Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury

Courchevel Resort Synonymous with Luxury

The ski season never ends, at least not in the resort of Courchevel, which is considered the largest and most luxurious ski complex in Europe. Courchevel is a unique ski resort that attracts both families looking for great fun and winter sports enthusiasts with high expectations. It is a world-famous resort that is located in one of the Trois Vallées (Three Valleys), offering three unique districts at different altitudes. Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury that stimulates the imagination and attracts the most demanding people


Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury in the best style

French The Courchevel resort is actually several levels, differing in their offer and exclusivity. Courchevel 1550 is an excellent choice for families with children, while Courchevel 1650 has become the main meeting place for younger tourists who enjoy a variety of attractions after a day on the slopes.

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However, it was Courchevel 1850 that gained its reputation as an exclusive mecca for the world’s elite, where famous politicians, businessmen, athletes and celebrities meet.

Courchevel 1850 – hotels at the highest level

Courchevel 1850 stands out not only as a top district, but also as a symbol of extravagance and top class. This is where we will find the most atmospheric, Alpine hotels, restaurants and bars that welcome demanding customers. The hotels, houses and restaurants located on the highest level of the resort are unique. They create a unique atmosphere of prestige and comfort. The Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury, is currently one of the most expensive and beautiful places in the world.

Exclusive hotels and impressive real estate prices

Real estate in this resort is among the most expensive in France, and the cost of one square meter of a house in the resort in 2024 reached an impressive amount of about 40,000 euros. The Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury, is not only the best place for relaxation, but also for investment. Properties located in this unique Alpine area are constantly increasing in value.

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Courchevel boasts an impressive number of luxury properties hotels 4-5-star hotels that provide the highest standard of service and comfort for their guests. Where can you spend your holiday in Courchevel 1850? The Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury, offers the best and most beautiful Alpine hotels.

  • The Cranberries: This elegant hotel offers lavishly decorated rooms overlooking the picturesque mountain surroundings. Excellent cuisine, professional service and luxurious amenities make your stay here a real pleasure.
  • Annapurna: Hotel Annapurna is an oasis of peace and relaxation, perfect for those looking for seclusion after a day on the slopes. Modern design and high-quality services make guests feel at home here.
  • Le Cheval Blanc: This legendary hotel is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Known for its excellent cuisine and luxurious amenities, Le Cheval Blanc attracts the most discerning guests from around the world.
  • Kilimanjaro: Hotel Kilimanjaro is the perfect place for lovers of nature and comfort. Located in the heart of the mountain landscape, it offers spacious rooms with views of the surrounding peaks.
  • Le Lan: Known for its elegant design and high-quality services, Hotel Le Lana provides unforgettable experiences for its guests. A swimming pool, spa and restaurants are just some of the attractions of this place.

Excellent skiing conditions

Each level of the Courchevel resort offers access to the world’s largest ski area, Trois Vallées. Thanks to 180 lifts and 600 kilometers of ski slopes, enthusiasts of this sport have unlimited opportunities to experience amazing descents. From easy runs for beginners to steep runs for advanced skiers, the Courchevel ski area is every skier’s dream.

Courchevel 1850 – Après-Ski

After a day on the slopes, Courchevel 1850 offers exclusive après-ski opportunities. Luxury restaurants, bars and shopping malls are perfect places to relax and socialize. For those looking for something more active, there are numerous hiking and snowshoeing trails available. Additionally, the Courchevel resort – synonymous with luxury – is not only a ski station, but also a symbol of wealth

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With beautiful properties and impressive numbers luxury hotels, it is a place where billionaires from all over the world come to enjoy a winter paradise surrounded by Alpine peaks.