Jewelry as a gift for a woman – you must remember this when choosing it

jewelry as a gift for a woman

When we are looking for a good-quality gift for the fair sex, we usually come across mass-produced products that have nothing to do with sophistication. And you know that jewelry as a gift for a woman is one of the most frequently purchased products by men. However, it is worth considering whether you are making a faux-pas when choosing it. Not every type of stone is suitable for the occasion, and the stones it contains have different symbolisms. Below we present some practical tips that will allow you to give every woman, regardless of age and occasion, a luxurious gift. Gold, silver, artistic – no jewelry holds secrets for us.

Jewelry as a gift for a woman – birthday, name day, anniversary and holiday – every occasion is good

Any occasion for a jewelry gift is good for a woman. However, you must know that not every element of it should be given at a given time. This may be misunderstood or misinterpreted by women. Rings are given as a gift during an engagement, as well as to the wife. You can give your daughter an engraved bracelet for her christening or 18th birthday. It will also be a perfect jewelry gift for a friend. Chains with pendants are the perfect Christmas gift or jewelry birthday gift.

A very individual and, above all, luxurious jewelry gift for a woman should be one on the occasion of the birth of a child. This is a unique opportunity, then we recommend artistic, personalized jewelry, for example with a lock of your baby’s hair or a drop of milk from your wife’s or partner’s breast.

Casual jewelry as a gift for a woman will be a silver pendant for a bracelet or chain, as well as earrings, for example with onyx. You can choose a motif of a four-leaf clover, which brings good luck, a feather symbolizing freedom, or the lady’s favorite animal.

Silver and gold jewelry as a gift for a woman – which sample to choose?

It cannot be denied that both silver and gold jewelry as a gift for a woman are the most frequently chosen gift for various occasions. However, it is worth paying attention to its quality. Not every gold ring or silver bracelet will adorn women for years. Certainly give up gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry. It contains a large amount of nickel, which is very allergic is covered with a thin layer of noble elements. Gold and silver wear out quickly when worn, and steel stains the skin green and black.

Worse still, nickel causes allergic skin reactions in the form of itchy rashes and redness. Such jewelry as a gift for a woman, instead of making her happy, will cause health problems. When choosing gold or silver rings, bracelets or necklaces, pay attention to their fineness. It is stamped in the least visible place, for example on the bracelet clasp or on the inside of the ring, and indicates the quality of the element.

Silver fineness:

Most often, jewelry for women is made of the two highest grades, i.e. 9 25 and 875. This means that a given ring as a gift or a bracelet for a girl that you choose contains the appropriate amount92.5% and 87.5%pure silver. The rest is different steel. Often surgical, i.e. anti-allergic. However, silver has even lower fineness, i.e.:

830 with 83% pure silver

800 with 80% pure silver

So if you are planning to buy a set of jewelry as a gift for a woman: your partner, mother, friend or sister, be sure to choose the highest quality 925 fineness. Only then will you be sure that it will not only be a beautiful and exclusive decoration, but will also ensure high comfort of wearing.

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Gold tests:

The same applies to gold. It also has several trials. As in the case of silver trinkets, if you want elegant and luxurious jewelry as a gift for a woman, buy the highest quality, i.e. 960, containing as much as 96% pure gold. Other available options are:

750 – 75% pure gold

585 – 58.5% pure gold

500 – 50% pure gold

375 – 37.5 pure gold

333 – 33.3% pure gold

You must know that jewelry for women made of the lowest purity of gold, i.e. 333, has recently become quite popular on the market. However, we advise you to leave it to the younger generation who still benefit from their parents’ money. Such rings, bracelets and chains are very soft, which causes them to quickly become deformed, damaged and broken. Moreover, they are quite often allergic. Some time ago we wrote about feathers made of real gold.
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Women’s artistic jewelry as a gift for a woman

Modern women are fond of artistic jewelry. Its great advantage is that it is a luxury hand-made product. What also makes it unique is the fact that it is unique, so each of its pieces is different, even if it differs only in a small detail. You probably know that women really don’t like getting things that their friends have.

Artistic jewelry is not mass-produced, usually it is a single piece of a given model. So if you are looking for jewelry as a gift for a special woman, you have come to the perfect place. When you have some time, you can also communicate with the artist and propose your own original design of a necklace, pendant, ring or earrings, as well as choose the material from which they will be made. Your friend, wife or daughter will surely appreciate it.

Materials used when making artistic jewelry for her

You’ve probably heard the theories that artistic jewelry it is plastic jewelry and is not suitable for an elegant gift. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that many stores selling cheap products from the East advertise themselves as sellers of hand-made jewelry. However, not every one of them can be called artistic.

The real one is made, for example, of ebony wood, gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, amber, resin, string, glass, volcanic stones or any other product of your imagination. It can be both extravagant and very subtle, elegant or natural, for everyday wear and on holidays. It is important that you choose the one that suits the style, character and taste of the lady. You also need to know the meaning of the gemstones added to women’s trinkets, so as not to commit a faux-pas.

artistic jewelryartistic women's jewelryartistic jewelry as a gift bloggerartistic jewelry as a gift for a womanartistic jewelry as a gift for herartistic jewelry as a giftartistic gift jewelryRuby

It comes in various shades of red, from pale to very blood red. You should give ruby ​​jewelry to a woman you have passionate feelings for. This stone symbolizes strong passion and love.


One of the rarest and most valuable stones. Buy this set of jewelry as a gift for the person with whom you have plans for the future. The diamond symbolizes the durability of a given feeling.


Another stone that is one of the most expensive and desirable. It is very delicate and requires special treatment. For generations it was believed to bring good luck. You can give opal birthday jewelry to your mother or sister as it improves health. It also symbolizes the end of an unpleasant stage in life, so it will be perfect as a gift for the woman you want to apologize to.


It is a black mineral. Gift jewelry with onyx is addressed to independent women who have long-term career plans and focus on self-development and self-fulfillment.


Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it comes in many colors. According to beliefs, it adds strength and energy and allows you to focus on overcoming difficulties in achieving your goal. Supports concentration. Gift jewelry with topaz will surely appeal to your partner, mother and daughter.


Sapphire is the perfect stone for jewelry as a gift for your wife. It talks about fidelity and devotion. It has a very elegant shade of blue. Sapphire jewelry is one of the most frequently chosen by women around the world.


It has an elegant green color. Symbolizes fertility. So if you and your partner are trying to have children, it is worth buying her an emerald ring as a gift. It will support your efforts and also assure the woman of your feelings for her. Emerald is called the stone of love.


Although it is not a precious stone, it cannot be omitted because it is very often used in artistic jewelry for women. It has a brown-golden tint. It looks elegant both in combination with gold, silver, wood, string or leather strap. It will be a perfect gift for mother and grandmother, as it adds vitality.

Never buy this jewelry as a gift for women

Buying jewelry as a gift for a woman turns out to be quite a challenge. However, if you know your partner and her taste well and remember a few of the above tips, then choosing her will not be a problem for you. Give up cheap jewelry sold in bazaars. It is neither pretty nor practical. In addition, if you give it to a woman, no matter who she is to you, she may misunderstand it.

You also need to know that although beautiful and many women love them, then according to beliefs, pearls as a gift bring bad luck. You should also not give rings to girls with whom you do not intend to be in a permanent relationship. An engagement ring cannot contain onyx. According to superstition, its color will make your fiancée shed a lot of tears because of you.

Remember! Always invest in jewelry sets for women from trusted sellers and jewelers, and also straight from the artists. Only they guarantee the highest quality and elegance.