Cooking in copper pots can be sexy – the Italian brand Ruffoni

cooking in copper pots

A true culinary professional knows this well cooking in copper pots it is not only the best possible choice, but also the most effective. This means that a collection of cooking accessories should not be an accident, but rather a well-thought-out investment for many years.

In addition to cooking itself, aesthetic experiences are important, but more on that later – let’s focus on the functional values!

cooking with copper can be cool
Cooking in copper pots – OPUS CUPRA collection

Cooking in copper pots is worth its weight in gold

And there is no exaggeration in the statement above. Copper is considered the most perfect material for conducting and distributing heat. It turns out that in a copper pot, saucepan or frying pan, any change in temperature will affect the effect of your culinary adventures.

And here, experts’ calculations also leave no doubt – copper conducts heat 25 times better than steel, and compared to aluminum, its effectiveness is 9 times greater. So it’s definitely better every time – isn’t it worth considering replacing your kitchen essentials?

cooking in a steel and copper pot
VITRUVIUS collection – stainless steel + aluminum, copper!

Everything can be cooked in a copper pot – this will be confirmed by housewives with many years of experience or talented masters of culinary experiments. Modern times leave no doubts – knowledge of culinary art is not something to be ashamed of today. Rather, it is something worth boasting about.

Cooking in copper pots – design is as important as the material

Ruffoni copper pots These are unique works of culinary art with a very characteristic appearance. The specially battered outer coating is a recognizable sign of this Italian brand.

copper cooking pots
Classic and at the same time very designer – by Luxury Products

An additional advantage of the Opus Cupra collection are vegetable sculptures on all lids. It looks extremely impressive and luxurious – like in a good old factory.

There are several culinary versions – cooking in copper pots can take many forms. Why?

This is determined by the wide selection of kitchen accessories made of copper. Collectors of stylish and timeless kitchen accessories are well aware of what is available on the market. And you can buy a lot. The assortment includes pots, pans and saucepans of various sizes. However, it is not the case that everyone is similar. Nothing like that!

copper cooking on pots
We love Ruffoni

Can copper pots be sexy?

And even very much so! Copper combined with a beautiful appearance gives a bomb effect. Sets of such copper pots are packed in stylish wooden boxes – which gives them even more power. It seems that the love of cooking can turn into an infatuation with Ruffoni copper accessories…

how to cook with copper pots
Cooking with copper pots is a great adventure!

Made of the highest quality materials, they may differ in finish. It is believed that the most elegant are those made in the country considered the true cradle of beauty – Italy.

Pots signed by the Ruffoni brand enchant us not only with their shiny coating, but also with their timeless beauty, which you can simply fall in love with at first sight.

Sets of copper pots
Gift idea – set of copper pots

It is worth introducing copper classic and beauty into kitchen spaces. It is a guarantee of luxury and interesting interior solutions that are worth investing in.SaveSaveSave