Where to buy a diamond ring as a gift?

Where to Buy a Diamond Ring as a Gift

The hardest of minerals – diamond – is a symbol of steadfast love, a synonym of luxury, prestige and a determinant of a high professional position. Women love diamonds, especially in the form of cut brilliants. This love is mutual, because shiny diamonds that reflect a beam of light add extraordinary charm to a woman, creating a unique aura around her. It is not without reason that diamonds decorated crowned heads and are the favorite jewelry of women at the top of power and businesswomen. Diamonds are among the most expensive gemstones. Their jewelry is created by master jewelry craftsmen! When spending a considerable amount of money on them, it pays to know where to buy a diamond ring as a gift?

Diamond jewelry as a gift
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Jewelry with diamonds is durable, indestructible and passed down from generation to generation. The precious stone is the perfect complement to an engagement ring, but also to a ring given as a thank you to a woman for simply being there!

Where to buy a diamond ring as a gift?

In stores offering luxury products, including jewelry from masters of full brilliant cuts. Made by hand, from the most precious metals, unique, delightful, loved by women. The most appreciated jewelry brands for the craftsmanship of diamond jewelry are: Gioielloro, Solitaire, Staviori. These are Italian brands, their jewelry combines modern form with traditional methods of creating it, passed down from father to son. These are unique, awe-inspiring forms. They combine various metals with precious stones, creating unique designs, also on individual orders.

Where to Buy a Diamond Ring
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Where to buy a diamond ring as a gift? In Luxury Products – in a store where everything is of the highest quality. You can buy there pearls and diamond rings. Luxury Products offers a wide range of products, from engagement rings to rings for many occasions, such as holidays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, name days, promotions and thank you rings.

Women love receiving jewelry as a gift, especially when it includes an expensive, shiny stone. At Luxury Products you can buy the most elegant diamond rings, both for women who love large and expressive trinkets, and for minimalists who value delicate jewelry.

Where do diamonds come from?

The terms diamond and brilliant are often used interchangeably for transparent gemstones in jewelry. However, not every diamond is a brilliant, but every diamond is a diamond. Diamonds are created as a result of processing and grinding a diamond. This is a difficult thing and only master jewelers have such skills.

The diamond is therefore the result of man’s work on a gift from nature. The word diamond comes from the Greek adamas, which means indestructible. This word perfectly describes the properties of diamonds, they are the hardest of all gemstones. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

Diamond is defined as a pure or almost pure, very hard form of carbon, formed naturally under favorable conditions. The time it takes is millions of years. All this makes diamonds such desirable stones in jewelry.

A brilliant is the most perfect form of diamond and the most desired by people all over the world. Jewelry, rings with a diamond or diamonds are an offer addressed to people who are looking for unique jewelry, who value uniqueness and the handmade work of master jewelers. Diamond rings are not mass production, they are original jewelry, meticulously created for individuals.

Carat – how much? How to read the markings on diamond rings?

Gold it is already rather well known to everyone and there is common knowledge of what fineness of gold is. Rather, everyone knows that it is the amount of pure metal in the alloy. The size of diamonds is determined, like gold, in carats.

1 carat (abbreviated ct) is 0.2 grams. The 1-carat round diamond is less than 4 mm high and has a diameter of 6.5 mm. A 2-carat diamond has a diameter of approximately 8.1 mm. For comparison, the smallest Polish coin, the one grosz coin, is 15.5 mm.

Mined diamonds do not have a regular shape. Only the brilliant cut gives them the appropriate form. The largest and purest diamond ever mined is the Cullinan. It was discovered in 1905 in South Africa. From it, Cullinan I (The Great Star of Africa), whose mass is over 530 carats, and Cullinan II (The Second Star of Africa) with a mass of 317 carats, were created. They are part of the British royal insignia. The original piece excavated was estimated at over 3,100 carats.

Diamond mine
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The Largest Diamond Mined
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Cullinan was mined in the Premier Mine and is not the only famous large stone from this mine. The legendary, large-sized gemstones extracted in this mine also include: Golden Jubilee – over 755 carats, Centenary – over 599 carats, Premier Rose – over 353 carats.

What are diamonds like?

