti is a world-famous manufacturer of luxury safes, beautiful jewelry boxes and other watch containers.large safe for the living roomwhat safes for the officewhat safes for the living roomwhat safewhat an antique safemodern luxury safesmodern safes blogoriginal safes for the living roomprestigious safes blogliving room safes blogsafessafe blogagresti safesblog safesItalian living room safeunique safes for the living roomEverything is handmade with attention to every detail, nuance and the highest quality materials. Good species of natural wood, natural leather, copper, or finally 24 karat gold, are just some of the materials used to create these beautiful safes and other products. That is why their products serve many generations, aware of their origin and what they are actually made of. Because this determines true luxury, which is not resistant to cheap values ​​that flood us from all sides.

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