PC Premium Version
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In every home, office, office computer is present. Sometimes, however, even the best quality, modern laptop is not enough. Many people who are fascinated by technology enjoy creating their own equipment. The design of graphics cards, RAM and water cooling is stunning. At the same time, the housings have gained a completely new quality and function. Encased in wood or even glazed to present stylish lighting, components from the floor have been promoted to a representative place on the desk. A premium PC is a stylish element of the office, emphasizing modernity and technological passion.

Premium PC – a stylish idea for a computer

The computer case was designed by specialists and real designers. Modern ones impress with their ingenuity and design. Thanks to their huge diversity, you can successfully choose them to suit your own taste and preferred style, regardless of whether you prefer a retro style or a style straight from futuristic films.

Yanko Design
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Ideal Pc Com Retro
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When placed on a desk, they emphasize the owner’s style and attract attention. What are the latest trends in the design of modern, stylish housings?

Glazed housing

Premium version PCs often impress with tasteful LED lighting. The latest trends in the style of units focus heavily on emphasizing the components with light. Modern LED technology allows you to highlight the graphics card, RAM or motherboard in selected colors. The real leap, however, is the impressive and effective water cooling. Transparent cables carefully arranged in the unit, filled with colored or LED-illuminated liquid, look extremely stylish.

photo: tomshardwear.com

Special software allows you to set the backlight colors of the components in a gradient or one tone. Thanks to this, the glazed units look very aesthetic. At the same time, access to the entire RGB palette allows you to change colors in an instant.

Retro style

For lovers of classic style or wood in the office, retro-style cabinets are a perfect choice. The premium version of the PC does not have to glow in various colors. In addition to futuristic, glazed, luminous units, traditional designs are increasingly available from renowned manufacturers.

Fractal Com 1
photo: fractal.com

The housings are therefore made of natural materials, such as wood, or the metal elements are finished with elegant mahogany.

Sometimes they resemble stylish old radios. The retro version of the PC is not eye-catching, on the contrary, instead of being the center, it complements the classic style of the office.

Such modern, stylish units look great on a desk accompanied by leather pads, elegant calendars or even statuettes

PC version “differently”

Modern cooling technologies allow designers’ imagination to have no limits. Therefore, on the market there are pyramid-shaped cases, in a rebellious post-punk style, or a computer – electric desk, where the components are arranged under a glass top.

Post Punk Pc
photo: freepik.com

The premium version of PC has now gained a unique style. A huge number of available styles and designs and a kind of advancement of the unit, from a “component box” to a decoration office, emphasizing style and looking great. As a side note, I would like to add that modern technology allows you to design your own individual, unique housing.