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In the world of fashion, there are no limits to inspiration. Polo Ralph Lauren, always looking for new ways of expression, entered into an unusual collaboration with textile artist Naiomi Glasses. It was as part of the “Artist In Residence” program that the collection was born, which is the first of three designed by Glasses for the brand. This collaboration is not only a meeting of fashion and heritage, but a true tribute to tradition and craftsmanship. It is a meeting of two worlds – the world of fashion with the fascinating history of the Navajo, which together tell the story of both the past and the present. Representing patterns passed down through generations, collaboration Ralph Lauren X Naiomi Glasses it becomes a bridge connecting tradition with modernity, while celebrating both the cultural heritage and the refined style of the fashion house.

When heritage and tradition meet fashion

A textile artist and weaver with deep seventh-generation Diné (Navajo) roots, Naiomi Glasses brings her unique perspective and patterns, inherited from her ancestors, to a variety of pieces decorated with traditional Navajo motifs. These iconic patterns like four-way crosses, spider woman or dragonfly crosses, constitute the soul of the collection, expressing the deep heritage of the Navajo Nation.

Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses

Throughout the collection, motifs weave into a variety of elements, drawing inspiration from the Navajo land. The most important things become jaquard fabrics and coats made of undyed wool. These unique materials highlight natural colors, contrasting with forest-inspired jackets and ranch-style coats. The collection also includes a selection of pieces that reflect Glasses’ personal style. Classic Polo offers – from sweaters and polo shirts to baseball caps, combine the collection’s inspirations with modern style and character.

“Heritage and tradition are at the heart of everything I love – things that embrace both beauty and utility, that are effortless and personal and are passed down from generation to generation” – these are the words of Ralph Lauren himself. “Bringing to life the most authentic expression of a craftsmanship heritage means working with those who created and sustained these timeless traditions through the ages and sharing their stories with the world . This is the opportunity that awaits us – and one that will be a valuable part of our company’s legacy.”

Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses collection – fashion with a message

In turn, the program itself “Artist In Residence” created by the brand aims to directly highlight and collaborate with communities. Especially those that not only inspire, but also nurture their heritage, instead of just being a starting point for inspiration. Glasses, presenting the collection at Polo Mansion in New York, admitted that she had some concerns at the beginning. She wanted to make sure that the brand presented both her story and the history of her people with the respect it deserved. However, her concerns quickly disappeared when she realized how the collection could bring attention to Native American artists. And so she brought the history of Navajo craftsmanship and design to a wider audience.

“Indigenous artists don’t usually get this kind of attention because not many people pay attention to our communities,” she says. “But Thanks to this collaboration, we can celebrate our artists and open many doors for others.”. The collection is now available in the brand’s online store, and the next Glasses duo with the brand can be expected in 2024.

Navajo Nation Tribute to the Indian Community
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To perpetuate the collection’s story, the lookbook not only features Glasses’ loved ones, but was also filmed on Navajo Nation land. The artist is also a curator of selected, handmade silver and turquoise jewelry. It was created by six craft families from… Navajo Nation, Hopi Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo, and Zuni Pueblo. All of these products will be sold through Ralph Lauren channels. A percentage of the purchase price from the sale of the first Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses collection will go to the organization Change Labs. The organization “supports the development of Native-led Navajo and Hopi small businesses,” according to the fashion house’s press release.