A souvenir for the pilot – Michael Art

What to buy for a pilot as a gift?

The world is terribly inflated with the number of products, template follows template. And those who love unique patterns and design have been looking for originality for a long time. That’s why we stand in opposition to what is mass-produced and photocopied, loving designs that are extremely charming and unique. And this is the design the brand uses MichaelArt, which creates unusual things based on interesting old souvenirs. Therefore, we are even more pleased that we can present you a commemorative one collage for an aviation fan. It is a large form framed in black wooden frames, which has its own weight and looks very elegant.

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Souvenir for the pilot – collage
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Inside there is an original wooden airplane propeller with a barometer and souvenir photos of a biplane and a seaplane. Everything wrapped in a soft green suede base makes an amazing impression. Especially since it is an almost meter-long collage dimensions are 90 x 70 cm. This will definitely be it a great gift for an aviation enthusiast, especially since you can embed a beautiful gold or silver nameplate here. We Love Michael Art!

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