An elegant gift for a woman – a coffee and tea lover

How to choose the right and elegant gift for a woman?

Which coffee and tea set should you choose? elegant gift for a woman? Preferably one like her: unique and classy. When we reach for a cup of aromatic tea or freshly brewed coffee, the world stops for a moment. It is a time of relaxation, closeness and the most interesting conversations.

We all love it, but only women can appreciate and celebrate such moments to their fullest. A gift that can make these wonderful moments even nicer. And they will certainly accept it with delight and even gratitude.

An elegant gift for a woman – proposals from the Cosi Tabellini brand

If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant gift for a woman. Who appreciates beautiful, classic, and at the same time original design, pay attention to the timeless Cosi Tabellini Art of Pewter designs. Our suggestions: a beautiful white cup (or preferably a set!), set on an elegant pewter ring with subtle decorations or a beautiful espresso cup in a pewter basket. A charming, retro-style pewter jug ​​can also be a great gift.

Pewter likes women and women like pewter!

Pewter is a special material from which beautiful, slightly raw, but definitely luxurious goods have been made for many years. The Cosi Tabellini Art brand from Pewter designs amazing tableware and accessories for elegant tables inspired by old traditions. Lovers of good design love this manufacturer and know everything about it. Luxury Products offers you professional advice on choosing the right gift for an elegant woman.

How to choose an elegant gift for a wonderful woman?
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An elegant gift for a woman – proposals from the Chinelli brand

The Italian brand Chinelli offers, among others, beautiful sets for two – an elegant gift for women who like to drink coffee with their loved one or friend. They include original sets in a minimalist style, packed in an elegant, satin-lined box, in two versions: silver and gold. Each set includes 2 porcelain espresso cups, a porcelain cream jug, and plates and spoons made of silver-plated or gold-plated brass.

We will pack ready-made sets and kits in decorative Italian paper!

Chinnelli also offers other sets, including an oriental set of tea mugs. Delicately decorated, placed in a wooden box in a colonial style and elegant coffee or tea sets with a tea pot, sugar bowl and tray. All sets are elegantly packed with care for the recipient, so that the gift is very presentable. Additionally, our team packs gifts in the best Italian decorative papers to make your woman fully satisfied!

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An elegant gift for a woman – proposals from the Cre Art brand

Exclusive, very original in form, stylish tea glasses with spoons, a sugar bowl and a tray from Cre Art are the perfect gift for a woman who loves subtle forms.

Cre Art, famous for its production of glass and artistic crystal, also offers other sets. A gift tea set with gold-plated glasses made of hand-painted glass or – to choose from – with delicate cups and fabulously colorful plates. Brass elements are plated with gold.

Also worth recommending is a luxurious tea set, which includes 6 glasses, 6 teaspoons, a tray and a sugar bowl. An elegant gift for a woman cannot be boring and standard, which is why we advise against gifts bought in chain stores, because the patterns are often repeated.

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An elegant gift for a woman – proposals from Manufacture De Monako

Everyone likes to be alone sometimes and drink coffee or tea while reading a book or thinking. If you are looking for an elegant gift for a woman who likes to spend such moments in glamorous style, a luxurious cup and saucer from Manufacture De Monako will be a perfect solution. Its patterns are inspired by mosaics from the palace of the Prince of Monaco and, more broadly, by the Mediterranean civilization. Porcelain, 24 carat white gold and Swarovski crystals.Can you ask for more?

Blue and silver madness – see

Other offers from this brand include: French porcelain breakfast set decorated with a delicate pattern. In addition, a luxurious plate with a cup, the Blue Lagoon model (24-carat gold, turquoise and Swarovski crystals) and a marine breakfast set made of porcelain decorated with schools of blue and silver fish. There are few such brave factories that design their goods with so many Swarovski crystals. These are exceptionally successful and luxurious accessories for tasting coffee and tea.

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A great gift for elegant women
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An elegant gift for a woman - proposals from the Schiavon brand

If you are looking for a top-shelf gift, pay attention to the absolute top of the top. A tasteful and extremely exclusive classic coffee set from the Octagonal collection from the Italian Schiavon factory. It was made of 925 silver.

The set includes two beautiful coffee or tea jugs, a milk jug, a neat sugar bowl and a large silver tray that can hold 12 cups. Our offer also includes other sets from this company. Among other things, a luxurious set for serving coffee and tea, consisting of a silver tray, a sugar bowl, 2 coffee and tea jugs and a milk jug.

Schavion specializes in creating silver products, in fact it can be said that they are masters at what they do. Therefore, products made this way are works of applied art for beautiful and stylish women!

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An elegant gift for women – proposals from the Zanetto brand

The 5-piece coffee and tea serving set from the Italian company Zanetto is a great gift for an elegant woman who appreciates excellent design. It can be ordered in two variants: silver-plated and silver-plated. It consists of a coffee pot, a coffee jug, a unique sugar bowl, a milk jug and a rectangular tray.

Also noteworthy is a beautiful, silver-plated designer tea pot with an ultra-modern, angular form and a luxurious, silver-plated set for serving milk and sugar with an elegant, round tray and spoon.

Zanetto, on the other hand, is pure design, this manufacturer loves juicy designer projects, which is why it beautifully complements the gift offer for an elegant woman – your woman.

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The Zanetto brand knows how to make and design an elegant gift for women
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Elegant gifts for women – we can send it wherever you want!

Finally, it is worth adding that any gift purchased from us can be sent to the indicated address at the customer’s request. It will be delivered to the recipient in an elegant gift packaging.

It is also possible to attach a card with wishes or a dedication, or even engrave or emboss any inscription, dedication or initials on the gift. We have been packing luxurious and elegant gifts for women in tasteful Italian papers for over 8 years. It is a finishing touch that ultimately influences the whole image of the gift, it is an extremely important element.

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An elegant gift for a woman, always well packed!