Wear men’s polo shirts like Tiger Woods and get inspired with style from the golf course!

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Polo shirt – simple, distinctive and classic. At the same time, casual, but with a certain amount of elegance that ordinary T-shirts lack. How to use it in unique outfits inspired by the stars of prestigious sports disciplines?

Men’s polo shirt – sporty elegance

It’s impossible to deny someone like Tiger Woods style. He is one of the most famous and richest athletes, a world-class golf champion. The discipline he represents is one of the most distinguished sports. This sport is associated with calm, self-confidence, discreet elegance and an impeccable, effortless style. This atmosphere surrounding golf also translates into the characteristic style of dressing of golfers – whether professional or practicing this sport as a hobby. An important and characteristic element of this style are polo shirts.

Golf only in men’s polo shirts!

Men’s polo blouses have an interesting history. Throughout the 20th century, the biggest stars of the most prestigious sports chose this type of T-shirt as ideal for physical activity. The style was originally invented by a tennis player, and only later became associated with aristocratic horse riding, from which the name polo comes from. Eventually, the polo shirt became the most emblematic garment on the golf course. Men’s polo shirts are a unique combination of elegance and sport.

Classic men’s polo shirt

A men’s polo shirt is a type of T-shirt with short sleeves and a collar, with a few buttons opening. In its most basic variant, it is single-colored. An absolute classic is a white men’s polo shirt – completely plain or with a small embroidery or a pocket on the chest. By choosing such a polo model, you gain a universal and timeless base that will suit almost any of your styling. It fits most styles of men’s trousers – both straight jeans and fabric chinos.

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The classic men’s polo shirt with embroidery is available at: https://www.denley.pl/pol_m_Odziez-meska_Koszulki-Polo-meskie-287.html

Men’s polo shirt with an all-over print

If you don’t like universal styles and want to break the neutrality, choose a polo shirt with an all-over print – a graphic repeated on the entire surface of the fabric (e.g. small sailboats) or an abstract shape. This is a great option for men whose majority of their wardrobe consists of plain, single-colored clothes. Then, to avoid monotony, it is worth choosing a patterned T-shirt. Thanks to the collar, your outfit will gain a bit of elegance and the whole thing will look more interesting.

Men’s polo shirt with a vest?

Do you like the idea of ​​patterned T-shirts that do not detract from the taste of the style? You can get inspired by golf fashion! Polo blouses with prints on the body and plain sleeves are fashionable. The print creates a vest on the T-shirt. A short-sleeved polo plus a vest is an iconic combination with a slightly retro vibe, because wearing a separate vest is not always a comfortable option, especially at higher temperatures. By choosing a T-shirt with a “vest” print, you prove your awareness of the style and culture of gentlemanly physical activities.

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Men’s polo shirt with a “vest” print