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Today, when mass production and formulaism prevail on the market, I try to show you brands that escape these stereotypes and break conventions. That’s what she is custom jewelry Diamenter brand. I am even more pleased that this is the next premium business initiative created in our country, which indicates an increasing demand for luxury goods.

While having a fascinating conversation with the company’s founder, Łukasz Rosikoń, I became aware of the increasing awareness of people in Poland who enter this service sector. Currently, in broadly understood luxury, there is a strongly noticeable trend of experiences that correlate with the purchase of the product.

Polish brand – international aspirations

Therefore, their idea is the answer to premium and super premium customers’ search for custom-made goods. It’s partly about fulfilling your dreams, projecting your own desires and finally getting what you really want. A great idea that gives the customer a lot of joy in creating their own, unique form of product, i.e. custom-made jewelry.

Łukasz is a man who is extremely focused on what he does, so in my opinion this brand has a great chance of conquering international markets! I love meeting new people, especially if we have common topics and, above all, we want to reach conscious customers.

Brand idea

When asked how the Diamenter brand was created, he said – the brand creation process was a two-stage process. The first step was my passion for diamonds, which was born while running an investment business. And the consequence of this passion was the idea of ​​​​creating a jewelry brand with character and standing out. I dreamed of creating a Polish luxury brand because we have everything necessary to compete with foreign brands without any complexes, and we even see a few advantages in our concept.

Ok, now a very important question: who are you doing this for?

We create jewelry only for women. Our concept is based on distinguishing and appreciating the fair sex, because we believe that every woman is unique and one of a kind. We create unique designs dedicated to different types of female characters. Regardless of whether the purchase is made by a woman or a man, we want a given gem to give a particular woman a sense of absolute uniqueness.

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Custom-made jewelry – the two most important advantages

The entire project under the name Diamenter, in my opinion, has two absolutely important values. The first one is, of course, the product itself, designed according to the customer’s needs and expectations. And it must be clearly emphasized that this is not just a product, a ring or a thing. But man’s idea was transferred by drawing to paper. Perfected by a jewelry designer to finally create your own unique pattern.

In my opinion, this idea is a great idea, especially as a gift for a woman. Because it is not an art to buy a beautiful ring in a store with a repeating collection. But make a product that will be unique and unrepeatable. This is what designing experiences for another person is.

Artistic aspect

As he says Łukasz Rosikoń – the process starts with a phone call. We ask about the client’s budget and preferences, and also ask for any inspirations. In the second step, we present our proposal for the number and parameters of diamonds and the type of gold. After acceptance, we sign a contract and start working on our client’s dream jewelry.

We present three concepts, one of which is selected, which we then develop and improve in accordance with the comments received. Finally, we present a photo-realistic visualization of the designed jewelry so that the customer knows exactly what the final effect will be achieved. After a few weeks, the finished gem is delivered personally to the indicated address. The ability to see the customer’s reaction live is priceless 🙂

So the first and most important factor in a project such as Łukasz’s custom jewelry is vision, art and a very large prestige factor. Good taste should always be combined with uniqueness, and here there is both. Fulfilling these two points gives you a luxurious piece of jewelry that you can wear with you.

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Jewelry according to your own design – investment aspect

Every conscious client knows what diversification of an investment portfolio means. Therefore, it is even more a good product for everyone who wants to diversify their capital investment plans. And in fact, more and more offers appear on the market, but they do not always turn out to be a good idea for putting money there.

One example that I was skeptical about was a project related to investing in alcohol. I can’t say what type of drink it was or the fund involved in this business, but in the end it didn’t go well for them.

Some investments are plummeting

According to the last news I read, this project recorded large losses, so the diversification of our capital does not always have to go in the right direction. Therefore, if we want to invest our funds somewhere, let’s first check who we are dealing with.

Verification of such people and companies is extremely important, so I would absolutely start with that. Returning to the topic, investment stones are today a huge sector that is an important part of income investments around the world. I can tell you about the historical growth, trends and positive value of diamonds, but read what Łukasz Rosikoń has to say about it.

When asked if a diamond ring is a good investment product, he said – historically, it turns out to be a very good one. Over the past several dozen years, diamonds have increased in value in every 5-year period. This means that by selling the diamond at the market price at any time after a minimum of 5 years from the purchase, the owner made money.

