The most famous golf courses in Poland

The Most Famous Golf Courses in Poland

Playing golf is gaining popularity in Poland. This elite sport is associated with prestige and business conversations that take place during the game. The growing popularity of this discipline encourages the creation of more golf courses. What are the the most famous golf courses in Poland? Let’s check!

A brief history of the game of golf

The origins of this unusual game date back to the 13th century. It was then that Scottish farmers and fishermen engaged in an entertainment called “gowf”. The idea was to hit the ball with a wooden stick in such a way that it hit a specific target. In the 17th century, the sport became an official sport in Scotland. It was then that the rules of golf were written and established. The first professional golf courses also began to be established.

Postolowo Golf Club

A little later, golf spread from the harsh and picturesque Scotland to almost the entire world. Initially, it gained popularity in Great Britain, and later in other countries in Europe and the world. Nowadays, golf is played in almost every developed country. Additionally, it is extremely interesting that the sport that currently attracts elites and is associated with a prestigious hobby actually comes from a simple pastime of fishermen and farmers. However, a similar relationship can be seen in many other disciplines – after all, it is not a sport the most luxurious watches in the world.

Golf and golf courses in Poland

Sand Valley Golf Resort

Although the game of golf has won the hearts of many people all over the world, in Poland it is still a niche discipline, but it is constantly developing. In various parts of the country you can find both full-size and smaller golf courses, which are very popular among beginners. Regardless of whether you play golf regularly or are just considering it, Is playing golf difficult?, you can cultivate your passion without having to travel abroad. As you can see, there are noteworthy golf courses waiting for you in almost every voivodeship in Poland. Which of them are the most famous and recommended?

The most famous golf courses in Poland

Krakow Valley Golf Country Club

To play golf at the highest level, you don’t have to travel too far. It may be a matter of a few hours’ drive. You wonder What to buy as a gift for a guy who has everything? Maybe a golf club membership card? If you are looking for a golf course that will provide you with excellent playing conditions and an even better visual experience, visit one of the following.

Sierra Golf Club

This course is located in Pomerania, in Pętkowice, near Wejherowo. The advantage of this place is the beautiful surroundings with views of fragments Tricity Landscape Park. It is a full-size golf course with 18 holes. As many as 26 of the available pitches are protected from rain. Playing in such conditions is pure pleasure, and if you are a beginner, you may be interested in the on-site Golf Academy with a 9-hole course.

Sand Valley Golf Resort

This is a championship golf course located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. It is appreciated not only in the country but also internationally. Additionally, Sand Valley Golf Resort can boast a place on the list of one hundred recommended golf courses in Europe, prepared by Golf World in 2019. In addition to the 18-hole full-size course, you will also find a 6-hole practice course. The complex is located in a picturesque setting.

Rosa Private Golf Club

A championship golf course located in Silesia. If you are wondering what is its hallmark, it is the numerous water reservoirs and interesting terrain that make the game even more interesting.

First Warsaw Golf & Country Club

This is a golf complex located in Rajszew near Warsaw. If you were wondering which golf course was the first to be built in Poland, this is the location. It is a complex that includes a championship course and a beginner’s field.

Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club

An impressive golf complex. There are also additional sports and recreational facilities: a shooting range and a stud farm. Within the complex you will find a full-size course with 18 holes and a course for beginners.

Mazury Golf & Country Club

Another complex with a championship golf course and space for beginners. This complex is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by Warmia and Mazury.

Toya Golf & Country Club

The complex is located near Wrocław. There you will find a championship-class field. Interestingly, the former military training ground was used to create this facility. This resulted in an interesting terrain shape. There are training areas next to the championship field, so this facility is recommended for people of any skill level.

You already know what the most interesting and famous golf courses in Poland are, and each of these places is worth attention and visit – both by people starting their adventure with golf and by those who have extensive experience in this field. Moreover, a visit to a complex of this type may be a great idea gift for a golfer!

The best Polish golf courses in Poland according to Golf Digest::

In Poland, golf is still a developing discipline, and despite this fact, several courses attracted special attention of the “Golf Digest” magazine. The list of recommended golf courses in Poland includes:

  • Sand Valley Golf Resort
  • Modry Las Golf Course
  • Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club
  • Postolowo Golf Club
Modry Las Golf Course

As you can see, the potential, charm and professionalism of local golf courses are appreciated internationally. Each of these locations is worth visiting and attention. You may be interested in the fact that, according to some people, golf is a bit like chess – not everyone knows how to start playing chess or golf, but once he starts, he will love this discipline. This is hardly surprising. Golf is a discipline that connects generations – you can practice it with friends, family or acquaintances. There is nothing to stop there being a large age difference between players. In this respect, this sport is truly unique, and in addition, a stay on the golf course is pure pleasure and pure health.

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