Leather coats for men – strong trends

What coats for men are made of natural leather?

Men’s fashion is constantly evolving, and men are becoming more and more interested in this sphere and experimenting with their own clothing. This does not mean, however, that they are moving away from the classics. There are pieces of clothing that men value very much and have worn continuously for many seasons. Leather coats for men are definitely one of those products.

The floor-length, voluminous leather coat is to die for. In an incredibly subtle way, it adds character to any styling and attracts the attention of many passers-by. For some time now, it has ceased to be just the main attribute of the cult Matrix film series, and has become an inseparable element of fashion.

It all started at war

The leather coat, which has won the hearts of many, has an interesting history behind it. It may seem that this product has been present on the market for a long time, after all, it has already clearly established its position in the fashion industry. Although leather itself has been used in the production of clothing since the beginning of time, leather coats for men as we know them today are a relatively new invention.

Its origins lie in America at the beginning of the last century. Invented by Americans, it was formerly worn in the transitional and summer seasons by drivers of open cars. They wore leather, cotton and linen coats to protect themselves from dust. Later during World War II found a new use – pilots took it over, but over time, due to comfort, they replaced it with American bomber jackets, which were very appreciated at that time.

Leather coats for men – how did they end up on the street?

All thanks to the young French designer – Yves Saint Laurent. Currently associated with the brand of the same name, he was once the director of the creative fashion house Dior. Despite this, he ended his cooperation with Dior quite quickly, because his bold designs in the 1960s did not enjoy much recognition.

So, working under his own name, in 1967 Laurent created creations for the film “Beauty of the Day” starring Catherine Deneuve. The French beauty, often referred to as the first lady of French cinema, presented herself in a black leather coat tied at the waist, resembling a trench coat. This timeless edition of the coat was soon loved by the whole world.

but a fashionable men's coatwhat a coat for an elegant manmen's coats blogmen's leather coat blogfashionable men's leather coatsFuturistic tone

From Catherine Deneuve began, but over time, more movie stars began to appear in public wearing a leather coat. At that time it was something completely new, unknown before, we could talk about a significant revolution in the perception of fashion. Dark, expressive styles stood in opposition to the colorful, patterned clothes of the 1960s. It didn’t take long for the coat itself to become one of the iconic and most famous designs in the history of fashion.

In the second half of the 20th century it was incorporated into popular fashion. Trapezoidal coats were combined with flat boots or boots and a flat cap. The characteristic patent leather and smooth surfaces gave a futuristic tone. This innovative character was later appreciated by the directors of the well-known film The Matrix.

Film values ​​and leather coats for men

Lana and Lily Wachowski decided to use a leather coat to create the aesthetics of the entire film, because clothing in The Matrix is ​​an extremely important element, it defines the rebellious personality of the characters. The leather coat turned out to be perfect for this role. Combined with the iconic narrow glasses that we see on the faces of Matrix characters, it introduced the desired atmosphere of mystery and darkness into the world of The Matrix.

Today, with the return of trends from the 1990s and early 2000s, leather coats are back in fashion. In the fall-winter 2018/2019 collection, the brand presented them, among others Hermes, and proposals from Balenciaga also appeared at Paris fashion week. And since then, they have been with us continuously as one of the most popular trends. In a way, leather coats for men from the past century are an inspiration for many fashion brands today.

Their enormous popularity among both women and men is the best proof of this. Once again, everything indicates that men are more and more willing to follow current trends, focusing not only on elegance, but also on originality.

What do we make leather coats for men from?

Leather is one of the first raw materials for humans. In the 9th century, the invention of the very short-lived chrome tanning process allowed for the industrialization of leather production, and today tanners offer us an infinite number of types and colors. Cowhide is most often chosen for the production of leather jackets and coats.

It is relatively cheap and widely available on the market. Cowhide is the leather with the highest degree of durability and elasticity i. Clothes made of it guarantee high wearing comfort. Paying attention to the visual effect, it is worth adding that jackets made of cowhide have a smooth texture, which makes them look elegant and stylish. The same type of leather is also often chosen for the production of shoes and other leather accessories.

Or maybe eco leather?

Recently, with the growing movement to defend animal rights, ecological leather has come to the fore, i.e. leather that imitates natural leather in its appearance. Modern technology allows for the production of very high-quality ecological leather, which is very similar to natural leather not only in appearance, but also in some properties.

Additionally, the eco version of leather is much more resistant to water, which is important, it does not require maintenance, it is flexible and available in a huge spectrum of textures and colors. However, at the moment its biggest disadvantage is that, unlike natural leather, it is not breathable, which can undoubtedly be problematic.

Why natural leather?

Putting aside the visual value of leather clothes for a moment, let’s think about why we owe its phenomenal quality. Well, the leather used to produce outerwear is soft, pleasant to the touch, permeable to air and does not absorb moisture. However, what particularly distinguishes this material is its incredible durability. Natural leather, properly cared for, will last for many years, not suffering any mechanical damage and still looking like new.

It is not without reason that it is said to be timeless, your leather coat can really stay with you for a lifetime. However, for this to happen, you must remember about proper maintenance. The most important rule is to refrain from washing in a washing machine and drying, but the skin should also be protected against moisture. In addition, it is worth purchasing professional fat preparations that will restore its shine and freshness.

Leather coats a women’s trend?

One might think that the trend of oversized leather or leather coats has been completely dominated by the fair sex. However, while it is true that although stores still offer a wider selection for women, men are also more likely to reach for a universal combination of comfort and elegance. In order to meet the needs of their customers, brands offer an extremely wide selection of leather coat styles. From short ones with pockets and a collar in the style of Catherine Deneuve, through black and more fitted ones Matrix style, up to the light and dark brown ones we saw on the screens of iconic American series. Undoubtedly, men have plenty to choose from.

Looking at the street, we see leather coats mainly on relatively young men. Older people more often choose classic trench coats or, sticking to their skin, classic biker jackets. Despite this, many people still consider a leather coat to be a key element in breaking the classic styling and trying to give it an unusual, retro atmosphere. This winter, all-black styles combined with heavy, massive footwear dominate, faithfully matching the matrix fashion.

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leather coats for men are synonymous with prestige and elegance

fashionable coat for a guynatural leather men's coatleather coats for men 1men's coat made of natural leatherQuestionable price?

The only thing that may be stopping you from running out to buy your own leather coat at this point, for some people, may be the price. There is no denying that buying a men’s leather coat will put a significant dent in your wallet. However, here it is worth considering whether this investment is not worth it. So we answer, it definitely is. Leather coats for men are one of those wardrobe items that are not worth saving on.

It is much better to buy one, but of good quality, which we will not have to part with after half a year. It is a great investment for years, because each new season confirms that leather is always in fashion. An elegant leather men’s coat will be a perfect proposition for the upcoming spring days.

Today it is trendy!

The universality of a leather coat convinces many. It is one of those pieces of clothing that goes perfectly with both jeans and a sweatshirt, as well as an elegant shirt and suit trousers. Combining sophistication with functionality, it quickly became essential in every man’s wardrobe.

Recently, it has also become a base for fashion experiments. It can already be said that a men’s leather coat has become more than just a seasonal fashion for those who prefer the heavy, dark atmosphere of The Matrix. Observing their growing popularity recently, one may be tempted to say that they will remain in our wardrobes for a long time.