Miu Miu with new colors of the New Balance 574 model

New Balance 574
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Last year Miu Miu, the famous clothing line of the Italian fashion house Prada joined forces with the footwear giant New Balance. The result of this collaboration was a distressed version of the classic model New Balance 574, presented at Paris Fashion Week during the brand’s spring/summer 2022 show. Less than a year later, the companies return with new colors of this footwear. What colors have expanded the current offer? And are this year’s shoes in this characteristic style?

Fashion for worn out shoes?

It is impossible not to notice that worn-out shoes are a trend that has recently become increasingly popular. Or more broadly speaking, torn, dirty, created in such a way that they look like footwear that can only be thrown away. The pioneer of such action is undoubtedly Balenciaga, famous for its controversy. She was the one who introduced her sneaker model called “Full Destroyed” last year. And in fact, the presented sneakers could be called “completely ruined”.

Shortly afterwards, New Balance released a limited collection of its 2002 model, “Protection Pack Rain Claud”. This time the shoes looked much more like the original, but they were still frayed in some places and had visible defects in the material. Despite their characteristics and astronomical price, especially in the case of Balenciaga, both models sold out in the blink of an eye . Does this confirm that people are interested in deformed fashion, redefined by designers? It looks.

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Which colorway of New Balance 574 should you choose?

New Balance and Miu Miu, following the demand, decided to maintain the distorted appearance of last year’s shoes, so eagerly bought by consumers. The assortment will be enriched with three new colors in the coming season: “Fringed Blue”, “Marble-Effect Cognac Denim” and “Blanched White Leather”. Which one will work best?

Well, it all depends on your taste, the selected shades differ significantly. “Fringed Blue” mimics classic blue denim, contrasting with white laces, while “Marble-Effect Cognac” takes on a deep brown on both the shoe and laces. The last color is “Blanched White” Leather, which is a pearly, but still subdued white.

Unique cooperation

New Balance 574 are quite a unique model. Each sneaker in this collection has a tongue with the Miu Miu script imprinted on it, along with the New Balance logo. However, what distinguishes the shoes of the beloved footwear brand, apart from the visual aspect, is certainly the interesting specificity of the footwear. The New Balance brand constantly introduces noteworthy technological solutions to improve convenience and comfort of use. In this case, the white rubber sole is equipped with ENCA, i.e. a soft cushion core, and inside there are double branded inserts. All this to ensure that the shoes serve well and for a long time.

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So we can say that the aesthetic side was taken care of by Miu Miu, while the technical aspects were taken care of by New Balance. Regardless of the exact contributions of both brands, the New Balance 574 model is a great option for lovers of luxury footwear. The new sneaker line is available in stores at Miu Miu locations worldwide and online on the Miu Miu website until the end of February 2023. The “Fringed Blue” and “Cognac Denim” shoes are priced at $950, and the “Blanched White Leather” shoes are priced at $1,020.