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Creating Luxury Products, we were looking for new and original manufactures that we could offer to our customers in the country. We tried to be in opposition to what is shallow and formulaic. That is why we directed our steps towards old European companies that have a long tradition. And that’s the case here because The Spanish Anframa has been operating since 1970.

The state and city of Toledo is not accidental, because it was there that the Damascus style was strongly felt. That is over 1500 years of history traveling between cultures. A special feature is the decoration of articles with 24-carat gold and 925 silver. The brand focuses on creating its products based on old techniques known to craftsmen from Toledo.

The richness and beauty of these items results from the correlation of two colors – black and gold. Hence all the beauty that can only be brought out through connection 24 carat gold and black steel. It is very important that this art is currently used in Spain and Japan, hence there are very few original gift products in this trend on the market. The main motif is the use of Renaissance prints, with motifs of flowers, birds, and other geometric patterns – bringing out the Damascus style.

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Damascus style gifts

Many conscious customers love the Damascus style for its charm and uniqueness. The play of the two main colors and amazing workmanship. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to these beautiful things when looking for a gift for someone else.

Knowledge about Damascus products and steel reached us during the Crusades, so this makes it even more increases the prestige of the gift! Products dedicated to men deserve attention – especially richly carved chess sets, feathers and business card holders. Anframa devoted a lot of time to sea lovers. Therefore, accessories nautical, such as magnifying glasses for reading sea maps, or models of famous ships are sure things for our birthday boy!


Of course, the brand spent a lot of time on design women’s gifts, intended specifically for the fair sex. So we will find in their collection decorative plates, desk accessories, wall decorations, and finally beautiful clocks. Therefore, the Damascus style still exists on the primary market and you should be happy to have products created in this style.

Today, when many old European manufactures are put to the test with mass-produced goods, it is worth immersing yourself in an old and unique sign of the times straight from Spain.