Designer Coco Chanel – does fashion fade away?

designer coco chanel

Every woman would like to feel beautiful, well-groomed, stylish and unique. In times of hundreds of chain stores and a wave of poor quality clothes flooding us, it is difficult to decide what is not so much fashionable as stylish. “Fashion fades – style remains” is not an empty slogan, it is the life motto of one of the biggest fashion stars – a French designer Coco Chanel.

We owe this talented French woman a simple, yet classic and elegant, even timeless, style of women’s fashion. The canon of elegance created by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel includes a little black dress, which every woman should have in her wardrobe, elegant coats called trench coats, and bell-bottom trousers, which come back into favor with many famous designers every few years. According to the principle “less is more”, you won’t find an excessive number of patterns and accessories, everything is kept in the style of sporty, French chic, complemented by a string of natural pearls.

Clothes and accessories created by designer Coco Chanel not only look beautiful, but are also of the highest quality, which adds charm to their owner.

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The colors chosen by Chanel are black, white, beige, gold and red. Lips covered with red lipstick, which were the designer’s trademark, are now associated with sex appeal, which, just like self-confidence, is not lacking in a woman using luxurious Coco Chanel makeup cosmetics. Beige color refers to the natural, healthy shade of skin touched by the gentle sun, while black and gold have been considered elegant for many years. The color white refers to the light that illuminates the face and highlights its beauty.

Coco Chanel’s designer clothing is not everything?

The Coco Chanel brand is not only handbags, clothes, make-up and perfumes, but also creams, face masks and bath cosmetics. Some may be surprised by the fact that Chanel’s assortment also includes exclusive bicycles, skis and snowboards.

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Even though many years have passed since the brand appeared on the market, products of French designer Coco Chanel are still called luxury, and Chanel No. perfumes 5, the first perfume created by Chanel, captivates the next generation with its simplicity and elegance. Perfumes and cosmetics, once available only to stars such as Marilyn Monroe, are now within everyone’s reach, because Coco Chanel’s fragrance collections also include products for men.