Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment sold for an incredible price

Karl Lagerfeld's Apartment Sold for a Stunning Price
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Karl Lagerfeld’s luxurious apartment in Paris, owned by the late legendary fashion designer, has just changed hands in an exclusive auction, reaching a staggering price of 10 million euros. This extraordinary transaction attracted the attention not only of fashion lovers, but also of the entire world of luxury. The final price of €11 million including notary fees astonished many observers as it was almost double the initial starting price of €5.3 million. Nevertheless, despite the high amount, details about the new owner remained a secret.

The apartment is located in a charming, 17th-century building located on Quai Voltaire, which adds extraordinary charm and atmosphere to it. It consists of three spacious rooms, and its the biggest advantage is the amazing view of the Seine and the famous Louvre. This place exudes history, style and prestige, which makes it an extremely desirable object in the world of luxury real estate. This unique event opens a new chapter in the history of the apartment over the years a place of creative inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld himself. Now, when it passes into new hands, the only question remains what amazing stories and experiences it will bring to the future owners of this extraordinary place.

Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment is an inimitable place

Karl Lagerfeld’s 260-square-meter apartment is a true oasis of luxury. It is a space that fully reflects the designer’s unique lifestyle. One of the most impressive elements of this apartment is a huge dressing room with an area of ​​50 square meters, which emphasizes its uniqueness. Lagerfeld personally carried out a thorough renovation, giving the apartment a futuristic character. The concrete floor and sandblasted glass sections work harmoniously together – all this was confirmed by a notary.

Place of Inspiration and Creativity Karl Lagerfeld's Apartment
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Karl Lagerfeld, born in Germany, was an undisputed giant in the world of fashion. With his spectacular creations and shows of his own brand, he changed the world fashion landscape forever. He lived in this apartment for about a decade until his death at the age of 85 in February 2019. Therefore, every corner of this place carried the breath of his refined style and extraordinary creativity. His office and library are now open to the public, serving as a bookstore and event space in the heart of Paris.

The new owner of the apartment confessed that he tried to imitate Lagerfeld’s aesthetic tastes and understand why this place was so unusual. However, even despite his efforts, he admits that it is difficult to match Lagerfeld’s perfectionism when it comes to aesthetics and style. “I tried my best… but furniture, posters, photographs, paintings, books… being such a perfectionist in aesthetics is something I absolutely share, but of course I’m useless in comparison.” – said Brühl.