Revema – the beauty of simplicity


Do you remember furniture with a distinctive character, with visible grain and a high-gloss finish that once stood in the living room? This style, which had its heyday in the post-war period, has unfortunately fallen into oblivion. Nowadays, hardly any home can find similar furniture products. If so, it will probably be furniture from a bygone era.

Currently, furniture with uniform surfaces and colors, finished with a mat, is mass-produced. Post-war style it is considered by many to be a thing of the past. On the other side, however, there is a group of connoisseurs who are sentimental about this style and young people who have not yet experienced everyday contact with furniture of this nature and are looking for a “stepping stone”. This article is primarily dedicated to this group of enthusiasts and those looking for a change.

Real furniture is made by human hands

Out of a passion for uniqueness, and thus in opposition to current trends, a brand was created in Poland, whose founders were guided by the idea of ​​a partial return to the style of bygone times – revema. Revem brand is the result of inspiration from modernism and the simplicity of shapes, while bringing out the beauty of the materials used to produce furniture.

Unique furniture deserves unique treatment. This phrase is certainly known to everyone who has had daily contact with furniture bought by their parents or grandparents for years. Such people know that shiny countertops require special attention, thanks to which they will be rewarded with beauty for a long time.

Revema furniture is created just for such people… users who also want to give something of themselves to unique objects.

Returning to the theme of beauty extracted from materials, it is worth noting that the debut revema aurum collection focused on the simplicity of shapes – angular and massive countertops, delicate but durable, slanted metal legs.

Thanks to the use of specially selected veneer, the countertops give the impression of abstract works of art. The composition of colors on the surface is arranged in irregular golden-brown waves, permeated with darker, often cooler, patterns. This entire effect is finally enhanced by bringing out the depth by subjecting the furniture bodies to a colorless varnishing process. Thanks to this multi-stage treatment, the countertops obtain a shiny surface.

The tabletop body made in this way is combined with subtle steel legs that give the furniture a bit of lightness. To stay within the veneer color palette, these elements are given a soft golden color.revema wooden furniturerevema furniture storerevema wood furniturerevema furniturewooden tablesrevema wooden tableswooden tables

Certificate of authenticity

Each piece of furniture is decorated with a brass plaque containing engravings brand logo. Marking products with the revema mark can be compared to the process of an artist signing his or her work. This is the culmination of the entire production process, while certifying uniqueness.

The above aspects make up: “beauty of simplicity”, which is guided by the revema brand. It is the materials used, such as veneer, gold-finished steel or brass, that make revema products appreciated by the most demanding people. The high-gloss varnishing of the countertops also makes the furniture unique and makes the brand bold.

Revema furniture is also a manifestation of attention to composition. The choice of colors – primarily through the above-mentioned selection of materials – was not left to chance. Individual, even the smallest, elements of the furniture must harmonize with each other.

Who is the revema brand for?

Revema furniture is dedicated primarily to home interiors, but the range of their applications is much wider. This spectrum also includes, among others: representative offices and impressive halls and lobbies. By decorating this type of space with revema products, we are almost certain that our guests or contractors will not pass by them indifferently… the uniqueness of the brand can be intriguing.

Revem brand will fit perfectly into a slightly classic interior style. But also, although there is a lot going on in the furniture itself, by dressing it in a modernist form, it will constitute a brilliant culmination of modern spaces. revema furniture placed in a subdued color interior will complement it like an avant-garde sculpture, introducing a bit of warmth into our everyday life.