Supply and demand

It is difficult to compare this result with any other luxury good. Diamond jewelry turns out to be an even better investment, because it is a product with unique visual values ​​that cannot be valued based on a generally accepted price list.

Every market is ruled by two forces – supply and demand. In the case of diamonds, both of these values ​​will probably increase market prices in the coming years. On the one hand, demand will increase due to the purchasing power of wealthy people and the economic value of diamonds, and on the other hand, according to reports, a supply gap is forecast. It is therefore highly probable that the prices of natural diamonds will continue their strong upward trend.

Authenticity of diamonds – custom-made jewelry

You met Łukasz, his project and business approach. But is it all about trusting another person and buying a stone set on a beautiful gold ring for several dozen thousand zlotys? As I have often mentioned and emphasized, trust is one thing, service guarantee is another.

Recently I read that more and more artificially made stones that are confusingly similar to diamonds are appearing on the market. This is why it will be very difficult for a layman to recognize the original stone.

Of course, I also touched on this topic, read what Łukasz said – that’s right, independent, eye-confirmation of the authenticity of diamonds is practically impossible, so it is even less within the reach of the customer, who, of course, is usually not a diamond expert.

Guarantee of originality is the basis of trust

As Diamenter, we approach this topic very strictly. Firstly, we make purchases only from trusted and proven suppliers. Secondly, we check all purchased diamonds on a specialized device provided to us by our partner in Antwerp.

Thirdly, we cooperate with the Polish Gemological Society in the selection and verification of quality parameters diamonds that we use to produce jewelry. Fourthly, each central diamond (from 0.2 ct) is certified by one of the three leading gemmological institutes in the world (IGI, GIA or HRD). As you can see, the issue of authenticity and credibility is absolutely crucial for us.

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Trust which is a relationship

You have to be clear, I don’t know the word “bargain” in the premium industry. You can’t buy a Mercedes S-class for the price of a C-class. As in the jewelry industry, each carat has its value. Therefore, the price is ultimately influenced by many different factors and you need to be aware of them.

Custom jewelry has a lot to offer, especially for people who love beauty combined with colorful stones. Your the largest 3.5 carat cushion cut diamond, the Diamenter brand has embedded in a ring called Iceberg, which can be seen in their boutique

The perfect concept and investment product for women

I invite you to Łukasz’s website, where you can learn more about his project and what custom-made jewelry is. The question also arises: what makes his brand different from others of this type on the market? Łukasz said – most of our offer consists of jewelry with colored diamonds. They are in a huge growth trend in the world, and we want to promote this fashion on our market. The brand concept itself is also unique, because most of the gems are made only in one copy, and each model is accompanied by a short audio story with the history of its creation.

We are also very proud of our custom-made design service – we have an extremely talented team and world-class equipment, so our creation is limited only by our clients’ imagination and preferences. I think that what distinguishes us is also our relationship, to the extent that we deliver each order to the customer personally.

The future of the brand

Everyone draws a vision of the brand they create, and what does Łukasz think about it? The Diamenter brand was created with the Polish market of luxury diamond jewelry in mind j and in the near future this is where we intend to direct our marketing activities. We do not rule out any scenario, including foreign expansion, but today our domestic market is the priority.

So I felt that the brand owner knows what he wants from life, but above all from his business. When a project is born, it is usually closely related to a given need. Diamenter is the answer to the search for a luxurious gift, to experience prestige and to give the other person happiness.

Each project is tailored to your needs

Because stones are a faithful friend of every woman. And remember that we do not have to start our adventure with 3 carats, but with much smaller diamonds. Łukasz will certainly ask about the final budget and prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Personally, I really liked this project, which combines several different positive aspects. This is an offer that has many different levels and dimensions. It fits perfectly into the policy of the premium and super premium industry. Therefore, I wish them good luck and joy in serving wealthy, but above all, conscious customers. Because custom-made jewelry is really worth your attention!

How to start designing your own jewelry?

Actually, we already know everything we need to know about the entire process, but tell us, Łukasz, how to find you?

All products are available in our online boutique: The gems we offer are ready-made, physically available products, we do not use any visualizations or animations.

Welcome to Diamentera

Currently, the offer consists mainly of rings, but we are gradually expanding it. People who would like to see our products live are cordially invited to our events, which take place in the largest cities in Poland and where you can experience the Diamenter brand in more depth.

If you dream of your own jewelry design, call Łukasz – + 48 532 532 542. Or write to the e-mail address [email protected]