  • Indestructible and durable – jewelry with them it’s the highest quality.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • They retain their unchanged appearance for years, which cannot be said about all gemstones.
  • They have a high refractive index, which translates into an extraordinary play of colors.
  • They are the hardest of all gemstones – there is no fear that the stone will break.
  • They are characterized by purity and beauty.
  • They significantly increase the value of jewelry.
  • They are unique.
  • They are a symbol of wealth, power and high social position.
  • Created by nature over millions of years and framed by human hands – inaccessible to everyone, which makes them unique.

What and where to buy a diamond ring as a gift – inspiration

If you want to give your loved one, wife, partner, mother, sister or friend something really special, choose jewelry with diamonds. It’s a gift that says: I love you, I respect you, I like you, I appreciate you, thank you for being here! Regardless of the occasion, it is always a perfect gift – because what woman doesn’t like jewelry? This is a very positively surprising gift and, what is worth emphasizing, the ring is a kind of security for the future of a loved one. Diamonds have long been a good investment, same as Rolex. They are immune to stock market crashes, inflation caused by world events, and other economic factors. Therefore, jewelry and diamond rings are not only an expression of love, but also care and security for the future.

Classic diamond rings

A classic proposition is the combination of white gold and diamonds. For women who are subtle and sensitive to beauty, who appreciate delicate but unique jewelry. These types of diamond rings are also perfect for engagements.

Ring With Diamonds For A Gift

For minimalists, for those who value simplicity, but in a luxurious version, the best ring with diamonds may be wide white gold wedding ring, studded with diamonds. It is extremely elegant, tasteful and shiny jewelry. Perfect for women for every day.

Ring With Diamonds In The Shape Of A Wedding Ring

Another option for a diamond ring is: massive, thick white gold ring with a dome, studded with diamonds. It delights with its form, splendor and shine. It is phenomenal and every woman will certainly be delighted with such a gift. Perfect for women in high positions, businesswomen, and successful women. Emphasizes professional position and social status.

A unique white gold ring studded with diamonds

Diamonds feel good surrounded by other stones

For women who like different gemstones, the choice is not necessarily limited to diamonds. Jewelers are excellent at combining gold with various gemstones, e.g. diamonds with ruby ​​or emerald. A striking ruby ​​in the center and diamonds on its sides is a gift idea for women who like more visible jewelry.

Ring With Ruby And Diamonds For A Gift
Ring with emerald and diamonds as a gift for a woman

In Art Deco style or with a floral accent

A completely different proposition, but also perfect for women who value elegance and luxury, is an Art Deco ring. Made of yellow gold, with a centrally set diamond and brilliants. A ring in a truly royal style, unique and eye-catching. It symbolizes power, but also the love of beauty. It is an artistic, unique work of master jewelers.

Yellow Gold Ring With Diamonds

A unique gift idea for a woman is a ring with a rose studded with diamonds. It is very feminine, subtle and unique.

Women love precious stones and childhood roses. The Staviori brand has combined these elements into an extraordinary ring made of rose gold with topaz and diamonds. This is a proposal for an engagement ring, a wedding anniversary gift or as a gift that will simply be an expression of love.

Pink gold ring with topaz and diamonds 1

You will find more inspiration straight from master jewelers, in modern and traditional forms, at Luxury Products. The rings are unique, beautiful and full of shine.

Which diamonds are the most valuable – how to buy jewelry with diamonds?

By choosing luxury gift for woman in the form of jewelry with diamonds, it is worth knowing that the price of a diamond depends not only on its weight, but also on its color. Pure, transparent diamonds are the most desirable. They are classified as the highest category of diamonds – D. Expensive stones also include diamonds with a rare color, which is called fancy. These include, for example, orange and blue diamonds.

An important parameter influencing the price of a diamond, and therefore a ring, is its purity. All kinds of imperfections, including inclusions on the inside, i.e. microscopic marks, and blemishes on the outside, lower the price. Of course, each diamond is unique because it is created by nature and processed by man, but any flaws and internal changes lower its price. The purer the diamond, the more expensive it is.

Diamonds add shine and self-confidence to a woman. By giving your loved one a diamond ring, you are giving her something much more than just jewelry. When choosing, it is worth taking into account the diamond’s purity, color and weight, but also the woman’s and your own taste.