Natural leather rugs – are they in fashion?

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How many times have you heard that natural leather is out of fashion? Maybe it was more often said that animal skins on the floor contribute to the suffering of their owners? Don’t believe these words. Below we debunk the myths and present only the truth about how it is produced natural leather carpets. We explain why they have been in fashion for years.

Obtaining natural leather – a myth about animal suffering

Like you, we have heard many theories about the use of animal skins to make utility items, for example natural leather rugs or jackets.

Of course, there are farms exclusively for leather, although most producers of leather accessories use the raw material left in the slaughterhouses where the meat is obtained. Animals are treated humanely. Before slaughter, their nervousness is eliminated by providing them with appropriate conditions, silence and anesthesia.

Law and facts

It is worth mentioning that trusted manufacturers producing carpets from natural leather take great care to ensure that it does not come from the so-called traditional ritual slaughter. You must know that it is prohibited in Poland. Legally regulates this art. 34 section 1 of the Act of August 21, 1997 on animal protection.

“A vertebrate animal in a slaughterhouse may only be killed after being rendered unconscious by persons with appropriate qualifications.” Also in many European Union countries, including Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Portugal, stunning or anesthesia of animals during slaughter is required.

Natural leather carpets – advantages of using animal skins in interiors

In the past, our grandparents and great-grandparents bought leather carpets for summer houses, most often of the Brda type, i.e. wooden, with sloping roofs, heated by a fireplace. The leather floor added character and luxury to such a place.

Today, as you have probably noticed, natural leather carpets can be found in homes, apartments, home offices, as well as offices and law firms. Wherever owners focus on a luxurious and elegant interior design.

More advantages

However, it must be emphasized that giving the room a chic look is not the only advantage of natural leather. They dampen sounds and are unique. There are no two identical skins in the world, just as there are no two people with identical fingerprints. They are always different, even in the smallest detail. They are also an ideal insulating mat from the ground, so you can spread them out for children to play on the floor.

You must also know that natural leather rugs are appreciated by people who live according to the Danish philosophy of Hygge or the Italian dolce vita. Moreover, they are also very popular among allergy sufferers.

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Animal skin rugs – the most fashionable propositions that match any interior

If you asked us which natural leather rug to choose, sheep or bovine, it would be difficult for us to decide. Each of them has its advantages. What’s more, they can be placed not only on the floor, but also hung on the wall.

Sheepskin rugs with long piles are commonly called sheepskin rugs. They are also often used as a decoration for a bed, armchair or storage box. Cowhide rugs are perfect for the bedroom at the foot of the double bed or next to the sofa in the living room.

Fashion never passes

Leather rugs have not gone out of fashion for years. They are used to decorate homes all over the world. They will perfectly match the overall interior design, whether you want to decorate your house in an elegant Scandinavian style, luxurious glamor as well as natural boho.

One of the most fashionable trends among natural leather rugs are patchwork rugs made of cowhide. They consist of a collection of leather patches sewn together. It is important that you can order such a carpet in any size so that it fits perfectly into your interior, and it can also be made according to your own design.

Fashionable natural leather carpets in children’s rooms

Did you know that natural leather rugs also work well in children’s rooms? However, it is worth following the rule: the smaller the child, the shorter the bristles. The reason for this is, of course, the safety of the youngest users of floor leather.

Both cowhide and sheepskin rugs turn out to be an ideal solution, both when the child sits up independently and when he starts taking his first steps. They absorb falls, isolate the ground from the baby’s bottom, and provide a natural mat for the first games on the floor. In later years, they can be used as a soft base in a home wigwam or tent. Just put pillows inside and you will create a cozy base for your children.

Many advantages

In a teenager’s room, a natural leather carpet will look perfect as an addition to the bed. Thanks to it, getting up in the morning will turn from a nightmare into a pleasant and cozy everyday life, and the luxurious quality of the leather on the floor will add an elegant character to the interior.

Also pay attention to the positive impact of natural leather rugs on children’s sensory integration. Little feet and hands are just learning to touch. Feeling different textures, including those made of natural leather, supports both the cognitive and emotional development of children. Additionally, it supports their social integration. Touch is the first sense that develops during human development. Therefore, when the baby is born, make sure to provide him with proper but also pleasant tactile stimuli, and this is what natural leather carpets provide.

How to clean natural leather carpets?

If you are thinking about buying a fashionable leather carpet, and the only problem that prevents you from making your decision is the question of cleaning it, then abandon all your worries. Natural leather carpets are cleaned very rarely, thanks to which they retain their natural and luxurious appearance for years.

If you want to get rid of crumbs, small garbage or dust, just hang them outdoors, for example on a clothes dryer. However, it is worth paying attention to passing them through several lines so that there are no bends that would damage the structure of the leather. They can also be treated with a vacuum cleaner with very low suction power.

Precautions Moreover

You must know that natural leather should not be washed. In case of severe dirt, use special chemicals intended for leather carpets. They are usually in the form of powders that are scattered on the bristles, left for the time specified by the manufacturer, and then combed very gently, always in the direction of the bristles, never against the grain.

Unfortunately, if you place natural leather rugs in a small child’s room, there is a risk of flooding it with, for example, water from a bottle or sippy cup. In such a case, you need to quickly and gently use paper towels or a soft, water-absorbing cloth to wipe off the drink and dry the carpet, for example with the cool air of a hair dryer.

How to make natural leather carpets durable so that they remain unchanged?

In medicine, prevention is better than cure, and in the case of floor leather, preservation is better than cleaning. Therefore, always buy them from proven and trusted sellers. They guarantee not only their naturalness, but also elegance and exclusivity.

In addition, they will advise you on how to make leather carpets durable so that they remain unchanged for many years. It is worth noting that natural leather rugs purchased in a reliable place are already preserved by freezing, salting and drying them. However, it won’t hurt to purchase an impregnation agent when purchasing them.

As you can see, rugs made of natural leather they are still in fashion, and their care is not a problem. They warm up interiors, make them cozy, they are universal, they can be used in apartments, home offices, and also in the office. Moreover, they also work well in children’s rooms and emphasize the elegance of the interior.

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