Luxurious residence for sale in Masuria

Luxurious Residence For Sale Masuria

I am pleased to present you a modern villa with an internal swimming pool, which is a representative residence of a premium standard. Luxurious residence for sale in Masuria combines elegance, comfort and modern technologies, offering a unique experience of living in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland.

Masuria, known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes and one of the most beautiful places in Poland, hides the picturesque village of Olszyny, located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. This town is synonymous with harmony with nature and comfort of life in harmony with the peace of the surroundings. It is in this picturesque location of Masuria that there is a luxurious residence for sale.

Luxurious residence for sale Masuria – exclusive space

Masuria is one of the most beautiful places in Poland, attracting tourists both from Poland and abroad. This region is characterized by a unique microclimate that favors health and relaxation. The presented villa is a unique proposition for people who appreciate luxury, comfort and space. It fits perfectly into this idyllic landscape, offering not only comfortable living conditions, but also closeness to nature.

Style and interior design

The villa was designed for the most demanding customers who value luxury, comfort and modern solutions. The interiors of the residence delight with elegance and modern style. Spacious rooms, additionally filled with natural light, create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The main bedroom, with large windows overlooking the greenery, is an oasis of peace and relaxation. A large bed, delicate curtains and stylish accessories make it the perfect place to relax after a hard day.

Spacious living room is the heart of the home, where modern design combines with comfort. A large sofa, an elegant fireplace and designer coffee tables create an ideal place for family and social gatherings. High-quality materials, such as marble and glass, add prestige and unique character to the interior.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is a true masterpiece of modern design. High-quality equipment, elegant finishes and functionality make it an ideal place for cooking enthusiasts. The central point of the kitchen is a large marble countertop, which is not only practical, but also an impressive decorative element.

The dining room, connected to the kitchen, is a space created for elegant dinners and family meals. A large table surrounded by comfortable chairs and stylish lamps create an atmosphere conducive to long conversations and relaxation.

Details that delight

Throughout the villa you can see the attention to the smallest details. Designer lighting, exclusive finishing materials and a well-thought-out room layout make every corner unique home exudes luxury and elegance. Additionally, a large crystal hanging lamp in the hall adds shine to the interior and creates a unique atmosphere.

Exclusive House in Masuria

Villa For Sale in Masuria

Charming surroundings – luxurious Masuria

Masuria is a region known for its picturesque lakes, green forests and charming villages. Olszyny, being part of this beautiful landscape, offers residents peace and closeness to nature, while providing easy access to all amenities. Numerous bicycle routes, tourist trails and water sports opportunities make it an ideal place for active people who value closeness to nature.

The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, known for its beautiful landscapes and developing economy, offers its residents numerous attractions and amenities. Access to various means of transport, including road, rail and air (Olsztyn-Mazury airport 19 km away), allows easy connection with the rest of Poland and the world.

The presented villa is an excellent choice for those looking for luxurious residence in a beautiful and quiet area. The combination of modern design, the highest standard of finishing and a picturesque location makes it a place that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

An ideal place for active people

Masuria is a paradise for lovers of active recreation. The area offers numerous cycling and walking routes that lead through the most beautiful corners of the region. The lakes are a great place to practice water sports such as sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. In winter, this region turns into a real paradise for cross-country skiers and snowshoe walkers.

An investment for the future

Purchasing a luxurious villa in Masuria is not only comfort, but also an excellent investment for the future. This region is becoming more and more popular among both tourists and investors, which means that real estate in this area is increasing in value.

Mazury House

House in Masuria for sale

Residence for sale – room layout

The core of the house is a two-story residential part, surrounded by ground-floor parts with an attic. This well-thought-out architectural arrangement creates a coherent and functional whole, providing residents with the highest level of convenience and comfort. Architecture residence harmoniously combines modern solutions with classic elegance, creating a space that is not only aesthetic, but also perfectly adapted to everyday life. Every detail of this unique property has been carefully designed to offer residents luxurious conditions in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland.

The layout of the rooms delights with its aesthetics and transparency.

