What color lipstick makes you look younger?

What Lipstick Color Rejuvenates
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A perfectly matched lipstick color can save you up to a decade from your social security number. It highlights the lips, enhances them and attracts attention. By choosing the right color, you will achieve a fresh and younger image. On the contrary, if you choose a lipstick that makes your lips look smaller and does not serve your maturity, you will look older. What color lipstick makes you look younger?? There is no single shade that suits every woman, but thanks to universal tips and a few tricks you will make your face look younger.

Which Lipstick Color Takes Your Years Off
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Which lipstick colors rejuvenate cool and warm skin types? Is a lipstick with a satin or glossy finish better? Which colors do not give the effect of yellow teeth?

What color lipstick makes you look younger?

Lipstick on the lips and perfectly matched, high quality underwear is a set that makes a woman of any age feel beautiful and young. An important element when choosing a lipstick color is determining your beauty type.

The best lipstick colors for mature women
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  • Cool type of beauty. If you look better in silver or white gold, you most likely have a cool beauty type. Reds with blue pigment, lipsticks in plum, salmon, cranberry and berry colors will suit you.
  • A warm type of beauty. If you look better in yellow gold, you probably have a warm type of beauty. Lipsticks with orange pigment will be a good choice. Warm reds are brighter than cold ones, but more vivid. Women with a warm beauty look good in coral, nude and peach shades.

The answer to the question of what color lipstick makes you look younger depends largely on the shade that is properly selected for your beauty type. A good choice is a lipstick that turns the lips into a woman’s asset. It does not reduce them and does not emphasize wrinkles.

Finish matters

Formula Lipsticks
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Drugstores offer lipsticks with matte, satin, cream and glossy finishes, as well as a whole range of lip glosses. Matte lipsticks have become very popular in recent years, but they are a good choice for young women. Due to their formula, they can dry out the lips, which lose their firmness with age. The formula of the lipstick should suit not only the age, but also the occasion bag.

Age-reducing lipsticks have a creamy formula and a hint of shiny pigment. Ultimately, they give the effect of moisturized, full, optically larger lips.

Recently, ultra-glossy lipsticks have become more and more popular alongside matte ones, but they are not the best option for finishing a mature woman’s makeup, just like lip glosses that give a sheet-like effect.

When choosing a lipstick, it is also worth paying attention to its moisturizing and caring properties. This is an important element next to its durability.

5 lipstick colors that rejuvenate

A lipstick color that is properly matched to your beauty type and complexion niche fragrance, attracts attention and illuminates the face. Which colors are trendy and serve maturity?

Pink Lipstick Rejuvenates
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Raspberry – a juicy shade combining red and pink, symbolizing expressiveness and individualism, can be a hit for women with a cool beauty type.

Mauve – this combination of purple and pink, subtle, delicate and at the same time very feminine, is a universal color for women with a warm, cold and neutral beauty type.

Nude – the shade of natural is the perfect color for women who are looking for a rejuvenating lipstick color, the lips become fuller and the face is more subtle.

Pink – delicate and very feminine, it does not add years, if you choose a shade appropriate to your beauty type, pink is one of the universal shades, associated with youth and vitality.

Coral – combines pink with orange, giving a beautiful shade that has the power to illuminate and thus make you look younger.

Lip liner – why is it worth making friends with?

There are a number of myths and anecdotes surrounding eyeliners and they were unfairly placed in a drawer with the words: do not use them! Lip liner can be your best friend as the years go by. The bad reputation of lip liners was caused by the strongly outlined lips of the 1990s. However, today, make-up artists rely on them to bring out the beauty of the lips.

Lip Liner Takes Years Off
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A properly selected lip liner is a mature woman’s ally. Thanks to it, you will enlarge and emphasize your lips. You will make them expressive, which is important because with age, your lips not only lose their firmness, but also become brighter. Moreover, when there is lip liner around the mouth, it provides greater protection for the lipstick. With it you will correct the shape of your lips.

In order not to look caricatured, the lip liner should match the color of the lipstick. The rule is that it should be the same color as the lipstick or possibly it may be one shade darker. When contouring your lips, do not go beyond their outline by more than 1 to 2 mm. After lining your lips, you can fill your lips with lip liner to create a base for the lipstick. This trick will make the lipstick stay in place longer.

Red lipstick highlights yellow teeth – a myth!

It all depends on the choice of shade, because when you look at the shelves with lipsticks, you certainly know that there are many shades of red, the classic is red lipstick Coco Chanel. Not all red lipsticks emphasize the yellow tint of teeth. On the contrary, red with blue pigment eliminates the yellow color and highlights white teeth. Recommended shades are: plum, wine and cherry.

Shades of Lipsticks Enhancing the Whiteness of Teeth
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Yellow teeth are emphasized by warm shades of red lipsticks, i.e. all those with a hint of orange.

Does light or dark lipstick make you look younger?

The color of lipstick that makes you look younger also depends on the size of your lips. Thin lips do not like dark and intense colors. Because they make them optically even smaller. Intense, dark colors of lipsticks may also highlight imperfections, unevenness and wrinkles. As a result, instead of rejuvenation, you will add years to yourself.

Which Lipstick Colors Rejuvenate
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Light lipstick colors, nudes, coral shades and pinks are more subtle and delicate. Thanks to them, you will enhance your lips and give them a youthful glow. If you use dark lipstick, you can optically lift your lips, literally applying a bit of highlighter on the cupid’s bow and in the center of the lips. You will get the effect of fresh make-up and fuller lips.

Care – don’t forget about your lips

Lips are beautiful when they are well-groomed. Therefore, you take care of the skin around your eyes and face by tapping it in the same way cream, also make sure to moisturize your lips. Because even the best selected color will not look good on dry and cracked lips. It’s worth it exfoliate your lips from time to time, and apply lipsticks that nourish and moisturize every day.

Rules are rules, but it’s up to you to feel good in your lipstick, so when choosing, it’s worth taking your preferences into account. Otherwise, our individualism will be lost, and after all, this is the most beautiful thing about us.