What to buy for a person who likes horses?

What to buy for a person who likes horses

Horse riding is a passion, hobby and lifestyle. Horses are beautiful animals. Cold-blooded, Shire breeds impress with their powerful, muscular figure. Cold-blooded, Scandinavian are strong. Arabians arouse admiration with their agility and slim figure, and the ponies are simply adorable. The passion for these animals that have accompanied humans for centuries translates into the need to surround ourselves with accessories and objects associated with horse riding. What to buy for a person who likes horses to make her happy.

What to buy for a person who likes horses – universal inspirations

Giving gifts gives pleasure to both the person giving the gift and the person giving it. However, it is important to adapt the gift to your needs, interests and taste. However, there is a certain range of universal gifts that will make everyone happy. When we consider what to buy for a person who likes horses, knows that he is passionate about breeding these animals or riding, it is worth considering several options.


“Not an hour of life was wasted when it was spent in the saddle”

(Winston Churchill)

There is a universal truth in this statement that is understood by equestrian enthusiasts and their loved ones. When someone loves horses, these animals never remain just a hobby – they become a lifestyle. Therefore, when we want to make someone happy with a gift, it is worth taking passion into account.


Universal gifts with a horse motif, suitable for both your loved one and your wardrobe or business partner, include mostly everyday items. It is more difficult to choose a gift for your boss, promoter, loved one or parents. Before we start choosing a gift, it is worth considering a few basic issues.

A short guide to choosing gifts

What to buy for a person who likes horses and a whiskey enthusiast? What to give to your boss and what to give to your loved one or parents. There are a few universal rules and tips that will ensure that the gift is always a hit

For the boss, promoter, business partner:

  • You can give an elegant and professional gift, e.g. pen sets, leather notebooks, key chains, paper accessories.
  • It is worth choosing a gift that is practical and useful at work.
  • It is good to avoid gifts that are too personal, it is better to choose neutral and universal gifts.

For parents

  • You can give a symbolic gift that expresses love and respect, such as a photo frame or painting
  • It is also worth considering a gift related to their interests or hobbies.

Gift for my beloved

  • You can give a romantic and personal gift, e.g. jewelry, flowers, an elegant watch, a personalized statuette or living room accessories.
  • It is also worth considering a gift related to shared experiences or dreams.

A gift for a man, friend, partner

  • You can choose a gift that is practical and consistent with his interests, e.g. technological gadgets, an exclusive whiskey set, a bottle opener.
  • It is also worth considering a gift related to the activities he likes to do.

For birthday

  • You can choose a gift individually, taking into account the interests and preferences of the recipient.
  • If you are not sure what to choose, you can always choose universal gifts, such as cosmetics, gadgets, shopping vouchers.

On the occasion of the holidays

  • You could consider giving traditional Christmas gifts such as Christmas tree decorations, baskets of delicious treats, and gift sets.
  • It is also worth giving gifts related to the season, e.g. Advent calendars, Christmas mugs.

To celebrate an important moment

  • You can bet on gift symbolic that will remind you of this special moment, e.g. a personalized item, such as a mug with a special engraving or a passion-related motif.
  • It is worth choosing a gift taking into account the emotions and importance of a given moment for the person receiving the gift.

Keychains, glasses, book holders

Everyone uses keys glasses and has at least a few books around. Such simple gifts as a keychain with a horse or horseshoe motif are a trifle that will work as a less official gift. What to buy for a person who likes horses other than a keychain? Glass is also on the list. Crystal glasses, a set with a carafe for alcohol, or tall glasses for cocktails are a gift that works in almost any situation. High-quality glass is always in good taste. Decoration with a horse or riding motif will emphasize our contribution to the selection of the gift and make our efforts visible.

Books are present in almost every home. Aesthetic, made with the utmost care, fancy book supports with a horse motif will surely please everyone. A practical gift will be useful in any living room or office. This will work for both your boss and your parents.

Gifts for a wardrobe, business partner or promoter

Choosing a gift for your boss, business partner or promoter it should be carefully considered and adapted to the context of the formal business environment. A formal gift should be elegant, practical and suitable for use in an office or desk. It is also important that the gift is appropriate to the rank of the recipient and reflects respect and gratitude for cooperation or achievements. What to buy for a person who likes horses so that the gift is representative and prestigious?


A good gift idea may be elegant office accessories, such as sets of pens or notebooks made of high-quality materials, elegant key chains or personalized calendars.

A sculpture or statuette depicting horses, a paperweight with an equestrian motif or a paper knife will be perfect in an elegant office.

Alternatively, you can consider a gift in the form of a decorative item, such as an elegant desk clock or a photo frame with a horse motif, which will add elegance and prestige to the interior of your study or office. It is also worth remembering the individual interests and tastes of the recipient so that the gift is personalized and expresses special appreciation for achievements. In any case, it is important that the gift is carefully packaged and delivered with respect.

A gift for a woman who loves horses

For a horse riding enthusiast and horse lover, the gift can be unique and full of sentiment. Her passion for horses not only defines her life, but is also an integral part of her identity. Therefore, to give her a gift that will reflect her love for these majestic creatures and at the same time add a touch of luxury and elegance to her life, it is worth considering several unique options.


An exclusive silver-plated statuette of galloping horses is one of the possible gifts that will provide a horse-riding enthusiast with a lasting souvenir and decoration for her home. This elegant statuette will not only be a beautiful interior decoration, but will also remind her of the passion that brings her so much joy. Similarly picture showing horses in their full glory.

Decorative plateau with a horse motif can be a perfect addition to the living room or dining room of a horse enthusiast. Such an elegant and stylish item will not only be a practical element of home furnishing, but will also express her passion and interests. A key hanger with a horse motif is a subtle but at the same time practical gift for your loved one. By using it every day, a horse riding enthusiast will have the opportunity to remind herself of her passion and interests. What to buy for a person who likes horses? Silk ones are also an interesting gift scarves with an equestrian motif, specialized by the renowned French company Hermes. Soft, intricately made, they delight with the best design and colors.

A gift with a horse motif for a man

For a man who is passionate about horse riding, gift with a horse motif can be both practical and stylish, adding character and personality to his everyday life. Whiskey accessories with a horse motif are a perfect choice that will allow him to enjoy his favorite drink in an elegant way, while emphasizing his interests and passion.


If your recipient spends a lot of time in an office or den, horse-themed office accessories such as paperweights may be the perfect addition to their workspace. They will not only be practical tools, but will also subtly emphasize his passion and taste.

Male umbrella with a horse head motif is an unusual but original gift that will certainly surprise and please a horse riding enthusiast. Such an umbrella will not only provide him with protection against rain or sun, but will also be an expression of his interests and style.


A stylish alcohol warmer is another gift idea that will appeal to a man who likes horse riding. The heater will not only provide him with warm and aromatic drinks on colder days, but will also be an elegant element of his home.

If you are looking for something more original, a steampunk horse figure can be an interesting and unique gift for a horse riding enthusiast. Such a figure will not only decorate his home, but will also be an expression of his interests and individual style.