The history of the Agent Provocateur brand

History of the Agent Provocateur Brand

Agent Provocateur is one of the most recognized clothing brands in the world, producing underwear for women. Fascinating, with a rock note, character, for various occasions. What distinguishes them is their unconventional approach to underwear design, innovative ideas, highest quality materials – there are no compromises here! Currently, the brand is managed by women, because who knows more about women’s needs than women themselves?! In addition, there is a charismatic leader who is ahead of trends. The history of the Agent Provocateur brand begins in the 1990s in Great Britain. It is extremely interesting and full of twists and turns.

Agent Provocateur brand underwear

A single lingerie shop is created in less than 30 years great clothing brand, which is known in every corner of the world. How did Agent Provocateur become synonymous with luxury lingerie today?

From a shop on Broadwick Street to international fame

Agent Provocateur company launches its offer in 1994, they sell lingerie in a shop on Broadwick Street. It was founded by a married couple, Joseph Corre and his wife Serena Rees, and their presence in the clothing and fashion industry is not accidental, because Joseph’s mother is Vivienne Westwood. Her name is well known to fans of punk, rock and new wave fashion. In 2022, the fashion designer was named by Sky Arts as the 4th most influential artist in the UK over the last 50 years.

Agent Provocateur suit

Joseph Corre had an artistic sense after his mother, he was close to fashion and, like his mother, he felt good in his own business. He designed the underwear and set the tone for the company. The path his company has traveled resembles history Versace.

On a roll

The year 2007 was a breakthrough for the couple and their business. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last 80% of the company’s shares were purchased by the Private Equity Fund 3i. The amount they paid was £60 million. By 2009, Agent Provocateur branded stores were opened in Dubai, the United States, Hong Kong and Russia.

Agent Provocateur Birthday Underwear

10 years after the sale of shares, the company was acquired by Four Holdings. Recent years have been the history of the Agent Provocateur brand along with further expansion. Currently the underwear they produce is available all over the world through an online store.

A charismatic and creative soul in a managerial position

This name is certainly no stranger to women who love luxurious lingerie. Sarah Shotton has been creating the women’s world of lingerie since 2010. One of the best-recognized clothing brands in the world. Underwear desired by women regardless of geographical location.

Agent Provocateur underwear

The brand is one of the cult brands and eagerly chosen by women in Great Britain. Women appreciate her for her bold approach to the topic of underwear, for going beyond the patterns and perfect cuts that fit perfectly, regardless of body type.

Agent Provocateur underwear is a great gift idea, and if you don’t know the dimensions, give your loved one a gift card. It will always be a hit, luxury gift for woman.

The history of the Agent Provocateur brand written by headline stars

The company is famous for its provocative and bold videos starring popular women. The short films were memorable movies with Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss. However, there were much more actresses and models promoting underwear from the British brand. Daisy Lowe, Maggie Gyllenhaal are other popular women who wore Agent Provocateur lingerie to promote it.

Women offer women luxurious solutions for everyday life, for important occasions and for the bedroom, just to make them feel like a strong, liberated and beautiful woman, regardless of age and size.

Agent Provocateur brand logo

Agent Provocateur logo

The brand has a very simple and distinctive logo. It exudes elegance, chic, taste and luxury. This is the company name written in spencerian writing. This a distinctive script used for business correspondence since the mid-19th century and the first three decades of the 20th century in the United States.

The logo is the next stage in the history of the Agent Provocateur brand, because it didn’t look like this from the beginning. Today, this logo is synonymous with luxury underwear.

Romantic and tempting

Each subsequent collection from Agent Provocateur reveals new cards. The brand proves that underwear has many versions, from romantic, through tempting, to occasional (e.g. birthday). The luxury brand’s offer includes both subtle and delicate sets, as well as provocative ones, but all in good taste. Although Agent Provocateur is famous for its controversial films, each set of underwear from them has elegance.

Luxurious Lingerie

The offer also includes: swimsuits, clothes (including: dresses, trousers, sweaters), silk pajamas and accessories such as stockings and wedding accessories, which will complement it perfectly wedding styling.

Luxury for body and spirit

Luxurious underwear makes a woman feel more feminine. Made of high-quality materials, it is pleasant to the touch. Agent Provocateur creates underwear from the highest quality materials and they take care of every detail. It’s nice to wear exclusive underwear every day because it increases your self-confidence.

Unique products, from unique women for every woman – this is how you can sum up the Agent Provocateur brand. And almost 30 years on the market proves the quality of their products and the fact that women love their underwear.