Gold fountain pen – a luxurious gift for life

gold fountain pen - which one to choose?

A prank, a whim, or a serious business gift – how we perceive it gold fountain pen? Is this a product aimed only at people with a large budget, or maybe for true writing enthusiasts?

Not all of us have good associations with a gold fountain pen, because most of us perceive exclusive products as something superfluous and very inappropriate. But why is this so? After all, these are unique writing accessories produced by outstanding masters of design.

We try to selectively show you the best manufactures, which is why a product designed and made in this way is a real applied art! It is a nod to design and age tradition hand-made original products.

gold fountain pen
Gold fountain pen

Gold fountain pen – world-class manufactures

pen of gold

Every well-known luxury brand in the world producing pens has limited editions in its collection. These are often products characteristic of a given country, region or date – but usually they are gold fountain pens commemorating famous people.

The Italian brand Montegrappa designed Alfa Romeo feathers, referring to the famous car manufacturer.

She made a wonderful pen, made of 18 carat gold and other selected materials. It is bloody and golden – real, original writing accessories for lovers of high-quality design.It is for us, lovers of impeccable style and sporty style, that Montegrappa designs such a designer gold pen. This is undoubtedly an unusual and unique gift idea, let’s not forget about it.

So this prestigious gold fountain pen was created for the 100th anniversary of the Alfa Romeo brand. A round and extremely important anniversary for owners, employees and all Alfa lovers. The product clearly refers to the characteristics of these cars. It is feisty, but with a certain dignified element of refined elegance.

Tibaldi gold fountain pen

feathers of gold

In turn, the Tibaldi manufacture has designed a wonderful collection dedicated to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. All components are made of precious metals manufactured in Switzerland, and the process of each part is overseen by the Swiss Federal Customs Office for the Control of Precious Metals in Geneva.

The Tibaldi gold fountain pen resembles the armor of a Maltese knight, and the most visible graphic element is the famous Maltese cross.

Today it is extremely difficult to get these models from the Maltese collection, because these writing accessories were limited. However, we can console you – you can still find single copies around the world. And although this is not an easy task, but doabl

Who is gold fountain pens for?

As we have already mentioned, these are products manufactured for special occasions, anniversaries and orders. However, let’s not forget about the thousands of lovers of exclusive pens from all over the world. Because they are the main buyers of these elegant and always limited products. Most factories produce a certain number of pens.

Companies that buy them for their best contractors or clients are also frequent buyers. Gold fountain pens are a symbol of friendship and nobility, something – that cannot be bought in any way.

Respect and appreciation!

It is an expression of respect for the other person, recognition and gratitude.

That’s why so many well-known companies decide to offer such expensive products as gifts.
Let’s remember about a certain quantity, e.g. Montegrappa released only 32 pieces of exclusive gold pens from the Montegrappa Citta d’Arte Venezia collection, commemorating the wonderful city of Venice!

gold fountain pens
Golden feathers – limited edition of 32 pieces

Gold fountain pen – a precious gift for another person

Many times we have tried to find a luxurious gift. The occasions were very different, from birthdays to lavish receptions for the Ambassador or other important officials. Pen is a great and proven gift idea.

Some people will say that it is too classic and cliched. However, we argue that high quality will always work well.

Additionally, you can place a nameplate inside the box, which will look beautiful. Of course, the pen itself can be engraved by hand. In this case, the master engraver undertakes this task. Because it is a very complicated and difficult operation. A gold fountain pen can be a great gift for eternal friendship, and it doesn’t come at a pric