Ground floor

  • Living area
    • A spacious kitchen with a dining room, a stylish living room, a hall and a vestibule with a wardrobe.
  • Additional rooms
    • A study room, a comfortable bedroom, a dressing room, a toilet and a practical utility room.
  • Pool room
    • Space to be finished, including a ten-meter swimming pool, sauna and bathroom.
  • Two-car garage
    • It has a utility space and a technical room.

First floor

  • Bedrooms
    • Masterbedroom with a luxurious ensuite bathroom and dressing room, three spacious guest bedrooms (two with shared ensuite bathroom and dressing rooms), additional bathroom.
  • Recreation and sports hall
    • It is located on the mezzanine above the swimming pool, connected to it by an elegant staircase.


  • Extra room
    • Perfect for an additional bedroom or recreational space, it provides flexibility in interior design.

Yeah luxurious The residence is an ideal place for people who value comfort, elegance and closeness to nature. It was designed so that every detail of the interior and exterior harmoniously harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, creating a unique space for living and relaxation.

Luxury Property Mazury

Willa Na Masuria

Rezydencja Mazurys Sale

Luxury Properties Mazury

A luxurious house with unique furnishings and finishes – everything you need to know

House located on a plot of 2,320 m2, it offers full ownership of both the building and the land. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as a solar installation, air conditioning, monitoring, anti-burglary external roller shutters and the Loxone Smart Home intelligent home system, it ensures the highest standard of safety and comfort.

The property is distinguished by both top-class electronics and household appliances, as well as full movable equipment. Most of the furniture and accessories were made to order and imported from abroad, mainly from Italy and Great Britain, which emphasizes the unique character of the interior. The finishing of the house was designed according to an individual architectural design that emphasizes luxury and comfort. The house has a balcony and a terrace, which additionally increases its attractiveness and functionality.

Finishing work remains to be done, including:

  • finishing the room with the swimming pool, the terrace on the ground floor and the balcony railings on the first floor.
  • In garden there are two recreational shelters, which also require finalization of work.

This unique place combines modern technologies with luxurious finishing, offering ideal conditions for comfortable living. If you are looking for a property of the highest standard, this offer is just for you.

Villa Mazury for sale – parameters

Property parameters:

  • Total surface: 702.82 m²
  • Usable area: 537.96 m²
  • Land area: 2320 m²
  • 7 rooms
  • 1st floor
  • Legal status: Property
  • Type of land right: Property
  • Balcony/Terrace: Yes

The villa, with a total area of ​​702.82 m², offers an ideal space for comfortable living. Of this area, 537.96 m² is usable space, providing many arrangement possibilities. The property is located on a plot of 2,320 m², which guarantees both spaciousness and privacy.

The legal status of the property is full ownership of both the building and the land. An additional advantage is the presence of a balcony and a terrace, which allow you to enjoy the charms of Masurian nature.

The luxurious one Villa in Masuria is a unique offer for people looking for a spacious, modern house in a beautiful location. If you dream of living surrounded by nature, with access to all amenities, this property will meet your expectations.

Mazury Luxury Villa For Sale

Comfortable House in Masuria for Sale

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Luxurious residence for sale Masuria – for whom?

This representative premium residence is an excellent choice for people who value comfort, luxury and closeness to nature. The villa with an impressive total area of ​​702.82 m², of which 537.96 m² is usable area, is located on a plot of 2,320 m².

The presented villa is an ideal place for people looking for a high standard of living surrounded by nature. Inside the villa there is a spacious, luxurious swimming pool, which is the center of home recreation and relaxation. Thoughtful, modern interior design will satisfy the most demanding customers, ensuring the highest level of comfort. Additionally, high-quality materials used for interior finishing and elegant, modern furniture give the residence a unique character.

Thanks to its location, the villa is a perfect place for nature lovers who value peace and quiet. At the same time, easy access to transport makes it an ideal place for professionally active people who travel frequently. The combination of luxury, comfort and strategic location makes the property a unique offer on the market.

The luxurious one residence in Masuria is an ideal option for families who want to live in both a spacious and modern house with access to numerous amenities. A high standard of finishing and an excellent location are a guarantee of a comfortable life surrounded by the beautiful Masurian nature. If you are looking for a property that combines luxury, modernity and closeness to nature, this villa will certainly meet your expectations.

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Luxurious residence for sale in Masuria